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The Guiding Force of The Virtues
The guiding force of The Virtues Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures by Sylvia Browne

How do we define The Virtues?

The Virtues are tremendous angels that help to guide us even before we begin our lives.  These angels are the seventh phyla.

The Virtues are represented by the dove. Many of us know that the dove is a symbol for peace, love and the Holy Spirit. Their stone is silver. Their angel wings have pale blue tips with silvery-blue luminescence. Their element is water which represents flexibility and mutability.

The Virtues’ main purpose is to help us with our life charts. Our charts are like a personal blueprint for our life that we create before we incarnate to show us how to live our lives. In our life charts, we choose many things – such as our time of birth, our parents, major events in our lives, and the themes of our lives. The Virtues help guide our lives.

Everyone’s life has at least a primary theme and a secondary theme – chosen from a list of 45 options. When I mention these 45 options, many people get very excited and curious and want to know exactly what they are. So here are some of the life themes that many lives focus on:  


While we are on The Other Side, the Virtues provide guidance and help us with our life charts. Just before we incarnate, the Virtues help us go over our life charts one last time to make sure it is exactly what we want. As we make choices for our life charts, the Virtues may also explain that we need to make modifications in what we desire to obtain the intended results. They have great experience with charts and helping many souls to incarnate! The Virtues have the ability to change our charts without going to The Council for approval. Even our Spirit Guides do not have this ability; they need to go to The Council for approval.

The Virtues are also very important when we return Home to The Other Side. They form a loving “welcoming party” when we return. There are times they will even line the tunnel as someone enters it to come to The Other Side. This is a very special circumstance and does not happen all the time. They typically do this when someone of spiritual ability crosses over.

My Spirit Guide Francine says there have been times they have lined two-thirds of the tunnel out of respect and love for the soul coming to The Other Side. Other times they will be at the end of the tunnel to meet someone as they come to The Other Side. They will often be one of the first greeters someone has when they come to The Other Side.

Virtues are very special angels. They have been guiding us our entire lives and will continue to do so.

Love always,

Sylvia Browne

P.S. Many angels exist in your life. They want to help you. In my Book of Angels, you can learn all about these angels and their importance. 

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Nadine, Thursday, October 09, 2008 07:43:20 PM
Oh my goodness...THATS who they were! When I crossed over in 1987 I saw these angels. I have written about my experience and told of the entities that welcomed me...they were in the tunnel and around the veil. I just started crying as I am writing this..feels beautiful for some reason...could be the recollection of my journey. Thank-you Ms Sylvia for answering this... Love and Blessings.
By georgeta, Friday, July 18, 2008 01:37:01 AM
I think at least one of my themes is a healer...actually i know that! I wonder about the other once?!
By Nicole, Monday, July 14, 2008 02:49:58 PM
I believe that my life theme is either spirituality or experiencer, it's hard to know exactly which one it is, but most of my life relates to these two themes.
By Venessa, Sunday, July 13, 2008 10:25:15 AM
With so many themes that COULD apply, how do I know, with certainty, which themes are mine in this lifetime? TY Venessa
By Dawn, Friday, July 11, 2008 04:53:07 PM
When so many of the themes apply, how do I know which themes are applicable to my life as chosen.
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