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Do We Receive Angel Messages?
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How do you talk to your angels? Sometimes it sounds like a whisper. Other times it is more of a “feeling” that you should do something, or call someone. We all receive angel messages all the time. Receiving angel messages is about being sensitive and noticing any sensations or impressions. Your angels are smart and they are going to choose to give you messages in the way that communicates with you the very best.


The most important thing about angel messages is to be aware and open to receive an angel message. If you are open to receive the message, you are more than doing your part. Then simply be aware and notice if you are seeing or having any impressions that could be an angel message. Over time you will become quite used to your angels’ messages and how they communicate with you.

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Inspiration. Many people receive sudden inspiration to do something. At that moment, they want to call someone they haven’t talked to in three years or they want to walk down a different street they’ve never been on before. Your angels will send you inspiration to do things to connect you in ways that you can’t even imagine. When you telephone that person, they may say something that seems very inspired and full of wisdom. Or they may say something very ordinary but has great meaning for you on a deeper level. That by itself is an angel message. Sending you down a different street you could meet a new friend or someone who could offer you a new and interesting opportunity. The angels inspire us all the time!


Symbols. Some people continue to see the same thing over and over again. It turns out that their angels are sending them a message through a symbol. You may see the same image or name over and over again. Think for a moment about what this name or symbol could mean to you. If you love daisies and you keep seeing them, the angels could be sending you a message to simply say “hello.” Or they could be telling you that you should do more things that you enjoy.


“Good Luck” Sometimes things happen to us and we think that we are lucky. Things just go our way. We find exactly the information we need at the right time. We call overseas and reach the person we need to talk to when they are at home. We may find something that we thought was lost, just before we were about to replace it. Many times people will dismiss these things as having a lucky day. There is nothing wrong with a bit of good luckwe certainly could use a good day no matter how it comes. But very often your “good luck day” is an angel message with your angels working to help connect the dots for you. Pay attention to all of the details of that experience and you may realize that divine assistance was hard at work for you!


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By Raul, Monday, June 16, 2008 09:22:11 AM
Can an angle stop you from making bad choises?And for the luck mith ,me for every 1 goodluck feeling i get 10 badluck feelings!!
By beatrice, Sunday, June 15, 2008 03:31:28 AM
The day my mother had her heart attact something told me to go and visit her so I was there with her and we got to the hospital and she lived about 5-10 more days and then she left us. I know God prepare me so I could be strong and help my father, sister and brothers. I did not get to cry and I wounder if I did everything I could? should I have taken her to hospital sooner and not waited? I do blame myself just maybe if I should have she might still be here. But do know she is with her love ones and one day I will be with her. I wonder if she come around me? Can I ask my angle to help me find some important paper that have been lost or misplace?
By Leslee, Saturday, June 14, 2008 07:02:14 PM
Please, dear Shawn, do not feel bad that you were not there when your dad went home. I had the same problem with my Gramma Rose, but they do not care about that when they have crossed over. Be thankful you and your dad "made up" before he left this world. If it will make you feel better to have "closure", then just tell him bye right now. Just say "Dad, I miss you and love you". He is sure to hear you, Shawn. And every time you see someone who looks like your father and you think of him, that is him saying hi to you in a way that you understand and feel comfortable with, better than sitting on your bed at 3 in the morning scaring you half to death (although I think that would be cool). Talk to him all the time, and look for signs that he is with you: coins dropped in strange places, feathers, certain time on the clock you seem to notice a lot, etc...God bless you back and much love to you...
By Shawn, Saturday, June 14, 2008 05:55:56 PM
I have read these heart felt messages and questions, first god bless and love to you all. My dad crossed over September 2,2006. At one time in my life my dad and I were very close then some stuff happend, my parents divorced after almost 30 years, he chose to stay away from me at least this is what my step mother said, because he didn't want to interfere with my relationship with my mom (we are very close). Well my dad fought his battle with cancer for three years and in that three years my dad and I talked more , I forgave him and he forgave me and I spent every amount of time I could with him during his illness, but I can't seem to shake the look on his face when he sat in his chair and watched his two grandchildrn playing and running around, I hadn't seen my dad so alertin about a month or so, well about two weeks later my dad passed away, and I wanted to be there, and I couldn't be because I was stranded in another town with car problems with my mom and son, My husband called my moms cell phone the next morning to tell me that dad had passed away shortly after midnight, I miss my dad and it hurts still that I never said good-bye to him or to see him one last time, I seen him two days before he passed but I did call him and have the nurse put the phone by his ear, my mom talked to him and then I did I told him I loved him and it was ok to cross-over be with my brother and grandma and grandpa, they'd all be waiting for him. Did my angel cause my minor car problem at the time garages are just closing? so I couldn't get my car repaired until the next day, and I asked my mom ,Do you see people around that looks like dad? because lately thats all I see WhY??? Is it because I miss him so much???Please any one please feel free to respond, just in need of an answer. Thankyou and God bless.
By patricia, Thursday, June 12, 2008 04:52:53 PM
I lost my younger sister 4 years ago to a brain tumor. I was able to get there befor she passed It was so hard on me and my other 2 sisters to sit there and watch her struggle with each breath. I had started reading your books which gave me the strength to tell her it was ok to go. That our Mom ( who passed 6 years earlier) was waiting for her. There was a big picture of my Mom in her room and as I was telling my sister this I was looking into my Mom's eyes in the picture and she came to life Her mouth was moving like she was talking to my sister I felt like I was in a trance. Almost like I was out of body. I began to see other images in the picture too. Then a short time later my sister had Bless you Sylvia I'm now reading your Temples on the Other Side. I have a hard time reading for any length of time as reading makes me sleepy but I have a hard time putting it down. Thank you for coming into my life and having the pleasure of touching your hand when you were in Virginia. Again GOD bless you
By Sitha Gail, Thursday, June 12, 2008 06:40:01 AM
Last year my first loves Grandfather died I couldnt decide whether to go to the funeral due to him chosing another woman over me(he is still with her but they fight like crazy is what he grandfather said) he used to call me Peaches just an old farmer from a small town. Anyways the day of his funeral a bird came outside my window at 3 the morning and would not quit singing so I took my intuition as that was a angels sign and went to his funeral. My question is was that him telling me to keep a check on Aaron?
By June, Tuesday, June 10, 2008 03:31:58 AM
Linda, I was touched by your story, it was beautiful.I started reading Sylvia's books about 6 months before my mother get sick.The books really helped me get through what was ahead of me and they still help each day.I feel that the angels guided me to sylvia and her books.For they knew what was ahead of meand I would not have made through it all if not for her.She is a God send.
By Leslee, Monday, June 09, 2008 08:37:21 PM
Linda--what a beautiful story...the angel's with gold wings are the Principalities (God's army of angels!!) How awesome...go to and check out her radio site and listen to angels...!!
By Linda, Monday, June 09, 2008 07:35:20 PM
The evening my mother died from Alzheimer's was a true turning point in my life. As I read the bible I became spooked. Actually my hair on the back of my neck rose and I felt fear. I saw about sixteen inches of very dark, dull and bright mass of golden light engulging my mother! It was swirling back in forth and around--almost as if one had gone to a paint store and picked up a bottle of gold gilding paint and shook up the bottle. It would appear all shook up and going in swirling motion. At that point, my mother said, Linda, I see God, I see Jeasus Christ and my dog! I als believe she saw her mother. She continued to say that she could see angles--OH, you can not see them, I am going home. Then again she said in a clear voice "Oh,you have to earn your way home and then you will....I interupted her and said "Mom, God's got the front door and Nancy (my sister who was not there) and I have the back door. Go, go home and do not worry about Nancy and I. After all, we are sisters and its our God given right to fight, but we will always come together in times of trouble and help one another. To my surprise and believe me I feel ever so blessed to have this swishing out of the golden thick cloudy light that covered my mom came this most perfectly beautuful golden angel---His wings had different featheres of Gold--how can this be? I do not know he was completely all different shades of gold. His eyes were stern and almost appeared to stare through me and it was not until later that perhpas he was a bit upset with my words saying its our God given right to fight, but i did not mean that as blasphany and said thank you God, for showing me that there are Angels. My poor mother's illness had left me somewhat destroyed, but my determination not to leave my mother and to make her last moments as happy and peaceful as possible was more important to me than life itself. This gift of seeing the most beautiful angle gave me such a rush of joy! I knew, my mom was going to go home and I was so thankful she would be at last safe and find peace because here on earth there was little peace for my mother. She said to me, Linda please contineu to read the 23 phalm. (my spelling maybe a bit off, but I truly wish everyone could have seen this wonderful creature, was so perfectly beautiful--more than I could ever have thought-up. This year I visted an old friend and went to her church. She was not my reglion, but I never let anyone else reglion stand in my way, I go where ever because that is how I learn to continue to feel that God cares about us. Anyway, the prist said a golden angle is either Grabel who brings us and helps prepares us for heaven or it is the fallen Angle Michale who is the warrier. I want to beleive it must have been Grabel because my mother said she was going home. Up to that point, I really did not believe in Angles, then I accidently went into a book store and picked up a couple of Sylvia Browne's books and later read them and have been so helped by them that I had called up her telphone number and talked to someone (I believe it was her son) about my problems of adjusting to my mother's death). I can actually feel her here and the door bell rings and each spring a special plant that never before bloomed shoots out hugh beautiful floweres that are purple and white. My mother died from Alzheimer but she knew our names. This angel told me that my dogs need me and I was to go home. No he did not look at me and tell me, I was reading the bible and a voice came calmly into my mind and said go now, the dogs need you to check on them. I told my mom that I would be back because I had no intention of leaving her alone. I told her I loved her and would be back as soon as possible, but later I learned that most people do not die when there are loved ones there. They wait for them to leave for a moment and then I guess they do go home.
By Leslee, Monday, June 09, 2008 02:04:30 PM
Christine, you are most likely sensing your spirit guide. It sounds like you are pretty sensitive. We all have guides, angels, and loved ones with us all the time. I get that feeling too. It's good to know we are never alone!!! Although it seems like it...Love...

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