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Facts About Astral Travel
by Sylvia Browne

Many have asked me about astral travel. We frequently astral travel during our dreams. Both adults and children astral travel, and we visit many places. Why we have many frequent flier miles as astral travelers even as small children! Many of us visit The Other Side several times a week during our dreams.

Any time you have a dream about flying without the benefit of an airplane, you are astrally travelling. Astral travel dreams have logical sequences that we can understand; things really seem to happen step by step. Just about all of us have had astral travel during our dreams. 

There is no limit to the people and places we can see, and do see, during astral travel. We routinely meet loved ones, both living and departed, from this life and past lives, as well as dear friends we don't happen to have shared an incarnation with, but are very close to back Home. We routinely check up on people we miss or are worried about, and we routinely go to The Other Side, that place of places we're most homesick for of all.

If there is someone that you want to see, someone here on earth or on The Other Side, pray to meet with them while you sleep. If it doesn't happen the first night, the fifth, or even the tenth -- keep praying! What could be more worth a few minutes of your time as you settle into bed?

We visit many places as we sleep and we do so through astral travel. I'm sure as you remember your dreams you'll recall some of the places you've been and the people you've seen. 

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Debbie, Thursday, September 11, 2008 10:46:44 PM
A few weeks ago I went to bed at 1:00 am. During the night, I awoke suddenly. My leg moved to the left side of my bed and I 'heard' books falling onto the floor. I lay there thinking 'I don't have any books on my bed, what fell?' At that moment, I hear creaking across my bedroom floor. All of a sudden I feel something jump on my bed. Then it walks down the side of my body and lays across my legs. I'm thinking to myself 'how did a cat get in the house?' Suddenly, it gets up and walks all the way up my body and lays down on my chest. I can't breath any more and I'm thinking 'don't open your eyes' because it's looking at you'. I'm laying there, terrified and trying not to let 'it' know I'm awake. I can't breath though, because it feels so heavy on my chest. All of a sudden, it jumps off and walks out of my room and into the living room. I can hear the floor creaking the entire way. I open my eyes and gasp. I realize that I make the sound that people make after being brought back after drowning. I take another deep breath and reach for my cell phone, pull the cover over my head and text my daughter and friend. The whole time I'm thinking 'it' is going to see me texting and come back. Since then, I have re-read every one of my Sylvia Browne books and now believe I was astral travelling, and it was my spirit coming back into my body. I have awoken several times in the middle of the night since then, believing that the house was on fire. I could actually smell smoke and had a hard time breathing. But, the smell went away as soon as I was fully awake. I wonder if this too is astral travel?
By Diane, Wednesday, September 10, 2008 11:12:55 AM
I've only astral traveled over water or over big hills with trees covering them. I'm from Kentucky, so I feel this is Kentucky I am seeing. I also know that I have either visited the Other Side or have been visited by someone because at a waking subconcious level I feel as if a giant alka seltzer is going off inside my body. The more concious I become the more this wonderful feeling starts diminishing. This feeling is humanly impossible to achieve, and the most wonderful feeling I have ever had. I have only woken up about 3 to 4 times, the last time being the most memorable. I guess I'm asking, "Has anyone out there ever felt this?" Or am I just some crazy lady who needs a crazy pill. Diane
By Leonard, Wednesday, September 10, 2008 05:49:10 AM
astral travel is great sometime i d;ont have control i been in the Nevada desert near area 51 somtime inside area 51
By Leonard, Wednesday, September 10, 2008 05:43:02 AM
while in high school in 1972-73 i have a dream that i travel to a place with white sand beach and i have a picture of my future wife. so many year ago in year 1980 i join the US Navy one time went to Hawaii with white sand i met my wife through a friend. it t true this Astral Travel i can trave 13 mile or 100 mile more plus i can see the future couple of month or years. many time see things that couple of people try to robbery me in my dream. i change my situation i know what they try to do.i think been doing this in my teen years.sometime it stronger. i buy a book on Astral Travel somtime i visit any place when i sleep it stronger. sometime i hear something clicks in my i want to go a place i go.
By Vanessa, Tuesday, September 09, 2008 09:04:33 PM
I defintely think my 4 year old daughter is Astral Travelling. Earlier in the year I read quite a few books on the subject as its something that has always fasinated me. So it was really good to get a good understanding of it and even though I don't recall my own trips, I'm now relaxed about waking up and feeling like my whole body is vibrating. Last night I was standing in the kitchen at about 8:30pm when I heard my daughter say "Mummy", I said "yes, darling", and turned around to find she is not anywhere to be seen. I definitely felt her presence and swore she was about to ask me for a drink of water or something. I checked her and she was sound asleep in her bed. This happened last week also, but I heard her over the TV and dishwasher. There is no way she could have yelled from her room. Again I had my back to her and turned around to find I couldn't see her. This morning at beakfast, I asked her if she remembered talking to mummy last night after she had gone to sleep. She gave me a very cheeky smile and said yes. We talked about how she floats and who else she knows she goes to see. So now I know it is not a figment of my imagination. Thanks Sylvia.
By rosemarie, Friday, August 29, 2008 03:46:19 PM
well my father passed away april 3 08 and we missed him dearly i had a dream he told me that he passed before we took him off the machine.. he told me he was alright and he was playing baseball and he was with my lil sister when he stoped talking to me he went in this building and told me he was so happy and at peace he told me that i had to leave it wasen't my time to come home yet... i woke up from my dream around 4am and i felt full of energy and this peace i can't explain i was happy that he was happy.. but we still miss him dearly
By Tammy, Saturday, August 23, 2008 10:43:23 PM
I think my daughter is an astral travler, is it possible to not remember that you have travled? Only to awake having a feeling of tightness on her chest, like someone is holding her down.
By shelby, Thursday, August 21, 2008 01:08:42 PM
well i haven't really TRIED Astral Travel but i would like too. ive only done it once but i had no idea what i was doing. i was on top of this sky scraper that had a landing pad and something was on it that i was trying to get to. i tried to fly but i only managed to glide in the air for awhile then i just landed on the ground again. i just couldnt stay in the air. when the thing(im not sure what it was) left the pad i just went to the edge and just jumped off, again i just glided, pretty slowly. idk what was wrong but i have never been able to try it again. if anyone knows wat i did wrong please tell me. .:shelby:.
By Angela, Tuesday, August 19, 2008 04:43:57 PM
I have been able to visit my twn sister in FLorida via astral travel. I find meditation keeps my mind clear and can aid with this. For someone trying to astral travel, try meditation for a few days to weeks. Being in tune with yourself and how to loose your physical self is very helpful.
By Bernadette, Sunday, August 17, 2008 02:16:43 AM
I have astral traveled since I was very young. I use to be at my dad's for the weekend and my mom would tell me that she saw me in the middle of the night at home. I also had a close friend whom I never would tell this to explain to me that he had seen me during the night at his house. It was more a dream to him but then he said it felt so real.

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