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2012 Psychic Predictions Articles
Psychic Kelly Hampton

2012 Psychic Predictions: Kelly Hampton's New World Order

Psychic Kelly Hampton shares her 2012 psychic predictions, focused on the end of the world prophecies. Is Armageddon coming in 2012?
Roxanne Ulseman Hulderman's 2012 Psychic Predictions

Psychic Roxanne Usleman Hulderman’s Predictions for 2012

Roxanne Usleman Hulderman shares her 2012 psychic predictions on celebrities, spirituality, and world affairs.
Pattie Canova's 201s Predictions

2012 Psychic Predictions: Pattie Canova's Wake Up Call

Spiritual medium Pattie Canova offers her 2012 psychic predictions on the Mayan calendar/end of the world, political events, the future of the economy, and more.
Psychic Matt Fraser

2012 Psychic Predictions: Matt Fraser's Economic and Financial Forecast

As we make our way into the New Year of 2012, we will begin to see new changes taking place. The 2012 year will be the year of new beginnings and relationships. Psychic Matt Fraser offers his 2012 forecast.
Psychic Intuitve and Reiki Master Elaine Clayton

2012 Psychic Predictions: Reiki Master Elaine Clayton Natural Disasters

Reiki master and psychic intuitive Elaine Clayton shares her 2012 psychic predictions, which includes more natural disasters and new innovations in housing.
Kala Ambrose - 2012 Business Psychic Predictions

Kala Ambrose’s Business Intuition Predictions For 2012 and the Decade Beyond

As a Business Intuitive, Kala Ambrose brings a wealth of knowledge to corporations, businesses and individuals providing insightful solutions with a competitive edge to achieve their business and personal goals. Check out her 2012 psychic predictions
Carmen Harra's Psychic Predictions for 2012

2012 Psychic Predictions: Carmen Harra Forecasts 2012 World Events

The year 2012 seems like a frightening prospect to many; we can't easily forget the Mayan prediction that it's the end of the world! But Carmen Harra sees something very different for the year 2012. Check our Carmen Harra's 2012 psychic predictions.
Tarot Diva Sasha Graham - 2012 Psychic Predictions

Tarot Diva Sasha Graham's 2012 Predictions

Sasha Graham - known as the Tarot Diva - offers her 2012 predictions on the economy, politics, and more.