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How to Recognize A Psychic Dream
Recognize Your Psychic Dreams Dreams, interpreting your bad dreams, learn what they mean!  Find out now FREE! Researchers say the average person will have at least 100,000 dreams in their lifetime. Types of dreams can range from the after life to a near death experience to talks to the dead. Some nights, you may feel as if you were in a dream marathon, as you experience one after another with different themes. You awaken exhausted and depleted, unsure of the meaning of your dreams.

Psychic dreams are very different. These snapshot visions of the future are so clear. The sense of reality is profound. Colors and sounds are illuminated.  It's like you can touch, smell and hear all of the visions. Loved ones who have passed to The Other Side will make communication during a psychic dream. You can sense their presence, and the feeling is extraordinary.

I've had many precognitive (warning) dreams. They are eerily precise, with incredible clarity. The events in my precognitive dreams are exactly what will eventually transpire in reality. In one dream, I envisioned my boyfriend dying and I had to identify his body at the hospital. My vision was an exact account of what happened in reality.

How and why these psychic dreams take place are still a mystery. Psychic phenomenon is just that - phenomenal. Lifesaving dreams should be acknowledged. When your psyche talks, you must listen. The dream state produces an electrical brain impulse, transporting you into an altered state. It's the state a psychic is in while doing a psychic reading. Psychics are in another place and dimension when connecting with the afterlife. In a psychic dream, receiving information from the after life is like watching a movie, only you are the star.

Predicting the future while you snooze can be done - easily. You must be open to it before going to sleep. This will unlock the door to The Other Side. And the messages will come. Also, keep a journal and refer to it. You'll be amazed at the pertinent information you'll obtain from your psychic dreams.

I believe that all precognitive dreams arise to supply us with greater information and resources to better handle future events and choices. It seems that our survival mechanism and our psychic abilities are closely linked when sleep. There are no boundaries in an unconscious state. Space, time and life don't exist.

Finally, no psychic dream is more emotionally compelling than a good-bye vision of the recently departed. I've experienced this personal. The finality gives you a sense of inexplicable loss. But, then I think to myself, I can have a psychic dream and the sense of reality, the snapshot vision, and the after life connection comforts me. As long as we can dream, we can communicate with the beyond.

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By jeanne, Friday, December 26, 2008 11:02:50 PM
About 2 or so nights after my Mother passed, I was sleeping on her couch, & I dreamed she was up on a cloud playing my piano & singing, it was so real, she was so happy, (I use to play the piano & we would both sing together). Then 1 yr, after she passed, I dreamed (during the day while napping in my RV, that my Mom called me on the telephone, (as we use to talk a lot on the phone & were so close as well), Being so surprised, I asked her if she wanted to talk to my brother, (who was dying at the time, I didn't know), or my sister, or someone, she said no, she just wanted to talk to me, she wanted to tell me she loved me, & she was OK, that was all she wanted. I told her I loved her too, it was so real & remarkable! I left my RV to go up the the house in front to share my dream with friends in front of where my RV was parked. The weird thing is my brother Ron, whom she lived with, & was paraplegic, died the following month... I always felt wonderful after her dreams, that were so lifelike! A hard to discribe experience. (I held her hand as she had passed the year prior to the second dream). That too, was a very special feeling as I felt her leave her body, (as I had too, in a near death experience while in the military. - We were so close I love her & miss her so much. Jeanne T.
By Nancy, Monday, December 15, 2008 10:14:23 AM
On December 14th ,It's about at 9:05 pm,ok, Angela and I sat in the livingroom and watch Tv ok then something that we saw a small black bat or bird flew above Me then disppear! It came from through the window but The window is no open ,just through it! we are so shock and we wonder ,What is it mean to us??? Is is warning us or something???? Can you tell me,What's it mean to us??? Thanks Nancy O.
By Rhonda, Thursday, December 11, 2008 10:47:27 PM
My mother passed away January 2005. October 28, 2005 I had something that I want to call a dream, but it wasn't a "dream, dream"... It all felt very real. My mother called my cell phone as she used to when she was living. I looked at my cell phone and saw something weird... it didn't say "Out of Area" but something I had never seen before. I answered the call and my mom said, "Hi... what are you doing?" (Just like she used to!) I said, "Mom?" She said, "ya, it's me." I said, "You died... how can you call me from heaven?" She told me she was just learning how to transport herself and didn't know how long she would be able to talk because she was new at it. She said she was calling me about my daughters. I was fascinated by her call that I said, "forget the girls! What is heaven like?" She said, "Ohhh, it's beautiful! But it is raining raining right now. I am tired and laying down." As I questioned her, I was lost touch with her. I normally have a healthy low blood pressure... after seeing her that morning, when I woke up I was ecstatic! I had accidently slipped on an icy front porch and fell down the stairs.. I went to the dr. about my fall... but because of the excitement of talking to my mom, my blood pressure was higher than normal. It was as if my heart skipped a beat talking with her. She was my best friend. I also had another dream, but it wasn't quite like a dream... I saw her at her funeral and she was standing behind us six kids and hugging us from behind... when she got closer to me I looked at her and told her I see her... she was surprised ... this happened on the first birthday I had two weeks after she passed away... I lover her with all of my heart & miss her!
By cindy, Tuesday, December 09, 2008 11:34:25 AM
my dreams are strange. I seem to see where I am going to live before I move their. each house I already seen. as this one I am living. their is only one house left. this one left their is a man who I have seen in other dreams as well. also saw him one night after I woke up with the tv being put on he was standing next to it. I was very scared. I still have no idea who he is. I lost my two children long ago. and he had one of my kids with him at one time and I kept yelling at him to give him back my child. he just looked out a window showed me a long long road and said i have much to do and give. well today i dont feel i have done any good. i have adopted three kids but for some reason i have no joy..
By Darya, Sunday, December 07, 2008 01:28:45 AM
I am the type of person who does not dream or if I do I'm comatose and remember nothing.On the ocassions I do remember they seem to always come true.It started when I was pregnant with my first child and I kept dreaming she would die,I would try to talk to my Mother about her dying and she'd say that's a terrible thing to say. So I let it go, until she died of crib death.I've also had dreams of rollercoaster rides seats not buckling and them starting up with my son screaming stop the ride.It happened that my nephews seat was the one to not buckle and they were all screaming to stop the ride,it stopped before the big drop.My latest one was of my husband being in a vehicle accident,there was snow on the ground and I could see it was a car and a semi. The Police came to my home to tell me he passed away,I woke up feeling the pain as if he'd just passed.This hasn't happened yet but I live every day in the winter wondering if this is the last time I see him.I feel like I'm being prepared some how as I was with my daughter. I told my Mother about my dream and she felt I was being prepared also.The thing that keeps me going is knowing that God is in control and I put my life in his hands.Everything happens for a reason,ask God to show you why things happen and he will,sometimes what seem bad turns about to be a blessing.
By LILLIAN, Wednesday, November 26, 2008 08:54:09 PM
By alicia, Monday, November 24, 2008 12:20:12 AM
i have dreams all the time i can see my grandmother and its so amazing she showed me her new house in heaven the grass was soooo green , a green i never seen. i read all sylvia's books and the more i read the more i can put things toghter. i dont know why im drawn to sylvia so much and why my mind wonders to after death things...but it doesnt scare me buti want to know more...i guess i known this since i was 4 because i felf my fater touch my arm when i was half asleep , i will never will forget that day ...thanks to sylvia i can not be scared and it helps me to be less scared to die is my email addy if anyone wants to chat about this
By Jamie, Tuesday, November 18, 2008 04:28:13 AM
I had a dream about a friend moving back to town that I hadn't talked to in a couple of years. A few months later they actually did.
By debbie, Sunday, November 16, 2008 01:47:14 PM
i dream that become good friends with a famous singer and his family deb
By carla, Monday, November 10, 2008 12:05:07 PM
cool.thanks sylvia for your devotion.

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