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Angels Question And Answer
Ask The Angels - Questions Answered angels, psychic, psychics, find a free psychic, online psychic, find a online psychic free!  Live psychics, psychic medium, psychic predictions, ask now free! Why should I ask God and the angels for things? I really expect them to already know what I need and want!

When you ask God and the angels for assistance, it is like offering an invitation to go to work for your benefit. We all have free will to make decisions and we know that people make good choicesand they make not so good choices too. Asking for help is you making a choice to invite God and the angels into your life.


I feel funny asking for a job, a car or a house. Is it okay to ask the angels for things I want or need?

The angels truly love you and it is always okay to ask for something for yourselfwhen you do it in a pure and loving way. By asking for the things you need, you are asking for the assistance that you need. The job supports you and your family, the car gets you where you are going and the house shelters your family. These are all good things to ask for.

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Why would the angels want to listen to me? Im not anyone special.

The angels are always there for you and they love youjust as you are today right now. You dont have to be someone special or important to have the angels listen to you. Call on the angels whenever you need them, and they will be right by your side before you know it!


But if I ask the angels for help, then what happens if I get too many good things in my life?

Wouldnt that be a wonderful thing to happen? If the angels give you so much, then you could be generous and be helpful to those you know that have little or even have nothing. When the angels listen to you and help you, this is something good. Please be happy that the angels have helped you.


Well I asked the angels for what I thought I wantedbut then I got it and it turns out that I really didnt want that, so whats next?

This experience is actually a sign of your own personal  growth and development. This may be a little confusing at first, but it is an accomplishment to be proud of. You are not focused on having something at all. Please know that what you wanted will go to the right person at the right  time, the angels will deliver it appropriately.


When I ask the angels for somethinghow detailed does my request need to be?

In your prayers and positive energy of asking, you create love and pure intention. This positive energy is more important than cataloging a list of minute details. Be as specific as you need to be, but trust the angels will bring you what you need and what you want. Angels always know!


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Can I help my friends and family by asking the angels to help them?

You can always ask the angels to protect and guide your friends and family. Call upon the angels anytime, day or night. But please also know that the angels work with your friends and family directly to assist them. Your good thoughts can only be helpful in sending angels to their aid.


Are we worshipping angels by paying attention to them like this?

The word angel means messenger of God. So angels come from God. Even if you attempted to worship an angel, your prayerful thoughts to the angel would go straight to Gods ears.


What should I ask the angels for? I dont know what to ask for.

You can always ask the angels for guidance, that is an important thing to ask for. Angels protect and guide us day and night. Asking for either protection or guidance can be very helpful.


Why do we have angels?

Angels are here to help us through our daily lives. They exist to protect and guide us at all times. You can call upon an angel for assistance with any matter that concerns your heart. 

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By carol, Thursday, September 03, 2009 12:57:17 PM
Dear angel Give me guidance to what kind of job I should get.I do not know what I am good at.I have no sense of direction. All I want is a place to call my own so I dont have to move again and again.
By tom, Tuesday, August 18, 2009 12:49:17 PM
I enjoy reading about angels. What a comfort and joy to know that angels are listening!
By Lesley-Jean, Monday, August 10, 2009 12:35:04 PM
To those praying to Angels for healing, that is great but you should be praying to God, and He will send His angels to you. You can pray to the Angels of Christ, and they will always hear you but too often we forget, I am guilty of it too, that they work for God, Jesus, is the way too Him. We must not forget that, and become dependent on praying only to Angels, remember who the Angels work for.
By Pat, Thursday, August 06, 2009 11:26:56 AM
Sylvia, I am not sure you will read this as I do know how very busy you are. After reading some of the comments I feel almost ashamed in asking a question. Maybe I'll just ask for your prayers for my grandson Patrick, 20 years old and doesn't even have a direction, been in trouble with the law, smokes pot and is the father of one. Please pray that he will get his act together and be the responsible, productive person I know he can be. Also, if not too much to ask would you please say a prayer for my friend Cathy and Gary. They lost their youngest daughter two years ago in a car accident and still have not been able to deal with it. When I call it is so hard for me to hear her hurt and not be able to help that I find myself not calling as much as I would like to. Thank you.
By tina, Wednesday, August 05, 2009 01:07:12 PM
I asked and ask once again that the angels will bring forth healing to me and my family and that my pain and illnesses will go away.I have learned a lot from this experience and i am ready for the next chapter in my life PLEASE hear my prayer as i am at my ends wit and to the extreme of of ending it PLEASE PLEASE 10 years is to long to feel sick and unhappy and the time..god bless
By Tracy, Monday, August 03, 2009 02:09:04 AM
Hello Sylvia, hi all. Thank you Sue and Mrs. N. for the encouragement. I cried when I first read your advise and I'm not quite sure it was for me or another Tracy, but it seemed to be. Things are still the same with me, although I still talk to God, the angels, my spririt guide and my family on the other side, which I just lost my only brother on 7/26/09 (a week ago today) and it just adds to my pain.. He was undergoing open-heart surgery to have his heart valve replaced and a bypass, however, there were complications and he didn't make it. After what was only to be a 3 hour surgery turned out to be 10 hours and there were alot of complications so the surgeon wanted to give his heart & body a 24 hour rest to see if he'd get stronger so they can close his chest incision up. He was out the entire time, thank goodness, but he wasn't getting any better,his kidneys and liver were shut down and the surgeon called a family meeting. We had to let him go. After the family,myself and my 2 boys said our goodbyes,I told the nurse I didn't want him to feel anything at all when they unplug all the machines,even if he was still heavily under the anesthesia or asleep, what if he could feel everything or suffocate but we wouldn't know it because he can't move or open his eyes? So She gave him a shot of morphine...just in case. And I stayed with him the entire time- I just didn't want to leave him. Because they say the hearing is the last to go, I told him to go to the light and to go with mom (we lost our mom 19 yrs ago)that he didn't have to worry about bills anymore or suffer anymore. I keep asking him if he made the transition smoothly and if he's with our mom but I don't get an answer. My pain feels like it's magnified with losing my brother just like when we lost our mom. I was only 24 then. And my boys are teenagers now and I'm having to deal with these teenage years by myself because my ex husband doesn't back me up as far as disiplining them. He can be in the same room and hear the boys be disrespectful to me and he won't tell them anything. They've seen how he's talked disrespectfully to me in the past and think it's ok and it's not- so I'm fighting a losing battle in that department too. He was the "Disneyland" parent when they were little, and he's still the "Disneyland" parent now. He still lives at home with his mom so he doesn't have that extra 700.00 a month rent, so naturally he can buy them the "fun" things- I can bareley keep a roof over our head. He has health & dental insurance for them now and he's the greatest for it. I've had them on my health ins. since day 1, been the one to take them to emergency for broken arms, or fevers in the middle of the night, missed work, being home with them while they were sick, taking off work to pick them up because they were sick or got in trouble at school, daycare, etc. But that doesn't matter..I'm the "mean, nagging" mom because I'm on them to do their chores, which is keep the trash dumped, clean up after themselves, empty/run the dishwasher and laundry. I do the house work. I can't always pay them & they keep throwing in my face that I need to pay them allowance all the time. Most of their friends come from a two-income home- I'm only 1-income home. I can't compete with that. And they never have a kind word to say to me. And yes, I have always taught them to have good maners and morals(they show it with everyone else, just not to me) and I just don't get it. What happened to all I've tried to teach them? And that leads me back to the same reason why I'm so depressed and feel rejected. I just keep getting hit with negativity from my boys and rejection and no kind of interest from men. My friends get noticed and meet men,get asked out on dates and to dinner. I don't. I just keep getting bypassed or overlooked and on the weekends my boys don't go with their dad, they don't want to go do anything with me or watch a movie, play a game, they want to be with their friends so I'm home by myself and on the weekends I don't have the boys, I'm home by myself again and it's soo painful. It's very rare I get invited anywhere because all my friends have someone and they're busy with them. And no, I'm not saying I "need" a man- I'm saying I'd like to be noticed too, made to feel beautiful, loved. I miss that so much. I miss the companionship, someone to talk to, my special man to comfort me in times of need, to offer that support, a more stable,family environment to raise my boys. Not a broken, single parent home, living in apartments all their life. I wanted better for them and now they're 14 & 16 and I still haven't been able to provide that for them? This is why I'm so dissapointed how my life has turned out- this isn't the way I anticipated it to be... and I'm not exagerating my issue, I don't attract any good, decent men. I used to have an upbeat, confident attitude. And before, whenever I would get depressed, I was able to shake it off and bounce right back to my bubbly self. I just can't get that bubble back anymore.. I'm just tired.. sorry everybody for this being a long comment- I didn't mean it to be so long.. thank you for being there for me..
By Michelle, Friday, July 24, 2009 01:59:45 PM
I seem to be at a turning point in life...that is what intuition is telling me.. I am VERY INTUITIVE and hear messages that are sent to me...although right now.. it is very fast as if I am in a room and everyone is speaking to me at once. I feel very scattered in my thoughts as if can't gain my thoughts and perhaps messages coming in give me the impression of a pinball machine....making me feel very anxious and drains me. I guess what I am asking is ...what do I need to know right now in order to direct me forward on the path I SHOULD FOLLOW in order to stay with my life plan. I know it is nothing I have been doing up until now..almost as if I have been diggin my heels in and rebelling against it..........does that make sense?
By joanne, Monday, July 13, 2009 05:44:42 PM
hello syliva I've been going through a really bad time right now and i dont know what to do my friend and i having problem but he dont think that we having any problem we dont sleep together because he tuckes the cover between use and dont have sex weeks and months and im just tried of going through this please help me show me the way. let me know if you can read anything on this i just want to be love.GOD BLESS YOU!
By naomi, Saturday, July 11, 2009 04:14:31 AM
I do not know if there is help from an angle ? because i have been through so much difficulties that i do not know if somebody protects me at all !!! i feel lonely without any "HELP" FROM NOBODY. HELPLESS !!! I WISH THAT SOMONE WILL HELP ME IN MY CURRENT SITUATION. BUT I DO NOT BELIEVE IN NOBODY ANYMORE. UNTILL SOMEBODY WILL LISSEN TO MY ORAYER FOR HELP.
By barbara, Saturday, July 04, 2009 10:23:39 AM
Thank-You Lord for all the miracles you have given me and for the angels watching over me.You all ready know we need money to survive on .On what we can pay and what bills we can not pay. Lord what am I suppose to do on this earth to get more money so we can live better than what we have right now.Give me a sign to where I can understand you. I bind my spirit from interfearing with the holy spirit and i bind satan and his angels from interfearing with the holy spirit. Thank-You lord for helping out with our money problems.Amen

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