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The Silver Cord: Our Connection to The Other Side
The Silver Cord to The Other Side Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures by Sylvia Browne

Many people have heard of the tunnel that connects us to The Other Side. We walk through the tunnel when exiting or entering The Other Side. But many have not heard of the silver cord, which connects us to The Other Side at all times. It is very fine and delicate, but this silver cord is very important.

What is the silver cord? We all have a silver cord. The silver cord is connected just below your breastbone. It connects our spirit with Godís love. The silver cord also helps to keep us connected to The Other Side at all times.

My Spirit Guide Francine assured me it was real and Iíll admit that I almost didnít believe her. But then I saw my silver cord with my own eyes. I will admit that I do not make a judgment about something until I have my own experience. So now that I have seen the silver cord, I can say with confidence that it is there!

At the time, I was listening to a Tantric yoga tape doing meditation. I was very relaxed and I was lying on the floor. As a matter of a fact, I was more relaxed than I had ever been. I was very deep into the meditation. Then all of a sudden, I realized that I was not in my body!

Trying to get my bearings, I looked around and realized that I was taking an astral trip around the living room. Personally, I do not like the idea of astral travel; it makes me feel out of control. Itís just not my style. While I was deep in this meditation and astral traveling, I realized that I could see my silver cord. It was beautiful and it attached to my body at my solar plexus area. The silver cord was very fine. I could see the silver cord for several feet in front of me and it disappeared into thin air.

We all have this beautiful silver cord that connects us to God. This silver cord has come up in my research and studies. The Bible refers to this silver cord in Ecclesiastes 12:6Ė7, ďBefore the silver cord is snapped Ö and the spirit returns to God who gave it.Ē This silver cord nourishes our spirits. It is very much like the umbilical cord that connects a baby while it is in utero! It is as if we are never disconnected from our mothers. This cord keeps us constantly connected to Godís love and to The Other Side.

Love always,

Sylvia Browne

P.S. The Other Side is a fascinating place. Many people are curious about it and have many questions. My book, Life on The Other Side, answers them all.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Carol, Friday, April 10, 2009 09:40:36 PM
Several years ago I had a dream one night that I was attached to the earth by a white, somewhat flexible cord no more than 3 inches in diameter. I floated up, up above Earth. I could see the planet below me like I was an astronaut, but I was not frightened. Breathing was not an issue. I was high up, and then I floated back down. Awesome!
By Marcia, Monday, April 06, 2009 04:45:17 PM
I desperately want to know how to communicate with my deceased son from the other side. Sylvia said he leaves coins and flickers lights and likes the picture I have of him - but that is probably true of most deceased loved ones. I am searching for ways to learn how to communicate wtih him. I read the book "Quit Kissing My Ashes written by a mother and her deceased son who helped her from the other side. She is able to now commuicate with her son.Please email me at for comments
By lynn, Sunday, April 05, 2009 01:16:16 AM
Sunday, April 05, 2009 12:58:19 AM Wednesday, January 07, 2009 06:18:28 PM HI Everyone This is what has happened to me and my family we lost a dear friend they say are friend shoot her self in the head but we do not belive this she has a young daughter who is in the 3 grade we belive the boyfriend has done this because they really never investgated my little girl was and is still good friends with her daughter are friends daughter stayed with us a couple night after they burried her mom and she was so hurt about two months latter me and my daughter was setting on my bed watchen tv and my son and my daughter little friend was in the living room my son yelled at my youngest daughter stop truning the tv i said to my son she not truning the tv she setting right here with me so my son has had the abilty to talk to love one on the other side he is 13 when i told him she was not truning the tv he stoped and call out to my mom who is his grandmother who he was very close to who has gone to the other side he said gram if it you trun the tv to 46 and the tv never moved than he call out if this is are friends mom trun the tv to 50 and it went to 50 i was out in the living room by now so my son truned the search box on and told her she could type in it and she did she told her daughter she loved her and asked her daughter if she has gone to Mc donalds and than asked her if she had pizza and the pizza was on my coffee table and she knew we were all in the living room told everyone she loved us than my son said did you go to heaven and asked her if he would be able to talk to her like he dose to his grandmother and she said yes and typed out he was cute and than he asked her to read his mind because he did not want to say what he had to out loud he asked herwhat happened and who did this she said her boyfriend and my son said to her take me to the place were it happened and my son was out about 10 min and when he camt to he said mom i don't know if you want to her this her boy friend druged her and than she could not move and he waled in the room and was laughing and shoot her in the head he said mom it was wired it was like looking throw her eyes she took me there to were it happened and she told us he did it and wanted us to keep her daughter and to call 911 she told us he was going to do life we want so much to help her because she cant rest knowen he has there daughter we feel her in are home all the time she all so had my printer go off in she printed out a heart to her daughter it said i love you if anyone out there can help us help are friend she was and is still a beauitful person and did not deserve to go this way please help us if her ex boyfriend has done this we belive he did because she felt safe to come to us he need to have justist done to him it not fear this little girl has to be with him he is not a very nice person we belive he dose drugs to help help us put him away he is a very mean person you can tell he has anger inside and if you sylvia get to read this please help us we really need your help and so dose this little girl to if he has done this what elce could he do god bless you all from a broken heart please email at sylvia it's been really hard and we can't rest knowen this could be true we need advice on this and what to do and were to go with this please help if sylvia can't help because we know she get very busy if someone out there that is a psychic and can talk to the other side please help us we would be very greatful for the help that you can give my the lord bless everyone today and always
By Darlene, Thursday, April 02, 2009 12:22:08 PM
How can I know that my recent death of my 18 year old is okay,on the other side or if she made it over, she was dead after three breaths of death, and this happen like thirty minutes after seeing her leaving the house, is she around me alot and can she give me signs that shes ok. Can the silver string be holding on to her, does she know what that is.
By Darlene, Thursday, April 02, 2009 12:19:17 PM
How can I know that my recent death of my 18 year old is okay,on the other side or if she made it over, she was dead after three breaths of death, and this happen like thirty minutes after seeing her leaving the house, is she around mr alot and can she give me signs that shes ok.
By diane, Wednesday, April 01, 2009 08:50:42 PM
My mother spoke of a silver cord before she died and said she was given a pair of sissors to cut it if she wanted too,she also said Jesus had put his arms around her.thank you Sylvia love Diane UK
By Makeda, Wednesday, April 01, 2009 05:48:23 AM
God bless Sylivia as she is a messenger and has done her work very very well, i have grown and learnt so much within my spirituality journey and Sylvia's writtings with the help of Francene have been invaluable. I believe the teacher shows up when we are ready and i was divinely let to sylvia;s work and have grown spirtitually so so much. We should never answer, pay attention to or give any energy to thos who like to write abusive stuff, lets not give any energy to negative energy, ignore them and they will get bored, we know why we read and listen to sylvia and as long as we are learning from it, thats all that matters Makeda (London England)
By Karen, Wednesday, April 01, 2009 12:05:37 AM
Hi,and bright blessings. I thought(the atheist)Madelyn Mohair + her family was killed by her co-worker. It was somewhere, in the desert. So, we need not worry about her but, I think some of her followers still remain. Maci-Denver area s
By mike, Monday, March 30, 2009 11:42:49 AM
gerry you talk to the dead the same way you take to the liveing with love and sylvia is all loveing very very loveing .give it a try god love .
By Patricia, Monday, March 30, 2009 10:19:39 AM
To Gerry.. Maybe your afraid what you will see in your life. If you don't believe in Sylvia you shouldn't be on here. Your a very needy person. Sylvia to be honest with you , your the only one I believe in. I have followed you over the years and you do and say stuff with the Love and Light of God. Your right in many a thing to be a phony. Your the best and I do believe you care about everything. Your a different breed Sylvia dear. We love you and are ever so grateful for you. Much love and respect to you. Patty

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