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Cosmic Date Planner


Aries are the zodiac's powerhouses, so asking them on a date can be an intimidating process to begin with. Don't let the tough or hard-to-read exterior fool you. Underneath beats the heart of a traditional—and rather sensitive—romantic who is a little afraid of getting his/her feelings hurt. Don't go overboard with the surprises. Aries is used to being in charge and will want to be a part of the planning process. They also like to put their best foot forward, and will want to dress properly for the occasion. Lady Aries may be a grrrl-power icon, but don't skip the chivalrous moves. Pick her up at her front door, bring her flowers and insist on paying for the first date. Tell her she deserves to be spoiled sometimes.

Guy Aries love being treated too, so be careful. If you don't want to wind up babying a "kept man" don't be too quick to reach for your wallet. Be prepared to go Dutch or go somewhere affordable if you want him to treat. Let him show off his machismo in other ways: you'll still feel well taken care of if you don't get hung up on money. This sign loves one-on-one attention so start off with an intimate dinner where you can concentrate fully on your Ram. A home-cooked meal melts their hearts; but discuss the menu in advance as they can be fussy eaters. Aries admire ambition and tradition with equal fervor, so talk about your dreams and family history. Warning: this independent sign can be gun-shy about rushing into commitment so unless your Ram brings up the subject of marriage and kids, don't even go there. When it comes to fooling around, keep your hands to yourself on the first date. Aries want to play with the toy that nobody else has access to. Make your Ram wait and s/he'll feel special, which is exactly how this sign needs to feel in order to commit to a relationship.

Things To Do:

  • Take Aries to their favorite restaurants: these fussy eaters love to frequent their favorite joint
  • Intellectual Aries love to learn so a lecture at a nearby university will stimulate a great discussion
  • Aries can be party animals, so head to a club or house party. Just make sure you're always close at hand when Aries wants your attention. They despise being ignored!
  • Action movies with fighting scenes can stimulate the warrior in Aries
  • Many Aries are highly political, so check out a film or play about global issue
  • Poetry is an Aries favorite, so head to open mic night at a café and don't be surprised if your Aries steps up to the stage!

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