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Do We Receive Angel Messages?
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How do you talk to your angels? Sometimes it sounds like a whisper. Other times it is more of a “feeling” that you should do something, or call someone. We all receive angel messages all the time. Receiving angel messages is about being sensitive and noticing any sensations or impressions. Your angels are smart and they are going to choose to give you messages in the way that communicates with you the very best.


The most important thing about angel messages is to be aware and open to receive an angel message. If you are open to receive the message, you are more than doing your part. Then simply be aware and notice if you are seeing or having any impressions that could be an angel message. Over time you will become quite used to your angels’ messages and how they communicate with you.

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Inspiration. Many people receive sudden inspiration to do something. At that moment, they want to call someone they haven’t talked to in three years or they want to walk down a different street they’ve never been on before. Your angels will send you inspiration to do things to connect you in ways that you can’t even imagine. When you telephone that person, they may say something that seems very inspired and full of wisdom. Or they may say something very ordinary but has great meaning for you on a deeper level. That by itself is an angel message. Sending you down a different street you could meet a new friend or someone who could offer you a new and interesting opportunity. The angels inspire us all the time!


Symbols. Some people continue to see the same thing over and over again. It turns out that their angels are sending them a message through a symbol. You may see the same image or name over and over again. Think for a moment about what this name or symbol could mean to you. If you love daisies and you keep seeing them, the angels could be sending you a message to simply say “hello.” Or they could be telling you that you should do more things that you enjoy.


“Good Luck” Sometimes things happen to us and we think that we are lucky. Things just go our way. We find exactly the information we need at the right time. We call overseas and reach the person we need to talk to when they are at home. We may find something that we thought was lost, just before we were about to replace it. Many times people will dismiss these things as having a lucky day. There is nothing wrong with a bit of good luckwe certainly could use a good day no matter how it comes. But very often your “good luck day” is an angel message with your angels working to help connect the dots for you. Pay attention to all of the details of that experience and you may realize that divine assistance was hard at work for you!


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By angeline, Friday, June 06, 2008 06:45:00 PM
could my mother be my angel?
By angeline, Friday, June 06, 2008 06:44:58 PM
could my mother be my angel?
By Lee, Friday, June 06, 2008 01:53:21 PM
This is going to sound amusing but I was expecting my elderly uncle over for a visit the following day and my house was a mess! I was rushing around cleaning and by the end of the day I was exhausted. I was going to just quick clean the bathroom and be done with it but I kept hearing a voice tell me to make sure the bathroom was clean. Normally when he visits he never uses my bathroom. Not that I am a dirty pig but I have 2 kids and a husband that use this one bathroom so it gets messy fast. Well imagine my surprise (and relief that I listened to that voice) when my uncle asked if he could use my bathroom!
By Allison, Friday, June 06, 2008 01:00:55 PM
i have a pan that was my grandfather's. he passed away and the pan was giving to me. and i see hearts on he pan and sometimes i see it say " I 3 u!" i wanted to know is that from my grandfather? also i have a blanket that my grandmom made and she passed away does she know that i have it and sleep with it every night? i also have some hats that are my grandfather's and i see heart on the hats too. Also we have some coats and clothing that were my grandfather's and its in the basement. i feel that now that we have his clothing there i feel that his like with me when im down there. is he? also when i get engaged i would like to have my grandmom's dimon to be put on my ring. do you see my grandmom being happy with that?
By elizabeth, Friday, June 06, 2008 01:44:36 AM
I feel that my father who departed this world 2years ago,is my guardian angel;ihope that he is,Ilove and miss him dearly,I keep seeing men who look so much like my dad,I was taken away from him at a young age,i never gave up that i would see him again one day,I reunited with my dad after not knowing where he was,47yrs later, iwas a mom,of a daughter and son and 2 wonderful grandchildren,I have anuncurable illness and I would like to know,if i will one day be with my dad? i beleive in spirituality. Thank you sylvia and your family for all the wondeful comfort and help you give peoplexx
By Janet, Wednesday, June 04, 2008 04:34:16 PM
Thank you for sharing all of your inspirational angel storys they are among us no dought! And remember you can talk to loved ones that have crossed over to the other side anytime. They will hear you! I feel sorry for people that think when you die thats it! I am blessed enough to know... Love Janet
By Leslee, Wednesday, June 04, 2008 09:19:27 AM
We all have a spirit guide with us at all times, and many angels to protect us, but the angels are for everyone
By Janice, Wednesday, June 04, 2008 07:02:41 AM
I believe that Angels are also ordinary people who are sent to us. Angels for me are those good people who do good things and who will help you in times of needs. but i still can not say if we really have our Guardian Angels who are guiding us everyday.
By Derrick, Monday, June 02, 2008 11:05:24 PM
I heard a wisper in the wind(calling my name) one day when I went to the park with my wife and child it was as clear as day. I asked my wife "what!" and she said I didnt say anything. Of course I didnt believe her since she like to joke around and I told her to stop messing with me. To this day she says she didnt wisper my name that day at the park. Another event took place in church. We decided to sit on the less crowded side since we have the little one and at the end I noticed a penny on the ground so I picked it up and put it in the prayer box for a prayer. A few months later the same spot this time two pennys were on the ground I tried to get my wife to pick them up in the prayer box when she went to pray but she refused and said it belongs there. I looked down and one was left. I looked all over the front and back of the chairs on the floor and no sight of the other penny. Ok folks I know I'm getting older and wear glasses and blidness comes with old age but I know what I saw that day. I thought well maybe the lady behind us had some gum on the bottom of her shoe and off it went or she kicked it not realizing it was there but still no sign. The one thing that made my wife uneasy was the huge buzzard at the top of the ceiling peering into the glass in the middle of mass(buzzard angel?).
By Leslee, Monday, June 02, 2008 06:38:52 PM
Athena, I will keep you in my prayers if you do the same for me (I will anyway)...We are in a desert period, and I do believe we will overcome!!!! Our angels have not let us down; ask them for guidance, talk to your spirit guide and pray fervently...even if you feel like you are just talking to air, they do hear but you must listen!! I love you all!!!!!! Beautiful name, by the way!!!

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