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John McCain: Astrology of a Presidential Candidate
Republic Presidential Candidate John McCain's Horoscope and Astrology Chart John McCain has an almost perfect triad of planets for a world leader. He was born August 29, 1936 in Canal zone, Panama. His Sun is in sensible Virgo, his moon is in practical Capricorn, and his ascendant (or rising sign as it is also sometimes known) is in fair-minded Libra. Put together, this makes an individual that is a bit cold, but would take care to always make the right decision. This is because in these key astrological positions, he has planetary positions that signify someone who is careful, thoughtful, and makes decisions devoid of emotions or prejudices whenever he can.

Virgos make good leaders because they tend to be honest and humble. They are also humble, efficient and notorious for just getting the job done. As President, he is likely to be a stickler for detail and he will keep his staff in line. He also deals in nothing but facts.  There will be no conjectures, suppositions or lies in this administration. Virgos like to get to the bottom of a matter. However, he is also likely to be as hard on himself, as Virgos tend to be a little self-critical.

The drawback of being a Virgo is that sometimes others see you as a little dull, dogmatic or stuffy. You are so helpful and so busy that others will take advantage of you. Some, including the nightly talk show hosts, may see him as being a bit too serious.

He might also have a tendency to focus on the flaws in things rather on the positive, but this comes out of the Virgo compulsion to fix things. There is no doubt that an administration run under McCain will be run fairly and with as little corruption as possible.

That moon in Capricorn also denotes a workaholic, and also someone who is not afraid to take the weight of the world on his shoulders. This is an individual who is not afraid to try and solve problems such as poverty. This is also a very humble placement and he may not often show how much he cares or his deeper emotions to prevent others from perceiving him as being out of control.

This Capricorn moon also probably is what allowed him to survive his trials as a POW.  Rather than cause a crack in his character, this horrible experience probably served to strengthen his character instead.

His sun also trines Uranus. This means that he is not afraid to explore new solutions and ideas and put them into action. He is not as conservative as he seems and does not fear implementing changes.

His Libra ascendant makes him a natural diplomat. This is a reasonable, tolerant and fair individual. He will always agree to disagree, rather than got to war.  He will excel at maintaining harmonious relationships with other countries and world leader. Cooperation, fairness and friendliness are high on his list of values and he could help restore the maligned reputation of the United States.

Donna West is a professional writer and researcher on psychics and astrology.


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By peggy, Friday, October 31, 2008 01:40:00 PM
why don't you trust Obama. is it cuz he is calm & collected and actually listening rather than being all google wide eyed and making sarcastic gestures which to me showed a very inconsiderate selfish person McCain is. Are a lot of u just putting spins on this respect for the USA and National Anthem thing? He said he doesn't like war - me neither but i will stand and respect this country's song where it may be played, but i don't always put my hand over my heart either. What about the supposed great freedom of religion here in the USA and then you chastise Obama for his religion. I would say I show respect for our country & flag, my father bless him was a WWII veteran and I am damn proud of it & him - however a lot of americans have become quite disrespectful with a me first attitude and frankly i am sick of that. Personally anyone who doesn't know or remember how many house's and cars he owns - is hiding something and i'm sick of that too - thats why econo is crashing cuz of all this "hiding" and degreg crap.
By Betty1, Thursday, October 30, 2008 09:57:31 AM
I think McCain would make a great leader for our country. I have sturied the canidates and feel he is best for this country. His running mate Sarah has got a raw deal from late night shows.
By Betty1, Thursday, October 30, 2008 09:55:14 AM
By Sara, Wednesday, October 29, 2008 09:43:46 PM
I can see that quite a few of you watch only the liberal media. Every canidate makes promises that they never keep. When a canidates platform deals in socialism, you need to watch out. McCain was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Does anyone ever read anymore. Look to the canidates past, this always tells a more honest side of the individual. When they run for president they are trying to win the election, and will say anything. McCain in my opinion is not showing his true self. He is a great man!!! If McCain wanted to win, he could lie and say that he was for abortion, but he sticks to his beliefs, and you have to respect that.
By Bonnie, Wednesday, October 29, 2008 08:12:31 PM
I fear for McCain's health. I wish more space had been dedicated to that. I also do not want 4/8 years of militaristic tactics. Whether we are in active war, as we are right now, or in a "cold" war, I am just weary of all of the lives being lost. I totally admire McCain, and give him his due. But, I want our citizen's needs to be given a look. I am 68 years old - and the last 8 years has been a nightmare instead of a dream! I simply can't vote for the same type leadership. 90% Bushism is too much for me.
By Marian, Saturday, October 25, 2008 10:17:47 PM
My, how well you portray McCain after making the Obamas and Bidens villains. McCain is wishy-washy, hard headed,and could die from a heart attack. He makes decisions without asking for a consensus, a maverick. He made bad decisions in the past, including picking Palin, as his VP choice. Sylvia was correct, this country would go through hell if we had a female President especially if she was going through PMS. Sarah has proved herself to be moody and hardheaded. If McCain dies, and were left with Sarah in the Oval Office. What will we do if she got that 3 am call. We might call these days with Bush, the good ole' days. Bombs coming at us from Korea and all!!!
By Sieglinde, Friday, October 24, 2008 01:18:49 PM
Well we can see were you are coming from. I do not see that in him at all.He is no better tehn what we had in leadership. No caring for the People who are in need and strugeling why should he he has enough.He was born with a spoon in his mouth and dose not care. So i would never wote for him I can see through his fonnyness. Sarah is not any better.
By Sieglinde, Friday, October 24, 2008 01:14:56 PM
By Diane, Friday, October 24, 2008 10:45:24 AM
Let me guess... Donna is a McCain supporter. You couldn't tell by the information (negative, more detailed) she posted on Michelle and Barrack Obama, and the other postings for both Palin and McCain. In her position of interpretting astrology, wouldn't she do better to be more neutral, and make sure to post both the good and bad for all 4 people? Just a thought.....
By Laurie Ann, Sunday, October 19, 2008 02:31:31 AM
Sylvia said SOME TIME after 2008 a President will die in office of a heart attack. That could be a long time after 2008. Also she goes on to say that the the vice pres. will be assassinated and indicates that it will be a he as in male. Read carefully. Sylvia Brownes Prophecy, pg. 133. This would indicate VP Biden or even the next term of 2012?? Even so, dont forget the laws of probability and that Sylvia is not always 100% Whether or not McCain gets elected, I will never vote for 4 more years for Republican Pres. when we have a Democratic Congress. Nothing will get done. We are in a mess people! I do not agree with you at all Donna West. You did not even touch on any negatives about McCain. Pretty obvious who you are for isnt it??

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