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Horoscope Articles
Sun Enters Sagittarius - What Does That Mean For You?

What Does the Sun Entering Sagittarius Hold For Your Sign?

Today, the Sun enters Sagittarius and opens up a series of astrological events that will impact every sign. See how this will affect you?
New Moon in Scorpio

What Does the New Moon in Scorpio Hold For Your Sign?

Today's New Moon in Scorpio is passionate and intense. It is good for getting rid of the old and embarking on new sensual and erotic adventures. How will it affect you?
Saturn Squares Pluto

How Will Saturn Squaring Pluto Affect Your Sign

Today, Saturn in Libra makes its first square with Pluto in Capricorn. This square is going to affect all of us for the next six months. How will affect you?
How Venus in Scorpio Affects You

How Will Venus in Scorpio Affect The Rest of Your Month

Back on the 7th of November, love planet Venus entered the sexy and daring sign of Scorpio. This usually means that relationships are more exciting. How will it affect the rest of your month?
Neptune Going Forward

How The End of Neptune's Retrograde Will Afffect You

Neptune began its movement backwards through the sky on May 28th and it will now start moving forward again today, November 4, 2009.
Juno Going Direct Affects Your Zodiac Sign

What to Expect When Juno Goes Direct

Juno is an asteroid that is notoriously influential on relationships. Today, this asteroid moves forward after being retrograde since August 10th. How will this affect you?
Full Moon in Taurus

How Will Today's Full Moon Affect You?

The full moon in Taurus today is a bit of an unusual one. How will this affect your day?
Michael Jackson's Astrology Chart

Pop Astrology: Michael Jackson

To celebrate the release of the new movie "This Is It," here is one more look at the astrology chart of Michael Jackson.
What's In Store For You On Halloween?

What's In Store For You On Halloween?

There are a number of astrological influences that will affect the experience of trick or treating or partying this Halloween. Find out what is in store for you today.
Chiron Retrograde Going Forward

How Will Chironís Forward Motion Affect You?

On October 30th, 2009, Chiron finally starts progressing forward in the sky after being retrograde since May 30th. This means that many disagreements and long-standing hanging issues in relationships will finally be resolved.
Sun in Scorpio

How The Sun in Scorpio Will Affect Your Sex Life

On October 22nd, the Sun enters Scorpio which promises to be another one of the most erotic days of 2009. How will it be for you?
New Moon in Libra

How Will the New Moon in Libra Affect Your Sign?

Like all new moons, the new moon in Libra on October 18th is about potential. How will it affect you?
Venus and Mars for Your Zodiac Sign

What Do Venus and Mars Have In Store for You Mid-October?

Between October 13th and October 18th, both Venus and Mars will be acting up in the heavens, causing all kinds of drama when it comes to love.
Jupiter Goes Direct

What Lucky Break Is In Store For You When Jupiter Goes Direct?

Jupiter has been in retrograde since June 15, 2009 and every single sign is going to benefit when this planet of wealth finally starts moving forward again on October 12th.
Full Moon Affect You

How Will Today's Full Moon Will Affect You

On October 4, 2009, there is a spectacular Full Moon in the fiery sign of Aries. How will this Full Moon affect?

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