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What Would You Ask An Angel?
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by Sylvia Browne

Everywhere I go, people have questions about angels. "Sylvia, are angels real?" "How do I contact my angel?" "Who is my guardian angel?" These questions about angels are perfectly natural, as many of us are curious about angels and would like to know more about them!


Here are the answers to some of my most popular questions about angels. Perhaps these are some of the very questions that you have wondered about. The most important thing to know is that the angels are always with us and are ready to help us at a millisecond’s notice. So please do not feel like you are bothering the angels if you ask them for assistance with something! The angels look forward to helping you with the very big and the very small things in your life.



“Does everyone have a guardian angel?”


Yes, everyone does have a guardian angelexcept for the dark, evil entities. These negative entities seem to prefer being on their own without angelic help and appear to take their guidance from evil. But everyone else has a guardian angel that is always looking over them, guiding and protecting them throughout their lives.



“Why do angels have wings?”


I have really done some serious thinking about this one. I think that angels have wings so that it differentiates them from other entities in the spirit realms. Your loved ones do not have wings for example. Neither do your spirit guides. An angel’s wings also symbolize just how fast they can travelwe all know just how quickly an angel can be by your side. The angel’s wings also remind you that they can wrap you up lovingly in their wings in a very protective way.  



“Do angels come in different sizes or physical shapes?”


Yes, some angels are indeed very large. The Thrones and Principalities are angels that will appear as very large. But other angels can be mere inches tall. Another thing I have noticed is that there are no baby or children angelswe have seen many cherubs in artwork, but these baby-faced angels truly do not exist.



“Do angels have personalities?”


Angels have a deep serenity and a wonderful sense of intelligence. But I have never heard of them casually joking around or expressing themselves in a way that we might describe as a personality. So their idea of a personality may be much different from ours. Their personality may also be affected by the type of angel they are and what specific job or function they have.  


The angels appreciate your curiosity about them, because they want to have a close relationship with you. Angels truly want to be a part of your daily life. Keep asking questions about the angelsthey enjoy it!



Love always,


Sylvia Browne



P.S. If you have more questions about the angels, you would appreciate my Book of Angels. In this book, I discuss the ten different types of angels and how they help you in your daily life. Angelic meditations are included to help you connect and heal with the angels.


Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.



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By rachel, Friday, July 13, 2012 07:53:56 PM
sylvia i had these weird visions of my dead grandmother i had them since she died when i have a vision it hurts and i get a bad headache after does that whatit feels when spirts talk to you me im i phychic or am i just weird
By Christine, Thursday, November 26, 2009 01:59:26 PM
Please Dear Angels wrapped your wings around me and my son, we have been sick for a long time. My son has a broken back, is in so much pain everyday. He needs a miricle to take this pain away! I have had so much bad happan to my body with illness and pain in the last 3 years, I need help pysically & mentaly so depressed because I wake up now always feeling fear! in my mind. Please help us I pray all the time. Please help me to think of good things, not bad. Give us more faith & strengh. We love you all! Our dear Angels, be by our sides led us the right way.
By alma, Saturday, July 25, 2009 02:03:52 PM
DEAR ANGELS, please help us guides us in the right directions, please protect my family, please help us with our finances, we need to keep our home, I need to know you are around us,please help us. Im despertly sad.
By Katrina, Monday, May 11, 2009 09:55:48 AM
Dear angels, please help me want to live another day with out my beautiful daughter. I need her so bad I cant stand this pain this heartaches that rips through my very core. I need her I want her back. Please help me Katrina
By Amber, Monday, May 11, 2009 08:44:32 AM
Dear Mother and Father God, Please send me Archangels to help me realease my muscle trauma, and principalities to help me heal further at a spiritual cellular level form childhood trauma. Please Angels guide me now as I am in a place of transition and need you by my side. I need validation as well to eb able to see you would be a great comfort.
By chauncey, Sunday, May 10, 2009 11:05:59 AM
Dear Angels,I ask for the openmind to except and understand what unfolds upon this next leg of my journey.And the strength to deal with every situation in a positive manner to the fullest.May i share such a blessing with those who also seek truth and wisdom along their path they are traveling.Amen
By Sandy, Friday, May 08, 2009 09:46:06 PM
I am 40 years old I feel my husband is going through a midlife crisis and has a personality disorder that is untreated. We have been married for 16 years have two wonderful children and he has asked for a divorce out of the blue. I am crushed as I am totally still in love with him and am praying everyday for him to come to his senses. I want my marriage and family and am terrified at the thought of being alone. I am hoping he will come back to us. His children are very hurt and angry and I hope he is just doing some sole searching of his own as he has now left the home. What should I be expecting from this point?
By mary, Thursday, May 07, 2009 10:05:48 PM
angels please help me i am bleeding inside and my dr.wants to know where it's coming from.i am on 2 meds for low blood and high c eating the wrong foods. please help me get my health back on track. AMEN mary jo
By Shoshana, Wednesday, May 06, 2009 05:10:42 PM
to stay with me although sometimes I am not too spiritual. to let me know in my own way to see and understand that they are with me and my loved ones. to help us come closer to God and to learn how to achieve a better relationship with them,with God and with his creations.
By Teresa, Friday, May 01, 2009 08:54:06 PM
Please all the angels from principalities on down, come and wrap your wings around me. i been very ill for years only 51, and severly depressed. been seperated from hubby for 2 yrs, love him always but dont think it would work, we have unintentionally hurt each other alot i nthe past us getting sick aznd losing it all. please dont let him hate me i am with someone else and hope I did the right thing please let him always keep me in his heart and let hime have a good life and get better too, I also cant take the pain anymore. I need help badly, am so severly depressed anymore all I do is cry. please show me my guardian angel too and please show me the way I am so lost, dear God and the angels and St. Michael please help me and come to me, I need to know and see my guardian angel, need help so badly. am so sad about my hubby, is there any hope for us ever in the future or not, I dont want him so sad from me and not to hate me please, he hurt me too and I still love him always. I dont know if I picked the right man, been so sick over it this week and theres no turning back it seems. no family, let my mother who abused me love me again and welcome me pls. let all be forgiven. please let my hubby contact me and not just for divorce which I see coming, i dont know what to do anymore, between being sick and in pain and these two men, what do i do angels and God? also I live below poverty level i cant make it on my little disability and always worked before and would again if I was not so ill. I really need help, mentally, physically and financially, help me off these meds I take too. I thin k they hurt me more my mind then help me. I am so so sad I cant take it dont really want to take my own life but feel like it so sad mentally. so worried about hubby dont let him hate me I know he understands let him understand and keep us in each others hearts and let him contact me please, please help me! thank you , thank God and the angels! pls HELP angels and appear to me too my guardian angel and spirit guide and tell me what to do I dont know anymore dont want to end up dead and I just might help me please, come to me, wrap me in your wings and help all get better and me feel better mentally physically and help with finances so i can survive, i really dont want to go on anymore, especially after today and this week and angels and God you know what happened. i call out out to you PLEASE come to me and help me please, and spirit guide come to me let me see and know you and the angels and God, PLEASE I am in a bad way I need to talk to hubby let him contact me please go to him and help him and tell him I love him and to contact me and to understand I am in not a right mind right now, and cant take the pain anymore. let him not be mad i did nothing wrong, we both made mistakes and we both are good people, please help me before something bad happens please! wish I could talk to sylvia I am in a bad way but cant afford her nor to wait the waiting list, I am afraid if not I will end up dead, so help me all angels, God adn spirit guide, tell me what is going on and with hubby and help me tell me what to do and save me please and appear to me please talk to me please I dont really want to die! am so afraid and scared, hubby understand and call me pls! thank you and love you all! this is literally life and death for me. I know many have problems too, but I cant take life anymore and need hubbys contact and mental physical and financial help and what should i do tell me how to rectify and if I made a mistake plese tell me and appear to me tell me what to do i need that so bad before something bad happens. sorry I wrote so much, forgive me God!

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