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Learning to Listen to Your Angels


Some say angels talk to us in whispers. Other times it feels like they are shouting at us. What does it feel like when your angels are talking to you? When have you experienced your angels talking to you?


Sometimes when your angels talks to you, it is not always speaking to you using mere words. They can send you the inspiration to do something—such as driving a different way to work so you miss that really bad traffic jam. Or they may encourage you to speak to someone in your daily life that you usually don’t speak to. Maybe this person could just use a good friend in their lives, or the angels are actually sending them a message through your words.


Angels can also talk through synchronicities. Have you ever needed information or a resource, only to have someone or something come along just at the right time with that exact needed resource? I will admit to you that I lost someone’s telephone number today so I was looking it up, something very easily done now on the Internet, and much to my surprise this exact person called me with a question. That’s the angels at work for you!


What messages have your angels sent you? When have your angels’ messages surprised you?

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By Melvin, Tuesday, June 17, 2008 10:20:38 AM
this is so true. My angels sometimes yell at me for doing ridiculous things. I feel that sometimes he just wants me to be a more mature person. My angels are always encouraging me to do what is right and no what I feel is right
By maylin, Tuesday, June 17, 2008 12:50:40 AM
i have heard that meditation is the best way to talk and hear your angels. i think it is a nice way to communicate with them. i do believe in angels. i have not heard them whisper nor talk to me. but i still talk to them.
By linda, Sunday, June 15, 2008 11:59:03 AM
are angeles around me all the time linda g austin tx
By linda, Sunday, June 15, 2008 11:58:32 AM
are angeles around me all the time linda g ausrin tx
By Levi, Sunday, June 08, 2008 11:18:51 AM
In 1983, I was at a dance in a church. I was getting ready to leave with a few friends. I was standing at a table at the far stage with my back to the gym door, when something told me to turn around and get under the table. It was dark because of the dance, but I did it and as I turned and went down, I saw a man's shadowy figure at the door and green light coming towards me out of a gun. I heard the shots (10)after I saw the lights and as I got down I was shot in the back of my leg. It happened so fast. If I was still standing I would have been hit in the back and would have died or been unable to walk again. I know I was protected that day. I have been saved more than once. A car accident when I was five,I almost drowned in a neighbour's pool when I fell in, etc.I thank my protectors'.
By Janice, Sunday, June 08, 2008 09:36:46 AM
i think i have not really heard my angels talk or whisper to me. but iknow they are just around. thank you for sharing these ideas. meditation is really the best. it will give me time to concentrate and maybe i could listen or hear my angels.
By Aus, Saturday, June 07, 2008 05:29:45 PM
I guess it could have been angles that helped me last week. I usually think of it as God moving the universe to help me out, but maybe he sent an angle to do so. I have been dating this guy for about 4 months and he has not always been the most honest guy. Well last week I was left alone in his apartment for the first time. He left me there while he went to work. I decided to snoop. I know snooping is wrong but I had already told him before that I am the kind of person that would. I found that the wife he had (he’s already filed for divorce) use to live in that apartment with him. The big deal is he told me several times that she and no other girl had ever lived there with him. Well, her, him and her two kids had both lived there as a married family. I confronted him about it and he gave me some shiny story. Here is where the angle part comes in. I was only staying at this apartment that day because my AC fan motor went out. He could not just leave me to die in the heat of my house so that was the only reason he left me at his place when he went to work that day. Thank goodness I found out the way I did that he had once again lied to me and that she actually had lived there. This way I was not nearly as shocked as I normally would have been when she showed up out of no where, all the way from Alabama, at 6am this morning to scream and yell at him and me with her new boyfriend. I think the angles looked out for me so I would be better prepared to deal with the second craziest thing that has ever happened to me.
By Sylvia, Saturday, June 07, 2008 12:58:03 PM
When Sylvia Browne's group use to be in Sacramento, we were celebrating the Winter Solice. We went into meditation and while a prayer was being said we heard a knock on the laudry room door. When we all went in there the feeling of euphoria was all around us and all we could do is smile and feel it; we all had tears of joy coming from our eyes. It was beautiful. Afterwards we were talking in the host's kitchen and I could see the most beautiful female (not sure why I knew she was female) in our host's bedroom. I told everyone what I saw and we went into the bedroom and the feeling of euphoria returned. I knew it was an angel. She was a huge glow of gold light like I had never seen before. I seem to be able to pick up my guides and angel messages, whether it is loud and clear or a thought that enters my head. Sometimes I hear them out loud and sometimes it is in my ear. It is a beautiful experience and I've learned to listen to them and their guidance. Especially after I didn't listen to a message of why I was walking over a certain area and to go another direction, well, I fell and broke my wrist. After that experience I LISTEN. : ) Angel messages are very kind and never harsh or threatening.
By Aries, Friday, June 06, 2008 09:28:39 PM
Always a good idea to listen to them. And about the synchronicities thing, I've run into that quite a lot. Usually when I need to find something out, I can browse randomly on Digg or on a forum and find the information I need by pure chance. I wonder if some angels speak to us through our own intuition.
By Suzanne, Friday, June 06, 2008 01:25:32 PM
I was raised Catholic and have always loved angels. I talk to my guardian angels quite often, especially when in a 'sticky' situation or am feeling sad. I know they hear me and are with me because I can feel it intuitively. However, once I was spoken to and will never forget it! I was hiking alone on some trails near my home on a cool, breezy day. The entire hike up the mountain I saw no one. I came to my destination, rested and ate a snack. When I left to go back down the trail I decided to heed the 'call of nature' and stepped off the trail to do my business. As I was finishing up, a big gust of wind blew and I heard distinctly a voice in my ear saying "someone's coming!" I was so shocked-- I looked around, pulled up my pants in haste and jumped back on the trail. Not three seconds later a man approached on the trail. I said hi and burst out laughing! He must have thought I was loco! I told my Mom this story and we still giggle about it. So I can always rely on my 'hiking angel' to keep my company (and safe!)

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