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Michelle Obama's Astrology Chart: The New First Lady
Michelle Obama's Astrological Chart Michelle Obama, the wife of Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama, was born in Chicago, Illinois on January 17, 1964. Her time of birth is not published, so it is estimated by most astrologers that she was born at noon.

Like other famous people, Michelle Obama has an impressive stallion in one sign of her astrological chart. This is usually characteristic of people in power and public figures. Michelle Obama has a lineup of Chiron, the Moon, Venus and Saturn in Pisces. Pisces tends to be an incredibly moody sign and very inward looking. It is not surprising with this kind of line up, including the wounded healer "Kiron," that she is infamous for her bouts of depression as well.

Michelle Obama also has a mental illness indicator in her chart, as Jupiter is her ascendant. This is the same type of planetary action that you see in the charts of celebrities Britney Spears and Heath Ledger. It is an indicator of someone who struggles with great depression or mood swings at times. It could be that Obama is very torn between being famous and living by her convictions.

Michelle Obama is also very stable and fair minded Capricorn, which is needed when you are so much in the spotlight. It is the most organized sign and shows that she can handle a lot of pressure. The sun in Capricorn also contributes to her hard-nosed public image.

One of the alarming configurations in both Michelle and Barack Obama's astrological chart is Mars in conjunct with the Sun. Unfortunately, this can portend a violent death, such as an assassination or bad accident. Many astrologers have noted this element, which is in both the charts of Michelle and Barack Obama, and are hoping that it is not predictive.

Michelle Obama's Mars is also in Aquarius. This means that she is a passionate and good person, who will always fight for the underdog, including the mentally ill and the oppressed.  We have already seen evidence of this when she speaks out about depression and other social dilemmas. She has also fought for equal rights and for the rights of African Americans.


Michelle Obama is quite a charismatic speaker as well, and this is indicated by Neptune on her descendant. People with this descendant are able to express themselves eloquently. They can talk about subjects that are uncomfortable or taboo with great humor and accuracy. Despite her own challenges with illness, Michelle Obama is a wonderful example of a wounded healer who champions the cause of mental illness. Neptune is also in Sagittarius, which means that she will always do her best to not let the illness get the better of her.

Michelle Obama's Saturn is also opposite her husband's Mars, which means that their relationship can be quite feisty at time. A good example of this type of astrological trait in action is when she refused to join his election campaign unless Barack quit smoking! This is another example of how this classy, yet troubled individual, has proved to us that she can stick by her convictions.

Donna West is a professional writer and researcher on psychics and astrology.

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By Bette, Wednesday, November 05, 2008 08:11:02 PM
OMG, Tonia, how can you twist things like you did and say what you did. You do not sound like a person who believes in God, because God is a Loving God. How could you even write the words "the Obama/Biden victory is easier to handle". I am an American and proud of it and I think it is about time that we crossed the race barrier and no longer see color. Obama made History and we all need to stand behind him and unite. I am ready for Change, how about you? God Bless America and our new President and the 1st Family.
By Dionne, Wednesday, November 05, 2008 06:26:03 PM
To those of you who think this country is free from racism, think again. Although this country has come along way, we still have a ways to go. To those of you who think that African Americans don't value or believe in themselves, you are so wrong. We believed in ourselves even when no one else did. We take pride in ourselves, our heritage and all those who fought for our rights and lost their lives for our rights. So stop being judgemental and thinking you know us or how we feel or how we think, because frankly you have no idea and with what some of you wrote, you never will understand. Try listening and understanding and stop judging people unless you can walk a mile in their shoes. And for those of you who call yourselves Christians, stop judging and making accusations because that is not the Christian way and not how GOD operates. It is time to unite and stop placing blame on each other.
By Dominique, Wednesday, November 05, 2008 04:32:23 PM
For the person who made the comment the black people use racisim as an excuse that is the most rediculous thing i've ever heard. GOD made us equal but the white man made us seperate. I dont recall GOD telling us to us seperate bathrooms or water fountains. As a matter of fact i dont recall GOD taking us from Africa making us slaves. That was all man! We do believe in ourself but when you have other people who hold you back and dont ever think we as a people are not held back because we were for may years. So when the African American women said now her daughter knows she can make something of her self thats exaclty what she meant. Anything is Possible. For years A black man president was inpossible. Now it's reality.
By Pamela, Wednesday, November 05, 2008 04:08:45 PM
This is the Unites States of America. We have been proud to be called the "Melting Pot" of the world. We have every color or human being living here. The election is over. Barack Obama was declared the winner. Did he actually win? I have no idea. I have to trust the news media to deliver the results of the election. I have to trust no-name, no-face people to count the votes. I live in Metro Atlanta and we have heard there are maybe hundreds of thousands of votes that were cast early by absentee ballots that haven't even been counted yet. We were told by the news media months ago that Obama would win. The youth of this country were brought to a frenzy by a young, charasmatic man who played on his blackness, as did his wife. It didn't matter to any of the people reporting about Obama that the woman who gave birth to him and the man and woman who raised him were WHITE. All we hear over and over again is he is the first African American President. That is INCORRECT - he is Mulatto - he is mixed breed. He is just as much white as he is black. So - now that we're past the hype carried on by the news media for so long - we now have a new president. Like it or not - he IS our president. I did what I could by casting my vote. Whether I support Obama, McCain or "none of the above" doesn't matter. What does matter is we have a new president. He is going to need us to unite and support him. He's the president and trying to undermine his administration is doing nothing but weakening an America that is struggling to hold her own. We need to bend our knees and pray for this new president and his family. I hear all kinds of mumbling threats that Obama won't have time to hurt or help America because he'll be assasinated. That's not going to give a remedy to any perceived problem. I promise you -- Joe Biden will NOT make a better president than Obama. I think Obama sincerely believes that he has the wherewithal and the ideas to make America stand proud again. He scares me. Bush scared me! Both of them. It's time to put away the name calling and begin to unite behind this president. I will say this - he's going to have a long way DOWN to go to get where George W. Bush and his administration have put us. I hope Obama's promises become realities and I wish for him and his family a successful administration because if he succeeds - it's a WIN-WIN situation for us as Americans. God Bless America.
By Linda, Wednesday, November 05, 2008 02:42:51 PM
Yes, I'll post a comment! I think our country is going down the tubes. All the media and democrats completely ignored the facts about Obama lama. His birth was in Kenya, most likely not on American soil and needless to say , his association with known terrorists. What is wrong with people? I don't care if he is black or green, he shouldn't even been allowed to run for this office. He doesn't care about this country and I'm amazed that a Christian or Godly person would ever consider voting for him after his abortion and homosexual support for these things. Well, we got him so lets see how he runs now.
By Ellen, Wednesday, November 05, 2008 01:32:09 PM
Byfay, what are you talking about? Sylvia predicted Hussin would
By N. Elizabeth, Wednesday, November 05, 2008 01:26:09 PM
When I look at Obama all I see is LIGHT. He does not fit the sterotype of an old, white, petty, pathetic, self-serving politician, which repesents change. I do believe he choose this role, based on his past life experiences, long before he incarnated on Earth and will personify that which our Country is built upon. With Obama at the helm and positive thinking projecting from the White House, we will continue the infusion of light to Earth and elevate into a higher dimension at a faster rate. Elizabeth
By fay, Wednesday, November 05, 2008 01:15:35 PM
Over the last seven days of predictions, I have noticed your "political stance", which I strongly disapprove. How dare you! Sylvia Browne's comments,okay. I never want to hear your prejudice predictions again. Thank you.
By Ellen, Wednesday, November 05, 2008 12:21:39 PM
Maristol, I am certainly glad you voted and are proud of yourself for doing so, however you did not respond to the question. What does the action of not pledging Allegiance to the country that elected you to lead?
By Tonia, Wednesday, November 05, 2008 11:59:41 AM
who really cares what time someone was born. you people need to get a grip or a job and quit fighting over what time someone was born. some of you are even questioning sylvia brownes judgement. everything happens for a reason. atleast now we know that it will not be McCain or Palin who is having the heart attack or getting assainated while in office. as a republican, that makes the obama/Biden victory a lot easier to handle. a president of the United States who will not salute the flag. God works in mysterious ways.

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