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Financial security is essential for Cancer, as you feel unsafe in the world without it. You'll work hard to lock in a steady flow of funds, putting in overtime to ensure your climb up the ladder. Entrepreneurship may not be your bag, since the rollercoaster ride can make you a nervous wreck. You don't mind working long hours. Just make sure you're earning your worth when you do! You can be a softie when it comes to salary negotiations, and may have to fight the urge to let your emotions get in the way of asking for what you deserve.

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Your biggest splurge? Meals and cocktails at fancy restaurants. Cancer is a foodie (and sometimes an emotional eater). You'll throw all good judgment aside for a four star tasting menu or a brunch with the girls. You don't always know your limits when it comes to buying rounds or refilling your own glass. You, of all people, SHOULD leave home without too many credit cards. Those nights on the town can get expensive!

Like your icon the Crab, Cancers can pinch the pennies. Wise money management is one thing, but cheapness is another. One Cancer friend of ours styled her entire bedroom with furniture she picked up off the curb! The truth is, you have great taste, and can probably afford some of the luxurious items you crave. Question your relationship to money. Is it coming from fear or reality? It's okay to save for that rainy day, but you don't have to use your umbrella when the sun is shining.

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