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When The Deceased Visits In A Dream
Dreaming of the Deceased Dreams, interpreting your bad dreams, learn what they mean!  Find out now FREE! Have you ever experienced dreams that seemed so real that you were shocked when you woke up to find out they were only dreams? This has happened to many people with dreams involving dead loved ones. They become so certain that they were genuinely visited by the dead.

Those who claim to have a psychic connection to the other side say it's possible to visit with, talk with, and even touch dead love ones in dreams. Thousands of people dream of dead loved ones that seem like actual visits.

There are many explanations for this type of phenomena. Many doctors would attribute it to a seizure or a bad meal. If you are seeing dead people in a dream it is not that normal. Even some psychics who interpret dreams would say that such a dream could bode that you may die soon as well.

Many psychiatrists and behaviorists would say that a dream of being visited by the dead only indicates how much you miss that deceased individual. The dream would be a form of resolving your sorrow psychologically while you are asleep. It is a way the psyche comforts itself – by conjuring up an image of the beloved individual.

Yet another theory is that the dead do not necessarily want to be invited back to the earthly realms, but they become concerned about our emotional state. We literally use our energies to pull beings trying to ascend to the heavenly realms into the earthly planes. If you are being visited in a dream by a dead relative, it may be because you have somehow pulled them back to earth by not being able to “let go.”

Many people have reported visits from the dead in dreams that become prophetic. There is, of course, no real scientific explanation for this except that you may have actually been contacted by the dead. Usually, these dreams predict big events like a death, a birth, or a great failure or success.

More than a few people have experienced dreams where the dead appear to be embracing them or comforting them. Once again, this may indeed be a spirit summoned back to keep you company through a tough time, or it may be a wish fulfilling type dream.

If you do dream of the deceased, you need to take into account that very few of these dreams are prophetic and that there is no need to panic about the future. Instead, try to decipher the dream to see if it holds any relevant message for you and take it from there.

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By sally, Wednesday, April 15, 2009 06:26:13 PM
when i was a teenager my grandfather harris would come in my dreams. he was always laying in a funeral home. he would sit up and we would talk about what was happening in my life. he would give me advise and usually what he told me to do helped. I miss our talks since they stopped but i know i will get to talk to him again.
By Kelly, Wednesday, April 15, 2009 01:34:10 PM
I had a dream of my Uncle Glenn, the night of his funeral. In my dream, myself and the entire family were at a park at night for a gathering of some sought. I was standing in a circle of cousins, close to a big oak tree, when my uncle walked into view by the tree, standing with his hands in his pockets and smiling. I said, "hey that's Uncle Glenn!", and we walked towards each other. I told him that he looked nice for his funeral. Then he told me something, but I could not hear what he was saying, I could just see his mouth moving. Then he walked away into the night. And I woke up. I later told my Nanny about the dream. She said that he was my Guardian Angel! Which I found to be very comforting, because my Dad died before I was born and all of my Uncles have stepped up to fill his shoes in being there to protect me in life! Uncle Glenn is just one more looking out for me from the other side!
By debra, Wednesday, April 15, 2009 01:07:39 AM
I was abused by my stepfather for yrs. ended up with him trying to abuse my daugter. I had him arressed and nothing happened to him he got away with it and my mother, because she chose him over us. it was 10 yrs we didn't speak and she lived on the next street from me. She passed in 1996. Since I spend alot of ttime with her in my dreams in many stuations most of wich she is protecting me. I have even woken up to feel her kissing me. I feel it is her way of healing my pain and making up for not protecting me when she was alive. We have spent more time together since she passes than when she was alive. I believe we are able to visit in an out of body when we are sleeping in a spiritual sence. I also can fly alot in my dreams and it is soo fun it feels so real sometimes I ALMOST BELIEVE I CAN REALLY FLY
By Sharon, Saturday, April 11, 2009 10:14:08 AM
I keep having a dream of my b/f coming to me and he is dressed up in my church smiling at me, and waiting for me to get there, then he came to me in a park it was a beautiful place and he was in his hospital gown and told me he was ok. and the other night he was somewhere and he keeps touching me in every dream like putting his arms around me always smileing.He didnt care who saw us and even family that didnt approve of our relationship. I know he cared about me, but did he truly love me deeply? And what is he telling me. he also came to my daughter in a dream in church. Telling her the same thing he told me he was so happy to see her andwas waiting for us to get to church. He was dressed in the same clothes at the church in a cowboy hat ,jeans,and western shirt. What is he telling us.Did he know I was against his family pulling the plug on him. Did he know I really loved him. He was in a car wreck and he was a paralized from neck down , and would he have regained some of his mobility he told me with his eyes he could feel me touching him if I asked him and i did hide and ask him which leg I was touching and he told me correctly. Did he really feel me touching him? But most of all I need to know did he really love me deeply and know I loved him.
By Joyce, Saturday, April 11, 2009 09:20:45 AM
I wish I could meet my dead loved ones more often than I do, it`s so easy to forget, the dreamworld keep the memories as well as the persons alive/j
By Francine Byas, Friday, April 10, 2009 08:40:07 AM
My name is Fran and I dream of a relative by marriage. In my dream my daughter had been kidnapped, and of course I was running around trying to find her in my dream but he deceased person showed no emotion. To her it was like nothing ever happened. She did not seem to care that my child was missing.
By stephanie, Thursday, April 09, 2009 11:22:04 PM
Hello, my father passed away when i was 18 from cancer of the throat. a year later I was pregnant and found out that my baby had a birth deffect...It was too late to terminate so I had to go full term with my child who was suppose to die at birth. I was so depressed and completely devasted...I wanted to die. I missed my dad so much and couldnt believe this was happening to me. One night my dad came to me in a dream, I could smell his calogne, hear his voice see him perfectly the way he was before cancer to its toll on him. he hugged me and told me not to miss him so much, he said I had a baby that needs me now and that he was always with me. I cried and told him how can you tell me not to miss u ur my dad, I cant see you, feel you, hear you! He said I know..I know but Im always with you and then I woke up..My uncle passed away during my pregnancy. I was the only one sleeping since everyone was at the hospital with him. I had a dream where he came to me and told me to tell my mother *his sister* not to worry, that he was fine and that he hadnt felt that good in years! He had a heart attack and heart transplant 6 years before and was constantly in and out of the hospital because of it..Then my baby was born and she passed away at 6 months old wich is a miracle for her case They said she wouldnt make it past birth.. Lord knows how many dreams i had of her and then they just stopped...when they did i had a dream where I was on a mountian Crying her name and then i was in the desert balled up crying for her. I havent seen her since. Then I got pregnant with my second child and my father came to me again he told me I was going to have a girl...6 weeks later I found out I was having a girl and she is very healthy...I havent seen any of my family members since... Even though I miss them terribly. Do you think they have all moved on?? Thanks for letting me share
By brenda, Thursday, April 09, 2009 01:58:44 PM
By susan, Saturday, April 04, 2009 02:07:01 PM
MY NAME IS SUSAN,ANS I am still having dreams of my parents my mother name was Mary and she passed away in MARCH 2006 # do to CANCER, OF THE BLADDER, it was very hard on me and my family, to have had to watch our mother's health go from a health woman in 2003 till and 2004,she was ok until the cancer was found in 2005 and2006 she was gone, I, write about her and I ALSO WRITE POETRY ,SHE WAS MORE THAN MY MOTHER SHE WAS ALSO MY BEST FRIEND, MY DREAMS ARE MOSTLY JUST HAPPY DREAMS, BUT SOMEDAY'S WHEN I WAKE UP I WANT TO CRY FOR HER,
By Carla, Monday, March 30, 2009 11:14:27 AM
When I was sixteen years of age, my best friend was spending the night with me. We went to bed after our "slumber party." I woke up because my bed room was so cold. I looked up at the windows to see if they were open. This was not the case at all. My friend, Diane had her Grandmother living in their house. I saw her grandmother floating over us. Her face and hair were just as I always remembered her. She did not have a body - just this beautiful illuminating floating self passing over our heads. She made me feel so comfortable. Not speaking, I knew her conveance was telling me "It's allright child, go back to sleep." The following morning Diane and I learned that her Grandmother had passed over in the middle of the night. I felt that she wanted to see Diane before leaving the Earth.

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