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The Sixth and Seventh Levels: Adulthood and Old Age
Adulthood and Old Age by Sylvia Browne Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures by Sylvia Browne

Adulthood and old age blend into each other. In face, we find that many of the levels of Earthly life merge together before they become more defined and singular. Several of the traits and problems that would seem to be indigenous to a certain level can also be carried over to another level…that’s just life as we know it to be.

So, in adulthood, we have our careers and relationships; and we begin to get into insurance, credit, the IRS, buying a house, and the inevitable bills too. This level also tends to be where we start raising a family. We used to just do the best we could by talking to our kids; disciplining them; praising them; spiritually teaching them, and, of course, proving food, clothing, and shelter. Now we have thousands of books to tell us what to do and what not to do, or what we shouldn’t have done and how we can rectify it. Not that this is wrong…but if we’re caring, loving parents and become role models, that’s the end of it.

My chart led me into teaching, spirituality, the psychic arts and writing. Could I have tried to do something else for a time? Of course, but my chart would have kicked me back on the course I’d already written for myself. The one thing that I should explain in greater detail is that no matter what path you take, your chart will win out. (It also bears mentioning here that Mother God can intercept your chart, for She is the miracle worker. I’m sure that miracles can be preordained to a certain extend without disturbing the ripple of destiny, but She is known as the Great Interceptor. Most of my study groups, congregations, and ministers pray to God, angels and even our loved ones; but when we need something in particular, we petition Her. This just shows that there can be lateral movement in our charts without interrupting the major tapestry of our life.)

Sometimes I believe that on the Other Side we “bite off more than we can chew,” as the old saying goes. It seems that when we’re Home, we’re in such a state of bliss that we simply pick more than we can handle on Earth. Even though our guides and the Council (advanced entities on the Other Side who advise us) may try to dissuade us, my spirit guide Francine says that more times than not, we feel that we know better…only to yell uncle when we get here. It’s like being in college, when we come in all gung ho and want to take every course imaginable. Then after the grind, the homework, the professors, the other students, and the living conditions set in, we wonder where our mind was! But in order to advance our souls, we have to bit the proverbial bullet and go through it.

So many of you will rightfully ask, “What in the hell was I thinking about? Was I just crazy or drugged to picked all this heartache and pain?” No, you were in full consciousness; after viewing you past lives and making up your chart, you took on this life to perfect. Think about it – if things were easy, where would the learning be, and how would your soul expand? So be good to yourself and realize that you had the courage to come to this hellhole and expand your knowledge.

Francine says that for every negativity that we go through, big or small, our spirit guides can view our souls expanding. We can bitch about it, but we’re going to go through it – and that alone will elevate us. Each thing we go through, whether we realist it at this time or not, does not make us stronger. It’s also really okay to say to God, “Enough is enough,” for that won’t take away the learning. Like I’ve said, you can’t change your chart, but you can shorten or modify it. It’s like finishing college in three years instead of four – you still did it, but you were able to give yourself a type of reprieve.

The final stages of life on Earth can actually be the most difficult (although I certainly don’t mean to disregard all of the hardships we’ve experienced on the other levels). It’s like Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol, when the Ghost of Christmas Past came to show Ebenezer Scrooge his life in a montage of what he’d reaped or sown.

On this level, financial challenges become more apparent and even frightening. Do we retire or do we keep on going to work? Retirement is great if we have something of interest to do or a long-awaited passion that we can indulge in. If it makes us money, all the better, but if all our needs are met, that is truly bliss.

If a husband dies and leave the wife with very little cash (or illness has eaten up any kind of savings), this can be a scary scenario, just as if we retire early and don’t have enough to live on. The idea of depending on our children is repugnant to most of us, as is the very real possibility of losing our independence.

As we near the end of our lives, we start thinking about our legacy – where will our money go and who deserves it? Will there be bickering over what we have (or what the family thinks we have)? If we’re smart, it isn’t morbid to make a will early on in adulthood. We can always add to or subtract from it later on, add a codicil, or even change it completely. Trust funds are also good, especially for grandchildren, as the money can mature and then be withdrawn for college or whatever is needed.

It makes me crazy when people get down on themselves and say that all they’ve done is live, work, and take care of their loved ones. To survive each level of live is a big job, and we do the best we can. And who would trade in hearing a baby’s laugh, holding a puppy or a loved one’s hand, or seeing the face of a beloved friend?

Every one of us has to go through tough times, but we must find our passion and joy and not sweat the small stuff or worry about things that won’t happen. We have to remember that when we go Home to the Other Side, this Earthly life will have been like a dream – some of it bad, some good – but we’ll have graduated, and that truly and simply is what it’s all about. So let’s keep on with our journey and know that we’re in it together, just as we all meet up together in God’s beautiful domain. 

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Catherine, Wednesday, October 28, 2009 03:51:34 AM
SYLVIA!!! I IMPLORE YOU - whoever puts these articles on the web needs to do some proofreading. Just read the paragraph I copied for you to see from the above article - closely, please!: Francine says that for every negativity that we go through, big or small, our spirit guides can view our souls expanding. We can bitch about it, but we’re going to go through it – and that alone will elevate us. Each thing we go through, whether we realist it at this time or not, does not make us stronger. There are others in the article as well. I'm available if you would like to hire me~
By Catherine, Wednesday, October 28, 2009 03:42:10 AM
SYLVIA!!! I IMPLORE YOU - whoever puts these articles on the web needs to do some proofreading. Just read the paragraph I copied for you to see from the above article - closely, please!: Francine says that for every negativity that we go through, big or small, our spirit guides can view our souls expanding. We can bitch about it, but we’re going to go through it – and that alone will elevate us. Each thing we go through, whether we realist it at this time or not, does not make us stronger. There are others in the article as well. I'm available if you would like to hire me~
By Remy, Saturday, September 26, 2009 07:20:16 AM
By christine, Sunday, June 21, 2009 10:47:21 AM
i am going through a hard period in my sister has lung cancer and she will be with father and mother god soon.I have learned so much taking care of her .syliva thank you .i have embraced father and mother god and i feel them and my crossed loved ones ,and my guide every day and every night they are seeing me through this.hard time but it is worth all the pain i think i am an experancer.
By Lisa, Monday, June 01, 2009 11:28:42 PM
We are here to learn and to teach. I knew this...somehow...before I ever knew you existed. Thank you so much for your words of affirmation. They somehow make getting through life a little more bearable. Question, tho...How many "life" spans do we have? Do our spirits just keep going until they've learned what they were supposed to? I'll tell ya...I don't believe I want to come back here. Not because MY life has been so awful, because praise God, thank Jesus, it sure hasn't. But there is so much damn pain all around and makes my heart so incredibly sad:(.
By Derrick, Saturday, May 30, 2009 01:14:51 AM
I can tell Im getting older my snoring is louder especially after a Guinness Beer. God Bless. ZZZZZZZZZZZ!
By Cindy, Friday, May 29, 2009 02:51:56 PM
Im not gonna write a novel. All I have to say is you are the best and I only trust your insight. Keep going, and God bless you :)
By Marcelle, Wednesday, May 27, 2009 12:59:55 PM
Hi Sylvia and please say hi to your husband and Chris, Sylvia, you are so gifited and kind to share it all with you every one and Chris is so lucky to have you for a Mother, he is a chip off the block and quite handsome if I must say so. We took care of my Mother for three years, even though we love to travel, we went just twice a year or some times, once. My Mom knew this and we told her not to worry, I have a brother who helped us when we did travel, he and his wife would take her for the time we were gone although she never liked to move back and forth even though it was just a few minutes, she was just a one house person. As time went on, she decided to move in with my brother and that hurt me, she did it so we could do 'our thing' which as I said only one to two weeks a year. She was 98 when she passed away and it was at my broghers home we all gathered there for her last days. We talked to her, held her hand and as hospic said, let her know it is ok for her to go home. We did just that and told her it was her time to rest and be happy, told her she did her job and did it well, now it was her time. This was aprox. five years ago and it still hurts me, I feel as though I let her down. Now we took in my husbands Mom three years ago, and his sister-in-law helped out as did our daughter Robin. Although it got to the point where we could no longer care for her, so she is in a very good Nursing Home just around the corner from us. We go and see her every day and take her home Sundays where it is quite difficult to get her in and our of a car. She has Alzymers and bent over real bad. Our other daughter is quite busy with her own family, so we see her on birthday, Mothers and Fathers day, and Christmas, or if we take the grand-children camping a few time a year. Sylvia, I hate to repeat my self, however I was never lucky enough to be chosen during you web cas, I was hoping you could answer a few questions for me about our daughter Robin who is 37 this up coming September, is she with the right young man, if so, when will they marry, if not, could you please tell me who is the right one and if she will ever marry and when. I remember Chris always could give a name, if he could be so kind to do so, I would greatly appreciate it. I am most likely asking way too much and I am sorry. For myself, could you give me the name of my spirit guide and my animal? I don't always get a chance to get on line where this is my husbands work computer, there for when I do, every thing I get into is out dated. Well, I think I said more than my share, so I will close now. Take care, Marcy
By Deborah, Tuesday, May 26, 2009 09:17:50 PM
My how life lessons do come whether we want them to or not. My husband of 40 years died last March and my life has changed drastically, but my deep and abiding love for God, myself and all of us gets me thru this time. I observed such beauty of spirit all thru this time. My family has grown closer , friends have come thru for me and love has been shared in so many ways. Yes, I miss my husband, my life partner, terribly ( he was in an accident and never regained conciousness for 23 days before he passed) , but I have grown thru this experience. I married at the age of 19, left my parents home to live with my husband and never lived alone. I used to hate if my husband left me overnight because I was afraid of every unknown sound, but I have found that I am no longer afraid to be alone at night. I have a wonderful dog who is my closest companian and I have my guardian angels as well as my guides and my soulmate, and I never feel alone. Sylvia is right about Mother and Father God talking to you if you learn to listen. All thru my life I talked to God about everything, especially when I felt I could talk to no other about some things. But now I hear an answer in my mind sometimes. It is the most amazingly wonderful experience a person can have, I believe. You feel so very loved when God talks to you. God never promised us that life would be easy, but God did promise that you would always have help and it is true, even in the deepest grief, God will provide for you. May all of you who grieve be given the grace that I have been given. My life has not been easy. It has had it's ups and it's downs, but I know that I live in God's grace and that we all have access to this if we just allow ourselves to believe. In the most unhappy of circumstances, we can find peace if we allow it. God bless you, any who read this and find truth in my words. God bless you as well, Sylvia, if you do possibly read these comments. Deborah of El Dorado, CA.
By Heather, Monday, May 25, 2009 12:44:25 AM
Sylvia...This is a wonderful article. Your writings affirmed so much of what I knew all along in my heart from birth. I work with the elderly at a small nursing home and I truly believe that these souls still have so much to offer and I feel I am their on earth angel. I am around a lot of people before they die. I feel so honoured to have the priveledge of that. 1 little smile can make such a difference. A simple touch on the shoulder can make someone feel so understood. I never second guess my devotions. I am currently making my way in life with 2 professions that are deep loves of mine. I am a singer for a rock cover band as well and I sing for the elderly too they love it! Anyways as long as people stay inside with their windows closed and watch the clock we are doomed to let our beautiful timed existance pass by without having accomplished our purpose too many things distract us...but I keep on trying to give out unconditional love to everyone and make some use of the TIME that I have. XOXO nite nite for now. HALO

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