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Taurus and Relationships
by Sylvia Browne

As this is the birthday month for the sign of Taurus (April 20th – May 20th) let us talk a bit about what these folks are like in their relationships. Be sure to wish your Taurus loved ones a very Happy Birthday from me!

Taurus is the sign of the bull, and bulls are definitely stubborn. This is basically how you can spot a Taurus: Hell hath no fury like Taureans on a rampage: they will walk over anybody. But it is usually out of righteous anger, because they are ruled by Venus, the love planet. So this is not a malicious sign. Yet, don’t get Taureans mad at you, because they’re vindictive and will absolutely stalk you – like an elephant.

Taureans do not forget past injustices, and they also remember their past pain as well – and will remind you of it. The tragedy with a Taurus is that their pain is just as fresh today as it was the first time. Their pain will often make you feel guilty, and if you tell them about your guilt, they will tell you to think nothing of it. So they’re not malicious; but they do become very martyred.

It has always been said that the water signs are martyred, but Taureans outdo them all. Taureans can be the biggest martyrs in the world. They will tell you what they’ve done for you, when they did it, why they did it, and how they did it. They tend to live in the past a lot. If you’re married to a Taurus, this individual will tell you about their past romances, and they will go into details about the whole situation. They want to tell you and confess all, which is called “spilling your guts.” Not only that, they will tell you how much better you are than their previous lovers – but that still doesn’t stop them from telling you too many details.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Rebecca, Wednesday, April 29, 2009 11:13:38 PM
Dear Lord, people! This is how Sylvia talks... bold, upfront, and to the point. Some of her comments may be sarcastic, but she is trying to put a spin on it. I don't find her comments hurtful. Those of you that might are displaying the very things she is writing, and therefore giving us Taureans a bad name. Give her a break!! Sylvia, keep on doing what you do!!!!
By dawn, Monday, April 27, 2009 04:57:02 PM
hi my name is dawn 5-2-65 6:40am bellflower california my sun,moon,rising&venus is n taurus and this is way off so please check and rewrite this.i dont want people 2 think of me n this way i really love u sylvia so please come get 2 know me im about as much taurus as u can get,dont get me wrong some of the things r me 2 a t but 4 the most part wheres the postive?still luv u lots your loveing talented &beautiful taurus fan&friend dawn alameda ca
By Sherita, Saturday, April 25, 2009 11:22:12 PM
Sylvia, I have been a big supporter of you and your readings for years. I have followed you for a very long time and I guess this is why I am a bit taken back by the comments you have made about me and my sign (I say me because I take it a bit personal). I am far from being stupid, clingy or boring by any means! Bullish, maybe, but not stupid or clingy. I have always been complemented on my ability to grasp things very quickly (leaving your comments about having to repeat yourself to a Taurean over and over to be malicious propaganda). Yes I can live in the past at times. Yes I choose not to forget the hurt that some people might have put onto me, but that is solely because I am protecting myself from these individuals so that I would NEVER have to feel that way again! Wouldn't you do the same Sylvia? I don't call that stupid.. I call that advanced to a level far higher than you or any other zodiac sign could ever imagine or ascertain. But Sylvia, I forgive you. At the end of the day you are human and are bound to make mistakes. And it is in my opinion, these two articles about Taureans were a big mistake for you to write. You were writing from an emotional stand point and it was very visible in your words. You shouldn't have thrown us all Taureans under the bus like you did. If you had a bad experience with someone from our sign I apologize for them. But this was not cool... Peace and love Sylvia and may God bless you. Proud Taurean, April 28
By Anida, Thursday, April 23, 2009 12:21:00 PM
Silvia I was wondering why you never did a happy bithday blog for Aquarius. I realy want to know why. I myself am an Aquarius.
By Becky, Thursday, April 23, 2009 10:10:59 AM
Did Francine tell Sylvia to write this too? Make it count people, just send her stuff back and stop ordering. It's not worth it if this is how she interprets the stars. All the Taurus folks I know are extremely artistic and have a flare for the unusual. Stubborn I can agree with, but a lot of folks under other signs are stubborn too. It's still not right to bash the whole group. What's the reason? Fess it up Sylvia, and I may start caring about your words again. This is the last of my Sylvia perusing for me. I have better things to do. May God bless her anyway, but I'm outta here.
By darlene, Thursday, April 23, 2009 09:54:21 AM
sylvia!!! Hell hath no fury like an angry taurus!!!Why did you write such crap?!!! Sylvia you had to realize we would go on a rampage. We are stubborn and will not give up. Why don't you rewrite this garbage and we may calm down.
By adia, Wednesday, April 22, 2009 06:57:38 PM
I am a Taurus and it is true. I have been misused and abused my people and my reaction is true to form. I am patient and loving, used to be a doormat but now I know better. Tareansare blessed, just treat us right.....
By stephen, Wednesday, April 22, 2009 01:37:19 PM
I was born April 26 IM a male and all this is BS Sylvia you must have a vendetta against someone born under this sign.Because all you do is put down people under this sign,I thought you were a loving person,but your comments r saying a different story.I guess I was stupid to support you over the last 15 years,since you said on the other page all people under this sign r stupid.Is it ok with GOD to call people names?????????
By Debbie, Wednesday, April 22, 2009 10:41:54 AM
Heck with Sylvia, HAPPY B Day All You TAURENS...... Debbie May 18
By Susan, Wednesday, April 22, 2009 09:44:26 AM
Hi Sylvia, I love ya. I've bought your books and have listened to you on the Montel show, also attended one of your KC converences. I am surprised by your revelation on the taurus. I am a May 5th gal and some things I've read here do just that and validate some about righteous anger. I had to smile when the lady in the end told you she wouldn't buy any more of your books. Sometimes I wonder if people have realized what they just said. We can't take all this so personal, because we all have rising signs and if we are reading this, then I'm sure people have read other books with discriptive traits. It's not like you are the (only) source. I have a feeling that you wrote out of personal hurts and experiences. I could be wrong I don't know you that well. I like that fact that so many stood up for the negation of the positive aspects of the taurus. I feel it should be rounded out (bad and good). I've work so many years to enlighten and elevate my consciousness and that is something we are noted for also. I know since you are in the public eye you are always ripe for the hanging. Sylvia, I admire your strength and the fact you found love again in this life time. I've been widowed twice and not always feeling so strong. I send you blessings in abundance. Sincerely, Susie G. Wichita, KS

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