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Have You Ever Met An Earth Angel?

Sometimes someone crosses your path at exactly the right time. They say the right words without even realizing just how much they mean to you. Being in their presence somehow makes you feel different in a good way. And sometimes you don’t even realize just how important they are—until after the both of you have parted ways.


I remember one particular earth angel in my life—she was a volunteer at the eldercare center I worked at. She looked very much the way my grandmother had looked about twenty years ago when she had bright red hair. I was very startled to meet this volunteer to say the least! When I left the job—I kept running into this volunteer when I was dealing with times of stress. She never knew what I was dealing with but somehow always said something meaningful. I believe in many ways she is an earth angel!


Have you had an earth angel experience in your life? Do you believe in earth angels?  

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By jamie, Friday, October 10, 2008 12:38:39 PM
I have met two earth angels, they were there to save my son, and make sure he was not in any danger. It was a warm summer mid-morning day. I needed to use a payphone, while driving with my new baby 6 month son, Dakota. I had the a/c on and the windows up when I pulled next to the pay phone, jumped out, and realized, I locked the door with the keys, and my baby in the car. I shut the engine off, so the a/c was no longer on!! I started to panic, looking all around for anyone that could help me get the car door open, but no-one was around at all. I was in the parking lot of a restaurant, so I quickly ran in there to see if they had a hangar or something I could use to get into the car, they did. I ran back to the car to try with this hangar, but it wasn't working!!! I looked all around again, I saw no-one at all!!! Then I was just about to call the fire dept, when a young man, and a middle aged woman all the sudden were right there, and he asked me if he could try with the hangar!! He was trying every window to somehow get in the car!! I was crying now, because my baby started crying, and I know he was getting hot in there!! Then I don't know how he did it but he got in the car, and of course the first thing I did was to grab the baby out of the car and console him, he was ok thank God, and when I turned to look for the "Angels" that saved my baby I wanted to hug them and thank them for what they did, they were gone. I know that they were "angels" sent to save my Dakota. I tell both of my son's of that glorious day that I will never forget. I needed them so desperately, and they came for me!!! I truly believe in "angels" with all my heart and soul, and so blessed that they were there to help me!!!! By Jamie friday october 10, 2008
By Annette, Friday, September 19, 2008 01:19:16 PM
One day driving to work I was in the fast lane and all of a sudden my car over heated so I had to pull over to the shoulder by the fast lane 'cause I did not have enough time to get to the shoulder by the slow lane. Some really wierd looking guy pulled over to help me and I got this really bad feeling from him and I was praying he would leave and all of a sudden one of my friends saw me and stopped to help me when we turned around he vanished. It was the wierdest thing. He was really creepy. My friend proceeded to tell me that she NEVER goes to work that way and for some reason something was telling her to go that way that day. She is a really good friend of mine. Another time and this time it has only been about a year ago another friend of mine we were driving back to work from lunch (and she was driving) we had the green light and she proceeded to go and all of a sudden stopped in the middle of the road and I saw this car speed past me. If she did not stop he would of hit my side of the car going about 55 mph and I think it would of killed me instantly. So I have 2 good friends that I think are my Angels or if not my Angels were there to help me. I still keep in contact with both of them 'cause to me they are my angels on earth.
By Kelly, Wednesday, September 03, 2008 11:44:44 AM
While spending many months taking care of my best friend she again ended up in the ICU. While I was waiting to see her a woman walked over to the pay phones closest to me. She called her family to tell them that her husband was not going to make it. He had had a stroke. She told them that she would be leaving since there was nothing more she could do. I don't usually butt into anyone's business but something came over me. I told the woman "Your husband needs you, his brain may be gone but his heart is beating and his soul has not left yet. Go be with him, hold his hand and talk to him. Stay with him until the end." Her eyes filled with tears and she nodded to me and turned and went to her husband. Many times over the years I've been told I'm and earth angel. I even have a friend who I had never told that to nickname me Angel.
By Bette, Saturday, August 23, 2008 03:48:46 PM
I was about to walk on the treadmill at my Heart Center and was feeling apprehensive about it. I proceeded to walk and started praying to have the Angels walk with me during my procedure. A nurse came in to monitor my vitals and asked me how I was and what was I doing. I told him about praying for my Angels to walk with me. The gentleman told me "look at my name on my uniform", sure enough it was "Angel". He said "see, your prayer has been answered". That was a very good sign for me and I got through the test less nervous. I feel he was definitely my "Earth Angel". Bette in Florida
By Lori, Saturday, August 23, 2008 03:07:07 AM
I was working in Save On Foods in 2005 and having a lot of marital problems which rally had me run down emotionally. I met a woman who's faith was very strong and she help me with dealing with some of the stuff I was going through, as she had been through a rough marriage herself. She always told me that if I pray, God will make things right. Well as I was working one shift as cashier, an older gentleman came through my till. All he said was that I looked like I deserved a gift. He then handed me a small box. I opened the box and inside it was an angel pin. By the time I looked up to thank him he was gone. I told my friend about this man and the gift he gave me, and she was certain he was an angel. I cant believe that I forgot about that. Reading all the comments here just brought that memory back.
By Susan, Monday, August 18, 2008 08:01:00 PM
I had just had reconstructive surgery on my face, so I put on some large sunglasses and decided to see some of the sights in the city where I was trying to heal. While walking, a soft spoken man approached me and asked me if he could take my picture because I was so beautiful. Couldn't he see how swollen and bruised I was behind the sunglasses? I told him sure, take a picture. He sat me down and took off my shoes and told me how to pose. After he snapped the picture he tenderly wiped my feet with his hands and put my shoes back on my feet. He seemed so happy that he got my picture, and then he wished me blessings. As I watched him walk away he disappeared. Literally. He just vanished. My chest felt so stirred up when he was near me, and I felt so peaceful and loved around him. I believe he was an angel that visited for a brief moment to let me know beauty is truly more than skin deep. I will never forget how much love poured from him.
By Scott, Monday, August 18, 2008 05:06:47 PM
People always tell me that I am an Angel, maybe I am, something like that. google, Scott Shaubel Save Our Earth
By Scott, Monday, August 18, 2008 04:26:56 PM
People always tell me that I am an Angel, maybe I am, something like that. google, Scott Shaubel Save Our Earth
By THERSIA DAWN, Friday, August 15, 2008 10:43:03 AM
in march-april 1979 i was 15yrs.old i had left a home where my mothers boyfriend had trid to kill me with a knife after a 3hr stand-off with the police i was freed to only have my mother move him back in.the person i thought was my father n stepmother came to get me after not seeing them for there was not as expected from a 15yr old.i meet my stepmothers brother and married him [yes we lived in ky l.o.l]hoping things would finally be right that i would be happy[haha]he was 5 yrs older the day we married he started hitting me.i cannot be sure of dates or time but he would beat me while i slept this continued on. one night he broke my check bone as i slept,so the next day i was left alone and walked 3 or more mlies to a neighbor called friends in indiana to tell my mother to please come & get,knowing this trip would only take 3-5hrs i went to a near by corn field & hid waiting ,he[the husband] returned with his family[13 of us in a 2 bedroom house]he and his brothers came looking for me [i forgot to memtion it was pouring rain]i covered myself in mud heaRING him saying he was going to kill me,i stayed in the field til the next mother hadn't came i had to come out,so i did when i got to the house i was beat and padlocked in a room for 1-2weeks with a bucket for a toilet fed a cup with slop in it.then one day only he and i were there& he decided i guess to kill me or just beat my brains out,he was on top of me beating my head into the floor to the point i was watching this from above feeling no pain[mind you we lived arouned no-one close in the middle of no where]iwas sure i was dying when a man dressed as a preacher walked into the room,the next thing i know my soul was back in my body that all i really remember til my mother and a friend of hers kicked in the door i was locked behind and took me out with a 44 mag. pointed at my captures. i have not really ever recovered and my lifehas pretty much led me down the same road,i am now 43 and i swear to this day that that preacher was my guardian angel for he was gone as quickly as he appeared no car left or entered that driveway and in believe it was only a day or 2[or even that evening that i was angel[s] have saved my life more than once. if you don't believe taan i am a living testament that they do or i would had died those early months of 1979.thank you lord even though i have traveled a rough,lonely, voilent road,i have had you and my angels by my side to help get through the hell i've lived.
By kimberly, Saturday, August 09, 2008 12:21:14 AM
i believe i meet an angel in the year of 1999. i was in the hopital with my one year old son. i was told he was was going to die from fluid on his lungs and that if i believed in god i should go and pray. i went to the chapel and prayed and cried, when i was ready to give up on hope he came to me. he was not the best dressed in fact he was kind ot tacky. his hair gave the first meaning of hair of whool. i never understood that pharse until i saw him. i do not remember any facial features, because i only saw the grace about himself. he was dressed in doctor scrubs, that looked a little old and small. i asked him who he was and his response, i am hear to save your son. he never gave me his name. i followed him all the way back to the floor wich my son was on, he told me to go to my son he was waiting on me. i made it to my sons room and asked the nurse for the doctor who came for me. she said well i was just about to page for you, but there was not a doctor looking for you. i looked all around and could not find this doctor, as i held my son i knew he was a angel sent from my GOD.

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