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Taurus is a rare combination of practical and luxurious. You know how to get the best of everything for a bargain price. You hate to overspend, but you can't stand anything low quality either. That's because Taurus rules the zodiac's second house of material goods, and you're blessed with great taste. Still, you can be surprisingly cheap about the most random purchases!

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Although you love to splurge on all things gourmet—especially a great, leisurely meal with friends—financial security is your top concern. You're a natural when it comes to saving and investing but you can spend just as quickly as you earn. Make a budget and stash away a lump sum every month for the long-term. The "pay yourself first" rule works well for the zodiac's Bulls. Having money auto-deducted from your paycheck ensures that you won't blow it all on those designer dresses that you love.

All good things come to Tauruses by being consistent AND persistent—including the funds to live in the comfort you love. When it comes to earning, you prefer the steady flow of a paycheck. Waiting around for a large commission check can frazzle your nerves. Don't limit yourself from exploring your entrepreneurial side, however, as you are the type who can command top dollar for a product you create or a service you offer.

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