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Michelle Obama's Astrology Chart: The New First Lady
Michelle Obama's Astrological Chart Michelle Obama, the wife of Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama, was born in Chicago, Illinois on January 17, 1964. Her time of birth is not published, so it is estimated by most astrologers that she was born at noon.

Like other famous people, Michelle Obama has an impressive stallion in one sign of her astrological chart. This is usually characteristic of people in power and public figures. Michelle Obama has a lineup of Chiron, the Moon, Venus and Saturn in Pisces. Pisces tends to be an incredibly moody sign and very inward looking. It is not surprising with this kind of line up, including the wounded healer "Kiron," that she is infamous for her bouts of depression as well.

Michelle Obama also has a mental illness indicator in her chart, as Jupiter is her ascendant. This is the same type of planetary action that you see in the charts of celebrities Britney Spears and Heath Ledger. It is an indicator of someone who struggles with great depression or mood swings at times. It could be that Obama is very torn between being famous and living by her convictions.

Michelle Obama is also very stable and fair minded Capricorn, which is needed when you are so much in the spotlight. It is the most organized sign and shows that she can handle a lot of pressure. The sun in Capricorn also contributes to her hard-nosed public image.

One of the alarming configurations in both Michelle and Barack Obama's astrological chart is Mars in conjunct with the Sun. Unfortunately, this can portend a violent death, such as an assassination or bad accident. Many astrologers have noted this element, which is in both the charts of Michelle and Barack Obama, and are hoping that it is not predictive.

Michelle Obama's Mars is also in Aquarius. This means that she is a passionate and good person, who will always fight for the underdog, including the mentally ill and the oppressed.  We have already seen evidence of this when she speaks out about depression and other social dilemmas. She has also fought for equal rights and for the rights of African Americans.


Michelle Obama is quite a charismatic speaker as well, and this is indicated by Neptune on her descendant. People with this descendant are able to express themselves eloquently. They can talk about subjects that are uncomfortable or taboo with great humor and accuracy. Despite her own challenges with illness, Michelle Obama is a wonderful example of a wounded healer who champions the cause of mental illness. Neptune is also in Sagittarius, which means that she will always do her best to not let the illness get the better of her.

Michelle Obama's Saturn is also opposite her husband's Mars, which means that their relationship can be quite feisty at time. A good example of this type of astrological trait in action is when she refused to join his election campaign unless Barack quit smoking! This is another example of how this classy, yet troubled individual, has proved to us that she can stick by her convictions.

Donna West is a professional writer and researcher on psychics and astrology.

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By ZOLA, Friday, November 07, 2008 10:20:03 PM
It pains my heart to see some of the things that people have written about others that they know nothing about. The term 'African American' was coined here in America. There is no other place that such people were created. Born mostly of African slaves and Europens weather through forced or consented unions. Such a people, created on this soil has been scorned and despised because of ignorance and the shame of letting go what was once thought and taught to be true; 'that all men are not created equal'. It is not often that we hate the things we create, yet we hate the people who were born here on this very soil, because of the color of their skin. Then we make up lies to justify the things we do and say. HOW CAN SOME OF US SLEEP AT NIGHTS? Or do we really and truly believe the things we say? Let us remember that we live in A land that is for the 'brave and the free'. Today I asked one small child who did she vote for in her school's mock election and she said, Barack Obama, I asked her why she voted for him and she said, "He is brave." With that said, I admonish all of us to think on the things that are lovely, the things that are pure and the things that are true. Be blessed!
By ZOLA, Friday, November 07, 2008 09:38:21 PM
By Bernadette, Friday, November 07, 2008 03:16:05 AM
By T., Thursday, November 06, 2008 09:20:56 PM
To BETTY: I addressed the flaws in her inept astrological reading, including that she points out two aspects by planets to the ascendant and descendant, which is an outright idiocy in reading a Solar Chart. I've been a professional astrologer, and Donna West discredits people who use the SCIENCE to present valid and honest descriptions of character and circumstance. My very appropriate criticism of this sham of a chart reading has nothing to do with politics, although it seems clear to me that Donna West does not like the Obamas that much, as she is both dishonest and uncharitable. Calling Michelle Obama "a classy but troubled individual" is just plain skanky, and twists a very pretty pearl-handled knife into Ms. Obama's back. It's unfortunate that this website is so poorly designed that you cannot format text with paragraphs. It would make those of us who care enough to format our posts (and spell and punctuate correctly) appear as intelligent and thoughtful as we try to be. I repeat: SHAME on Donna West. Her cherry-picking of Michelle (and Barack's) chart only proves that her blinders are on, and that she is not qualified to be writing on the subject of astrological charts. I think I could get an AMEN from any real astrologer I know (Shari? Can I get an AMEN?), and I know plenty. Give up already.
By Betty, Thursday, November 06, 2008 03:04:57 PM
Excellent job on this article and astrology chart. . . I think your being attack by political issues and not your ability as an astrologer ( : Maybe some of these people should read what Nostradamus says also other psychics and forecast before condemming your article. This is a science not a political debate. Also as long as America has the electorial vote process the American people really do not get to decide. Example, Bob Dole won the vote of the American people, but could not become president. When one state is awarded 20 votes with a small population and another with millions is awarded 3 or so, that does not give us the true outcome of the peoples choice. Once again Excellent Article !!!
By T., Thursday, November 06, 2008 02:13:32 PM
Donna West: shame on you. This is filled with despicable lies and HUGE inaccuracies. You should never be allowed to write for this site again, and you truly are a disgrace to the astrological community. (Go, Shari!) 1) I've been studying astrology for 37 years. I was a professional for 15. Start there. 2. Are you so ignorant that you don't know that you can't read any aspects to the Ascendant in a solar chart? That's right: you don't know what time Michelle was born. It is likewise inaccurate to say that "most astrologers ESTIMATE her birth time to be noon." I think you just wanted to use a big word there (three syllables, wow), but the reason astrologers use noon is just a convenience. They could just as well use sunrise, but solar charts were invented to cover this dilemma. It doesn't actually mean that the planets are in the houses where they're shown. This is Astrology 101, Donna. 3) Using a birthtime of noon, Jupiter is 12 Aries, and the Ascendant is 16 Taurus. Did you use a computer to run this chart, or did you use cuneiform? There is not the remotest conjunction there, nor with Mars and the Sun. And once again, because the birth time is unknown, you can't possibly claim that she has Neptune conjunct Descendant. 4) Your negativity transparently disqualifies you from an objective reading of the planetary factors in Michelle's chart, and your fear-mongering is not astrology but medieval fortune-telling. You are clearly not qualified to discuss subtle energies or the positive ways to read charts: focus on strength, and turn challenges into affirmations. 5) Implying through your hokey witchcraft that Michelle Obama is mentally ill is quite serious. If it weren't laughable because of all your other proof that you are not remotely familiar with the basic tenets of a solar chart, it would be nice to see you get sued for libel. There is no "infamous" depression (another ill-used word). You just pulled that out of your bottom. I've never left a comment of this kind of any kind of website like this, but professional astrologers—the kind who study the nuances of the astrological language—do not need someone like Donna West spreading this malicious, dangerous, ill-informed filth about a woman who clearly has a sound character, a wonderful and loving relationship with her family (and the rest of us who esteem and love her), and who is such a good role model to all young people in this world. God forbid I ever have to read another word from you, Donna West. You are an abominable and dishonest writer. Go back to Wasilla where you came from: but be careful: they might exorcise the witches out of you. SHAME ON YOU! And shame on Spirit Now for allowing such an ungracious, inaccurate, negative, fear-mongering and perhaps race-baiting post. You owe the world an apology.
By Shari, Thursday, November 06, 2008 12:52:29 PM
i"One of the alarming configurations in both Michelle and Barack Obama's astrological chart is Mars in conjunct with the Sun. Unfortunately, this can portend a violent death, such as an assassination or bad accident. Many astrologers have noted this element, which is in both the charts of Michelle and Barack Obama, and are hoping that it is not predictive."/i Donna West, seriously, were you "off the meds" when you penned this article or do you just assume visitors to this site are just too stupid to notice the wrongness of your interpretation? In Michelle Obama's chart the natal Sun is at 26 Capricorn. Mars finds position at 3 Aquarius. This is what we call a "out-of-sign" conjunction. Mars is the planet of violence and danger by knives and firearms, sure. But Mars IS NOT applying its energy to the natal Sun which is an extremely important distinction. I assume you understand the difference between applying and separating aspects? Don't you? The same is true in the natal chart of Barack Obama. The natal Sun is at 12 Leo. Mars finds position at 22 Virgo. In no way are the Sun and Mars conjunct. You Donna West are a fraud and a peddler of misinformation. You are a shameless disgrace to the astrological community.
By Christine, Thursday, November 06, 2008 10:44:04 AM
By Christine: I would like to know what astrological influences are on the writer, Donna West, who appears to be in some moon which has a tendency to degrade the political candidates apparently not of her choosing. Can someone post Donna West's astrological chart? Thank you.
By Ms. Toni, Thursday, November 06, 2008 12:48:32 AM
By evelyn, Wednesday, November 05, 2008 10:37:17 PM
Nobody is a pure 100% born american. And if there is a 100% pure blood born american its the indien. Every where else is a mixture a little bit of everything. So if you people think that Obama is not an american then look in your mirrow and look and find out of how much of an american you are yourself. German, Italien, Greek, Rusian, just to name a few. They are 100% pure blooded. Let me tell you something. It doesn't matter of who you are, where you from, or what color you are. It matters of what you are willing to do or what you beliefe in. How much of a risk you are willing to take. I do not wont to be in Michelles shoes right now. I would be afraid for my husband my children and myself. There are crazy people out there who will not accept of what just happenend. Because they are so full of hate they can't see that a lot of good can come out of all of this. It doesn't matter where we where born it does a matter if we respect, honor and love this land we live in and that will make us a great servant for and to this country. And Obama has all of it. It will take him very long to get to where he wants to get and to clean up the mess everybody has created. I wish him nothing but the best, strengh, courage and health. Oh and by the way, every body thinks that there country is the best in the whole wide world. Guess what. It is in there very own way.

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