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Geminis & Relationships
by Sylvia Browne

I think one way to describe the Gemini is that they really scatter their love around. The Gemini is a social sign, so it would make sense that this sign would have a bit of trouble settling down to just one or even a few relationships. At times, the Gemini folks are fickle. But do keep in mind that they will love you as much as they can with their whole heart. The Gemini is good at loving their child, parents, family members, friends and others in their lives equally.

Geminis are fun folks and they want you to have fun when you are around them. This is a very exuberant sign and you could really say that nothing seems to bother them. They can be quite positive, light-hearted and carefree. These are all very appealing characteristics any of us would want in a friend, lover or just about anyone else in our life. Who needs someone who is always down in the dumps? Bring on the Geminis who know how to create a party out of nothing but a box of crackers and a couple of soda cans.

Now I'll let you in on the secret to success for marriage with a Gemini: you'll do well married to a Gemini only if you understand that they are going to flit from flower to flower. Don't worry—they are not going to run from romance to romance as a married person. More like they will be likely at one moment to say, "I want to take up salsa dancing," and then two days later will say, "I want to take up pottery." The Gemini takes up new interests and before you know it, they tire of them and move on.

Enjoy those wonderful Geminis in your life! They are fun folks who always know how to make you smile!

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Connie, Saturday, May 23, 2009 10:48:34 AM
My husband is a Gemini, life is never boring with him. It's always "Lets go" "Lets do"! Sylvia is so right!
By Cleopatra, Friday, January 30, 2009 06:36:02 PM
By Genevieve G, Friday, October 24, 2008 01:42:58 PM
Hi Sylvia I was introduce to you by my son and I just love your web class, books, and when your on tv. Your the greatest. I am a genmini and you have me to the t. I love to do other things wheather it is scuba diving, hanging out with my 2 sons and their families, disk golfing, play games on the computer or tv or game system. Family comes first in the order of my grandchildren, sons and then husband. I love to make everyone feel welcome till they cross me I am not a forgiver (bad trait). I love to flirt even though I have been married for 35 years I am still a flirt. I have split personalities. I would like to know what my totom it cause I am very much into wolves. I love the wild, the outdoors in anyway but wolves is the favorate. Then dogs, cats and parrots. Your the best thinks for being you. I am also shy even though I flirt. People can't understand that about me.
By bridget, Thursday, October 23, 2008 01:29:27 PM
im a gemini and so sylvia has hit everything right on the nose for me because i do love my family and friends with all of my heart and there are things that i do that make me happy like spending time with my family and being around them all the time but there are time when i just want to be by my self like when my dad died 1/29/05 and how i found out that my dad died was from my aunt she called and told me that my dad died but when she called i throght it was my uncle that had died because he was really sick and when she told me that it wasnt my uncle that had died i hit the floor and droped the phone and the called end but i did call her back to see if i really heard her right that my dad had died.but i also started to look for asnwers to why this had happened and thats when i started to read sylvia browne's book and boy did they bring some of the answer that i was looking for and the more i read sylvia's book the more answer i get to why this has happen and it has giving me so much peace about my dad death.
By Sara, Tuesday, October 14, 2008 03:26:18 PM
I am a Pisces, but I seem to be attracted to Gemini people. Not every Gemini is the same. I have 2 sisters that are Geminis, and they are nothing like the Gemini. I started researching astrology recently, and one of the questions asked in this forum, was to list all your favorite actors and singers, ect.. I discovered that My favorite singer which is Stevie Nicks, is a Gemini and that My favorite Actress, which is Kathleen Turner is also a Gemini. I am not sure what it is that attracts me to Geminis.
By Kimberli, Thursday, September 18, 2008 10:13:22 PM
Well I am a Gemini. I do like all things and have many interests. I love my children and family. I even love my friends. I am social and I think it is important in life to be social and not block your life in one corner to look at all the time. I do have one hobby I have been at for 7 years now but pop around with different things that I love doing so as not to get bored with my main hobby. I am told I have a split personality.. meaning my moods are instantly changing at times. So anyways my interests are......get ready.... beading #1, dancing, gold prospecting, Pokemon team play, shopping, stone carving, sewing, hanging with friends around the camp fire, gardening, car detailing,sporty cars, going green products, Bead shows, bead swaps, quilting, bugs ( like the little critters) and I have alot of pets. Cat 2 dogs, 2 fish in separate tanks, Tokay Gekko, 1 Nanday Conure and 1 Blue Crown conure. I love them all but can be overwhelming at times. any how enough of me, anyone else share the same Jack of all trade effects? and I did not even put down what I know how to do like ceramic tile ect. LOL
By DeLeah, Wednesday, August 20, 2008 09:10:02 PM
I have a gemini husband. I also have 3 sons. It's like having 4 sons, but I love him and wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.
By Angela, Monday, August 18, 2008 11:26:19 PM
I absolutely love Sylvia but her astrology doesn't even come close to my husband (Gemini) or myself (Taurus)at ALL. I've tried to look at them in different ways and they are just completely incorrect in all areas. There is nothing right about them, they are nothing like us in any of her descriptions. I don't know why. I just gave the book away but I love all of her other books and have read them many times. My husband is mellow, calm and content to just hang out. He's a wonderful companion, a wonderful husband. He always sticks to his hobbies and does them for years. He still likes some of his high school hobbies. He's always loved motorcycles. He started to love reading as an adult and you never see him without a book now. He loves History, museums, submarines, big ships. We met when he was 26 and I was 42. He has only had one other serious relationship. We lived together for two years and married. We've been happily married for 16 years. I still feel about him just like I did 18 years ago. He's never threatened to leave, had an affair. He's a tough guy but not in the least chauvanistic(?). Woman love him. He's very respectful. Just a really great guy and I thank God for him.
By Bette, Monday, August 11, 2008 08:17:04 AM
Hi Sylvia, The only thing I see Gemini in me is that I do my best to love my children, grandchildren, parents, family members, friends and others equally. When working I was told that I always treated everyone with the same respect, whether top Management or worker bees, and made everyone feel as though they were important. I am told that I have two personalities and maybe that is right but I tend to be a pessimist rather than an optimist. I do not believe in flitting from one husband to another, marriage is till death do us part and I hope forever after. Maybe I am not really a Gemini. Could I be more like my rising star?
By Denise, Sunday, August 10, 2008 08:15:48 AM
Yes, I would like to say that everything that is said should not be taken so whole-heartedly. What I mean is that some people automatically assume that word for word is meant that that is who or what they are...there are a lot of variables in astrology. So, for the most part, it fits just about everyone, some more than others. I am a Gemini and I disagree about the marriage part of it to an extent; but I don't think that it is wrong for some Gemini's. I have been married for 30 yrs., and it is hard work,but I love it, and I am so family oriented. For the most part it is right on Que what is written about Gemini's for me. I don't stray outside of the marriage and I don't give up easily (0bviously), and I have 2 wonderful grandsons. I do agree that people give up today, all it is about for people now is money, money, money, for the most part. Life is so much more than money! Anyway, I have said my piece, and I just want to say I love the post, and love you all no matter if Gemini or not. Congratulations to all Gemini's!

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