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The First Time You Connect With Your Spirit Guide
by Sylvia Browne

Francine, whom Iíve received mountains of information from over the years, has always stressed that guides are continually trying to be recognized or accepted so that they can have easier access with us, thereby infusing us with knowledge or telepathically helping us fulfill our chart.

People get aggravated because guides donít always make audible contact, but with patience, you will receive their messages, and Iím convinced that you will. Let me tell you right now that you wonít necessarily hear the voice in the way you expect though. Itís not some soft, ethereal, melodic tone Ė rather, itís high pitched and has a fast, almost chipmunk-like sound to it.

My dear friend Lindsay, recently heard her spirit guide for the first time. She called me and said, ďSylvia, I heard Rachel, but her voice had a tinny, high-pitched quality.Ē

I replied, ďWell, thatís just what Iíve been trying to explain to you all this time!Ē

In fact, over the years, Iíve heard the same story from people whoíve heard this high-pitched voice and want me to clarify what it is. The answer is simple: Itís their spirit guide. Francine says that itís hard for guides to manifest and speak, much harder than it is for angels. Not that one phylum (particular sect of beings) is more advanced, per se, but since guides are on a higher, more elevated level, they find it difficult to tune in to the dense atmosphere in which we live. Francine describes it as trying to wade through a thick pea-soup fog.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By carla, Saturday, November 08, 2008 11:26:49 AM
hello. i sometime hear ringing in my ear. it is once in a blue that is probaly my spiritguide. it is usally highpitched. it last acouple of secs sometime. i wonder if my spiritguide is male or female? thankyou for your input on spiritguides. your friend ,carla m from rochester,ny 2/14/73 i love you.
By Ronald, Sunday, November 02, 2008 12:17:28 PM
I have heard the actual voice of -someone- several times. One time I was driving to work in a snowstorm. It was dark and my headlights showed only falling snow coming toward me, but I knew I was on a three lane, one way street and wasn't particularly worried about traffic. A whispery male voice (I was alone in the car)said very clearly, "Slow down, slow down. You're going to come upon a pedestrian on a bicycle." I slowed down, and then saw a pedestrian on the far side of the street. I said aloud "Well, there's the pedestrian, but he's not on a bicycle like you said." Then I looked forward again and there was a man on a bicycle in my lane of traffic coming right at me with his head ducked down. If I hadn't slowed down, I would have been unable to stop and smashed right into him. I have had other encounters with this same voice that are too personal to speak of, but what he told me saved my life once. Before I knew enough to think of him/her as a 'guide', I was aware enough of a presence that I talked openly to it and so did the rest of my family. All we knew was there was another presence (or more) in the house with us but it wasn't frightening and we enjoyed it.
By Katherine, Saturday, November 01, 2008 12:21:32 AM
Hello, Sylvia. I have had Astro P. when I was younger but didn't know thats what itwas then. I haven't had any that I know of because I think I blocked it out, thinking it was bad, like an enity holding on to me when I was coming back. Hope to have them again. I have always been so calm about Deaths, I lost my Grandson in 1995, my mother in 96. I have lost my son in 2005, my brother in 2006, and a best friend in 2007. I was so calm about them all and I don't know why. Sometimes I feel like I am so clod hearted, but I greive for them in my own way. I have become more spiritual since my sons passing over, and have had alot of comunication from him. I asked one time before I fell a sleep, to know my spirit Guides name, I didn't remember dreaming, I just remember a voice, saying " My Name Is Sky". I am pretty sure it was the name I asked for . I have no special gifts. But I do know know where I came from and where I am going after this life, I can't wait to see my Loved ones again. Thank you for being you I Love You Kathie
By Patti, Friday, October 31, 2008 10:42:23 PM
Hello dear Sylvia,I've read several of your books and love them!! I am not afraid to die after reading "Blessings from the Otherside". These books are wonderful. Sylvia, could you please tell me what my spirit guide's name(s) is/are? Are they female or male? Thank you...
By jessica, Monday, October 27, 2008 08:43:29 PM
I've always wanted to know what my spirit guide's name is. I know they will answer to whatever name we call them, but I asked one day what my guide's name was and the name Josephine popped into my head. Since that is what I call her/him. I have been depressed lately and have been forgetting to ask my guide and angels for support. Pray for me to get my mind to where it needs to be, and for my life to come together in a positive way. Blessing to you all, JJ
By jennifer, Monday, October 27, 2008 05:23:06 PM
Sylvia, i have watched you for years, with curiousity and mixed emotions, i either am crazy or there is something to this that my mind itself cannot wrap itself around. I feel things, know things and sence presences around me, although i am having much difficulty with this i know that i have to speak with you to affirm some of my thoughts.
By Judith, Monday, October 27, 2008 07:34:35 AM
Hi Sylvia, I have had two encounters with either my spirit guide or my guardian angel. First, when I had a hysterectomy. I woke up around 5a.m. to see the same nurse standing by me that was there the night before. This was 1971 but she was dressed in the nurses uniform and hat that they wore in the 60's and before. I looked at her watch and asked her why she stayed and she said I needed her. It wasn't like we were talking it was more like mentally we were conversing. The doctor was there working on me and didn't act as though she even existed. He never spoke with her or acknowledged her. Then in 1989 I had neck surgery on a disk in my neck that had ruptured. I was back from surgery and needed to go real bad. That same nurse came in and was going to put me on the portable pot. She lifted me out of the bed. At first I was tense but then it felt like I floated and my body was at peace. My husband was there and also saw her. She was dressed just like she was in '71. Later I had to go again and my husband rang for the nurse. A nurse came in and said I couldn't be moved that I had just had major surgery done on my neck and it could hurt me. He told her that a nurse moved me earlier onto the portable pot and she said that was impossible. She proceeded to put me on a bedpan, which I couldn't use. Was this my guardian angel or spiritual guide? And, if so, will this be the one that will be with me when I am ready to pass over? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Judy G.
By Maureen, Saturday, October 25, 2008 06:30:52 PM
Hi Sylvia, It is so nice of you to allow us to connect with you through these blogs. I had a dream several years ago of what I think might be my spirit guide. She was rather young looking with blond hair and big blue eyes. She was wearing a long white flowing dress and she radiated lots of love. She just stood there looking over me but didn't say a word. I have also dreamed of the virgin Mary and Jesus on seperate occasions. The virgin Mary came to me first, she just stood at the foot of my bed and didn't say a word. Jesus came to me on another occasion and just stood in the doorway of my bedroom also never saying a word. I often wonder what the significance of these dreams were. One thing I know is that I felt wonderful when I awoke from those dreams. Do you have any insight on any of this? thanks and god bless, Maureen
By Jennifer, Saturday, October 25, 2008 12:22:01 PM
Hi, Sylvia and all! I have also wondered about my spirit guide. I hope he or she has a sense of humor because when I talk to my spirit guide I refer to her as Esmerelda, after Samantha's bumbling aunt on Bewitched. :-) I often have a ringing in my ears and I've wondered if that is Esmerelda trying to communicate with me or if years of loud music are taking their toll. I know which one is more comforting. Several years ago, I was lying down during the day and my then-boyfriend was in the kitchen. A male voice about 3 or 4 feet over my head clearly said "Jenni!" It didn't sound at all like my then-boyfriend's deep voice. A couple of months later I met my now-hubby. Early in our relationship he asked me in a letter if it was OK for him to call me Jenni. No one has called me Jenni since middle school. I got chills, especially when I realized that the voice sounded like my hubby's. We met each other when we needed each other the most. When he asked if he could call me Jenni, I wondered if that was a sign. Well, regardless of whether it was a sign or if I had just started to drift off to sleep and was having a lucid dream when I heard the voice, we are happily married. But I do wonder quite a lot. Jennifer.
By Deb, Saturday, October 25, 2008 10:28:58 AM
Dearest Sylvia, I think the I have seen my spirit guide in a dream I had one night. He pretended to be like "where's waldo" and had this squirly hat on and I had to find him. Somehow I got the impression his name was Fletchall. Is this right or was this just a dream? Hopefully if it is so, that means he has a sense of humor. Lord knows with my life, a sense of humor is a good thing!! Thanks for all you do! Bless you! Deb from C. Iowa

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