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Celebrity Starmates


Budget Gourmets

Tauruses rules the five senses, so they love the good life. They dig the decadence of satin sheets, gourmet dinners, expensive chocolates and luxury cars. However, this type also has a practical side. They may splurge on the latest $300,000 Benz (they love their cars!), but they'll also work their butts off first. These Tauruses mix comfort and glamour so well, it always appears effortless.

Starmates: Kirsten Dunst, Rosario Dawson, Renee Zelweger, Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz, Cate Blanchett, Jamie Lynn Sigler, David Beckham, Enrique Iglesias, Tim McGraw, Busta Rhymes, Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Carmen Electra, Uma Thurman, Tyson Ritter, David Boreanaz

Never Give Up

Change is the enemy of this Taurus type. They won't quit until they become the first American Idol or the ultimate American enemy (hello, Sadaam?). Stronger than Red Bull and impossible to budge, these rock-solid types are the stuff of legends. They can be timeless classics or the cause of great destruction.

Starmates: Janet Jackson, Al Pacino, Tony Hawk, Lance Bass, The Rock, T-Boz, Kelly Clarkson, Iggy Pop, Joey Ramone, Cher, Bono, Malcolm X, Donatella Versace, Adolph Hitler

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