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John McCain: Astrology of a Presidential Candidate
Republic Presidential Candidate John McCain's Horoscope and Astrology Chart John McCain has an almost perfect triad of planets for a world leader. He was born August 29, 1936 in Canal zone, Panama. His Sun is in sensible Virgo, his moon is in practical Capricorn, and his ascendant (or rising sign as it is also sometimes known) is in fair-minded Libra. Put together, this makes an individual that is a bit cold, but would take care to always make the right decision. This is because in these key astrological positions, he has planetary positions that signify someone who is careful, thoughtful, and makes decisions devoid of emotions or prejudices whenever he can.

Virgos make good leaders because they tend to be honest and humble. They are also humble, efficient and notorious for just getting the job done. As President, he is likely to be a stickler for detail and he will keep his staff in line. He also deals in nothing but facts.  There will be no conjectures, suppositions or lies in this administration. Virgos like to get to the bottom of a matter. However, he is also likely to be as hard on himself, as Virgos tend to be a little self-critical.

The drawback of being a Virgo is that sometimes others see you as a little dull, dogmatic or stuffy. You are so helpful and so busy that others will take advantage of you. Some, including the nightly talk show hosts, may see him as being a bit too serious.

He might also have a tendency to focus on the flaws in things rather on the positive, but this comes out of the Virgo compulsion to fix things. There is no doubt that an administration run under McCain will be run fairly and with as little corruption as possible.

That moon in Capricorn also denotes a workaholic, and also someone who is not afraid to take the weight of the world on his shoulders. This is an individual who is not afraid to try and solve problems such as poverty. This is also a very humble placement and he may not often show how much he cares or his deeper emotions to prevent others from perceiving him as being out of control.

This Capricorn moon also probably is what allowed him to survive his trials as a POW.  Rather than cause a crack in his character, this horrible experience probably served to strengthen his character instead.

His sun also trines Uranus. This means that he is not afraid to explore new solutions and ideas and put them into action. He is not as conservative as he seems and does not fear implementing changes.

His Libra ascendant makes him a natural diplomat. This is a reasonable, tolerant and fair individual. He will always agree to disagree, rather than got to war.  He will excel at maintaining harmonious relationships with other countries and world leader. Cooperation, fairness and friendliness are high on his list of values and he could help restore the maligned reputation of the United States.

Donna West is a professional writer and researcher on psychics and astrology.


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By jose, Monday, November 03, 2008 08:31:41 PM
i think the that a high percentage of [white americans] are a bit apprehencive,paranoid of the U.S. having an african american as is evident because SENETOR OBAMA has gotten death treaths. apparently america is not ready for a black president. why not give this man a chance, what do we have to lose. i for one cannot afford 4 more yrs. of the same old thing.[bushecconomics] chino tampa,fl.
By Valerie, Monday, November 03, 2008 08:20:17 PM
Those of you who say you haven't heard anything about Obama's background must be living under a rock. There is plenty of information out there about his background. What you don't hear much about is McCain's background.
By Valerie, Monday, November 03, 2008 08:11:37 PM
I agree with Scott. It's obvious to me that Donna West is promoting the Republican candidates from the astrological profiles she's presented on this Web site. They are profiles that have run before, too. I find it interesting that she has run the McCain one the day before the election. Her judgment of character and her psychic or astrological abilities are questionable. I recommend she read the Rolling Stone article on McCain's life. He does not come off as the "leader" her reading makes him out to be. The only reason he didn't get tossed out of the Naval Academy is because of who his father and grandfather were. I find it ironic that people took such umbrage over Clinton's sorry interlude with Monica Lewinsky (who was not such an innocent) but think McCain is just fine. McCain has been a party animal and womanizer since his earliest years. He abandoned his first wife who became an invalid because of a serious car accident and married a much younger rich woman (seven house and 13 cars). So much for loyalty. I sympathize with all POW's. They deseve every honor and respect from the rest of us for what they endured. However, the article points out that McCain ended up getting medical care instead of just being left to heal or die on his own because he told them who his father was. This made him a good bargaining chip. The military know that they are only to give their name, rank, and serial number. In addition, when he was in training, he crashed a military plane. Rarely are pilots who do this given the opportunity to pilot again. McCain is the spoiled, renegade "darling" of an honorable military family and now lives among the wealthy. He has no idea what it's like to be a middle class citizen. And he's voted against bills that would help our veterans to get the right medical help and the opportunity to benefit from a G.I. bill their WWII grandparents enjoyed. McCain cares only for the wealthy as is obvious from his medical insurance proposal and tax policies. During his whole campaign he (and Palin, too) have exercised the tactics of hate mongering. He hasn't been able to muster much support from intelligent, respectable Republicans. Perhaps they don't want the White House right now. Palin was seen having a lengthy, lively conversation with Dick Cheney at a dinner during the Governors Conference last February. And she has referred to Cheney as her mentor. Perhaps she's being groomed for 2012? If McCain wins and runs the country the way he's run his campaign, we middle class better start looking for another country because the country we love will no longer exist. I also resent the stereotyping of the middle class as Joe Six-Pack--are they calling us drunks?Joe the Plumber? I said he was an opportunist when he first opened his mouth and it certainly proved true. He's no more representative of the working man and the middle class than Marie Antoinette. Give me a president I can be proud of, someone who seeks to unite us, not divide us by fear in order to control us. It's about time we had a president who can speak proper English, actually has a brain and the wisdom to seek solid information and advice in making decisions. Obama is a man I can trust, and I've already voted for him.
By Sandy, Monday, November 03, 2008 12:35:45 PM
I am a Virgo with a Libra Ascendant and I have studied astrology for years. I am voting for Obama. Looking at McCain's choice of Vice President, it is clear that he thinks without thinking, and makes mistake because he is too trusting. I have made choices all my life, intending to do the "right" things and "taking in: people" because I have trusted they will keep their end up...McCain is a fine man, but Obama has statesmanship, leadership and our country needs a bath of fresh air. What happened to the "Land of the Free?-"Save our Animals" I don't want 2 pit bulls for President and VP. Sandy
By Sylvia, Monday, November 03, 2008 12:21:01 PM
Who ever posted these remarks I agree with you and I am re-posting this one. I have read them all and I must say I am truly disappointed in we the people, How are we ever going to have peace in our would??????????? How about doing the horoscope for the United States? Bush has borrowed $1.3 trillion from Communist China to fund the War in Iraq according to Sen James Webb. Is there anyone alive on the planet today that will see that debt paid off? Freedom isn't free. Trickle down economics has not worked for the good health of our country. Even with health insurance, this DOUBLE digit inflation means I can't afford my co-pay and deductible. Wall Street rewards GREED and GREED is rampant in American business today. No loyalty to the American worker. No sharing of the wealth in today's American spirit. Make money at any cost even if people have to lose their homes! Presidents in the past 30 years have been all about POWER, not Democracy. The next president that actually tries to FIX THIS MESS will probably end up like Pres. Kennedy. The American voter isn't guaranteed that his vote counts! How can we get rid of political parties and just vote for sincere people!!!
By Barbara, Monday, November 03, 2008 11:58:31 AM
Our lives are already predestend. Have faith that God will see us through, no matter who wins the election. I have this gut feeling that Obama is not right for America. But I put my faith in God, And pray the right one will prevail. And he will guide him in the right direction. Barbara of Tennessee
By SANDY, Monday, November 03, 2008 11:46:11 AM
This is so unfair all the babble you have spoken.What do you do make this stuff up yourself. What about the crippled wife he left behind,who waited for him and stood by him. He leaves her and his kids for a fashion plate and a rich one to boot!! We did not like it when the others did it. It tells you what kind of person he is. What if he makes a choice with his HOT temper!! I did not like him from the start.Like the person who said she did not like Obama from start I had the same feeling about McCain. Do you want another 8 years like the last, you people who would make your decision by this sight are NUTS!!!
By Tonia, Monday, November 03, 2008 11:42:02 AM
I do not understand why Obama doesn't place his hand on his heart during the National Anthem. What does that say about any livivng being, no matter what his color, shape or size? Nothing has been said in the "non bias" media, yeah right, about Obamas homeless brother. Cindy McCain comes from a wealthy background. Is it her fault that her parents made something of themselves? Stop holding that against her. Is it to much to ask that Americans know the background of the next President of the United States without being called prejudice? How can raising taxes help this country right now?
By Tonia, Monday, November 03, 2008 11:23:24 AM
Congress runs the country, not the President. Congress has been majority ruled by Democrats. John McCain has earned the right to lead this country.He is honest and he will put this countrys safety first. How can anyone say that McCain isn't honest. Can you look back on Obamas background and tell me honesty that there isn't any doubt in your mind that what he says is true? As I read through these comments it is obvious who the prejudice voters are. Its not going to take long for the Obama voters to regret their decision. Barbara, you have no right to insult anyones opinion just because you have had bad advice from psychics in the past ( you should stay away from carnival psychics).All you people screaming "prejudice", maybe your the ones who are prejudice. Its going to come back and bite you in the a==! You think you can get something for nothing, and take it from the hard working Americans, black or white.Republicans are not scared for the country because Obama is black. It is because Obama is not qualified to get this country through war. Why do you think that 80% of the foreign leaders want Obama for President? McCain is more qualified. Obama could not even keep a simple little promise and run his campaign on a budget. When he needed more money, he took more money. Do you honestly think he can keep Washington on a budget? If Obama wins and the country goes to h===, atleast history was made, right? I can't believe that there is so many ignorant people out there and your comments prove who you are.
By Laura, Monday, November 03, 2008 09:31:24 AM
Obama's background should be studied but for some reason every time something comes up it is shut up. He is going to be the next President and no one knows anything about this guy....or his known affiliations with many radical figures. I thank you Donna for giving the astrological charts on each individual that is running for the Presidential office, they are very insightful. I will say it again, I have a very bad feeling about Obama since he first appeared out of nowhere and still do. First instincts (gut feeling), you know what they say about does come from a higher knowledge. Makes me think of "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing." I can only pray that America has not made a Very Big Mistake on Nov. 4th

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