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Michelle Obama's Astrology Chart: The New First Lady
Michelle Obama's Astrological Chart Michelle Obama, the wife of Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama, was born in Chicago, Illinois on January 17, 1964. Her time of birth is not published, so it is estimated by most astrologers that she was born at noon.

Like other famous people, Michelle Obama has an impressive stallion in one sign of her astrological chart. This is usually characteristic of people in power and public figures. Michelle Obama has a lineup of Chiron, the Moon, Venus and Saturn in Pisces. Pisces tends to be an incredibly moody sign and very inward looking. It is not surprising with this kind of line up, including the wounded healer "Kiron," that she is infamous for her bouts of depression as well.

Michelle Obama also has a mental illness indicator in her chart, as Jupiter is her ascendant. This is the same type of planetary action that you see in the charts of celebrities Britney Spears and Heath Ledger. It is an indicator of someone who struggles with great depression or mood swings at times. It could be that Obama is very torn between being famous and living by her convictions.

Michelle Obama is also very stable and fair minded Capricorn, which is needed when you are so much in the spotlight. It is the most organized sign and shows that she can handle a lot of pressure. The sun in Capricorn also contributes to her hard-nosed public image.

One of the alarming configurations in both Michelle and Barack Obama's astrological chart is Mars in conjunct with the Sun. Unfortunately, this can portend a violent death, such as an assassination or bad accident. Many astrologers have noted this element, which is in both the charts of Michelle and Barack Obama, and are hoping that it is not predictive.

Michelle Obama's Mars is also in Aquarius. This means that she is a passionate and good person, who will always fight for the underdog, including the mentally ill and the oppressed.  We have already seen evidence of this when she speaks out about depression and other social dilemmas. She has also fought for equal rights and for the rights of African Americans.


Michelle Obama is quite a charismatic speaker as well, and this is indicated by Neptune on her descendant. People with this descendant are able to express themselves eloquently. They can talk about subjects that are uncomfortable or taboo with great humor and accuracy. Despite her own challenges with illness, Michelle Obama is a wonderful example of a wounded healer who champions the cause of mental illness. Neptune is also in Sagittarius, which means that she will always do her best to not let the illness get the better of her.

Michelle Obama's Saturn is also opposite her husband's Mars, which means that their relationship can be quite feisty at time. A good example of this type of astrological trait in action is when she refused to join his election campaign unless Barack quit smoking! This is another example of how this classy, yet troubled individual, has proved to us that she can stick by her convictions.

Donna West is a professional writer and researcher on psychics and astrology.

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By margaret, Sunday, November 02, 2008 10:29:07 PM
First lady? I hope not!
By Sharon, Sunday, November 02, 2008 07:20:50 AM
By Sharon, Saturday, November 01, 2008 04:10:32 PM What makes me sad is that after all these years, these United States are still not united. It, although is a great country still hoards prejudice as if it was yesterday. We have still not grown as a country of civilized people. The people that have died trying to bring a change to this country. Trying to make a difference for us all. And it still comes down to one race thinking that it is better than the other. What is it about Barrack Obama that scares you. What does black people have to do to make you all see us differently. We as a race of people have been called everything imaginable. We go to college, we get our education. We become productive in society, we pledge allegiance to our flag, we go to war for this country, we also sacrifice our children. We raise our children to be productive in our society. But we are still not good enough to possibly be president of this country. You still want us to be seen and not heard. We have to walk around with the scarlet N on our shoulders. We can not be trusted because we are black. But yet and still we black Americans place our live in the hand of you every single time, its time to re-elect our next president. What more can this man to this country that has not already been done by the none blacks of this country. For 8 years the president has done nothing but run this country into the ground. If you can not see this then you choose to be blind. What are you so afraid of. Are you afraid that he may be able to do something the presidents before him could not do. And what is this calling this man the Anti-CHRIST. We could make this claim about our present president. Look what he as done to this country and still doing before he leaves office. Are you people so blind that you can not see that this man is trying to make it impossible for the next president to be able to fix the mess he is leaving behind. And no the next president may not be able to keep all the promises he is making but I say give Barrack a chance. He can not do any worse for this country that has already been done. So are you trying to say that because he is black is not allowed to make any mistakes. I ask you to look back at all the presidents in the past. What color are they. Yet I have never heard any one say the bad things I hear about this man. I look to GOD and GOD only to supply my needs. If you are looking at these Presidents as GODS, I truly feel sorry for you all. Stop being prejudice. You threaten to kill him if he is elected, all because you believe the White House is just that, only for white presidents. And if a black man should become president then it will be tarnished. We love to speak freedom but who is it free for. Is just free for your kind or is it freedom for us all.
By Dianne, Saturday, November 01, 2008 02:01:04 PM
I agree with the professional astrologer who posted that since no one knows the time of Michelle Obama's birth, one cannot do a completely accurate birth chart. This astrologer isn't being "professional", nor correct. I, too, have studied astrology for decades and am not a "professional", but I also know that we all have both positive and negative aspects in our charts, which is why we incarnated. This election is bringing out all of our most negative and hateful emotions, and it truly saddens me. We here on earth have a lot of "spiritual growing" to do...I wish you all to be surrounded by White Light and the awareness of God/Azna's Love for us, since we are forgetting it in the heat of this election. On November 4th, the Saturn/Uranus Opposition means the "status quo" and "change" will be warring with each other, and perhaps we're all just reflecting that. Let's try to be kind to each other and just agree to disagree. We are Souls; not just "voters", remember? Dianne
By Bonnie, Wednesday, October 29, 2008 08:36:47 PM
I have been an astrologer for many years and strongly feel that when there is not an accurate birth time available, one should be more cautious about making specific claims. While much can be learned, it is always the responsible thing to advise that without the time of birth, the chart cannot be exact.
By Shari, Friday, October 24, 2008 09:49:43 PM
"Michelle Obama also has a mental illness indicator in her chart, as Jupiter is her ascendant." Without an accurate time of birth, the author of this posting could not possibly know whether or not Jupiter is on or ruling Michelle Obama's ascendant. PERIOD. Any allusion to "mental illness" is completely irresponsible. PERIOD. Furthermore the assumption here is just flat out wrong! Having Jupiter on the ascendant or ruling the ascendant DOES NOT indicate mental illness nor does it have anything to do with mood swings -EVER! The natal moon represents our moods and feelings. Mercury of course rules over the nervous system our mental facilities. Afflictions of the Moon or Mercury or both usually from Saturn, Neptune or Uranus generally account for imbalances in our moods and feelings or explain prolonged bouts of depression. The Moon and Mercury when found in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) often times account for mental imbalances as well. I wonder if the author would be willing to post her natal chart? I'd love to have a look and offer my own expert "unbiased" judgment. Yes, this is a dare, dear.
By Diane, Friday, October 24, 2008 10:43:29 AM
Let me guess... Donna is a McCain supporter. You couldn't tell by the information (negative, more detailed) she posted on Michelle and Barrack Obama, and the other postings for both Palin and McCain. In her position of interpretting astrology, wouldn't she do better to be more neutral, and make sure to post both the good and bad for all 4 people? Just a thought.....
By Ana, Thursday, October 23, 2008 11:43:19 PM
May God forgive you all and if you do not believe in astrology get out of this website American people are loosing their education and respect for others more then ever and their lack of acknowledge is very depressing
By stephanie, Saturday, October 18, 2008 07:52:08 PM
By stephanie, Saturday, October 18, 2008 07:40:05 PM
ok people look at your self's for a god bless it momment, it does not matter what a horoscope or a doctor or any one would say about a person not every one know's every thing about some one ok what should matter is what your heart say's to you the star's could be right and if they are does that change anything ? and if they do then your the one with the problem not michelle but you thank about that one for a minute and while your at it thank about this, say the doctor told you that your child was going to be stupid in life would that made it true and would you not love it ? and then in time you find that the doctor was wrong so where does that leave you or the child and the doctor ???? can you all stop and try to see my point here.
By stephanie, Saturday, October 18, 2008 07:26:29 PM

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