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The Legend of Sylvia Browne
Who is Sylvia Browne Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures

Sylvia Browne was born on October 19, 1936. Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium. Sylvia Browne's clients include celebrities and people from every walk of life. Some ask if Sylvia Browne is real, but Sylvia has also been called upon to assist the police (and the families of victims) with crimes, and doctors with troubling cases. Sylvia Browne is also a repeated best-selling author with more than thirty books published about spiritual and metaphysical topics.


Many tune in weekly to see Sylvia Browne appear on The Montel Williams Show. Her funny, warm and infectious style of delivering the psychic messages appeals to an audience of millions. Sylvia Browne is like the older sister you know and love, who just happens to truly know everythingand makes you laugh as she tells you the God honest truth. Both the television audience and viewers at home are frequently brought to tears and laughter by her thoughtful and healing psychic messages. Some of her most popular Montel Williams appearances have been her “yearly prediction” shows.


Sylvia Browne's predictions have stunned and amazed millions as she has accurately predicted world events, milestones for celebrities, and so much more. Browne also hosts a regular radio show on Hay House Radio, offering her sage advice about paranormal and psychic issues with an international audience.


Sylvia Browne was born in "the heart of the Bible Belt" (Kansas City, Missouri) and is the older of two daughters. Her psychic gifts developed quickly; at the tender age of three, she saw the deaths of both of her great-grandmothers. Sylvia Browne was simply terrified by this, but fortunately Sylvia had her Grandma Ada to turn to. Grandma Ada also had psychic abilities and understood her granddaughter even better than she could know. Grandma Ada explained to Sylvia Browne that she was a psychic medium and that God gave her these gifts to help people. At the time, Sylvia had responded that these gifts scared her, and that she didn't want them. Her Grandma Ada only smiled a knowing smile. Sylvia Browne developed a love for world religions at an early age, with a household that encompassed Jewish, Episcopalian, Catholic and Lutheran beliefs.


Sylvia Browne's psychic abilities continued to grow as she did. At seven years of age, Sylvia Browne met her Spirit Guide Francine. Francine said, "I come from God. I am here to guide and protect you, and you don't have to be afraid." While Sylvia was scared at first, after another talk with Grandma Ada, Sylvia Browne learned that Francine was a trusted companion, advisor and life-long friend. To this day, Sylvia Browne refers to Francine at many of her lectures, seminars and in her books.


As an adult, Sylvia Browne started a school to teach about spiritual subjects. Sylvia Browne is a trained hypnotist and a highly-skilled trance medium. In 1974, she started The Nirvana Foundation for Psychic Research, today it is known as The Sylvia Browne Corporation. Classes grew larger and larger and what started in her tiny living room soon moved to a storefront location.


In 1986, Sylvia Browne founded the Society of Novus Spiritus, a church located in Campbell, California. The Christian Gnostic beliefs include rejecting guilt, sin and retribution. It is a Gnostic Christian church. Sylvia Browne creates special materials used specifically for the church.


Sylvia Browne is continuing her legacy by working with her son, psychic Chris Dufresne. Chris now also offers private readings. Sylvia Browne's amazing psychic gifts appear also in Chris Dufresne's young daughter, Angeline. Sylvia Browne is still accessible to those that love her—as she continues to do private readings when so many at her level do not offer them.


Sylvia Browne is a best-selling author with more than thirty books published including If You Could See What I See, Lessons for Life, and Life on The Other Side. Her passion for research and enthusiasm for teaching spiritual subjects appeals to the millions that read and love Sylvia Browne's books. Many of her materials are available on audio CD.


Sylvia Browne has touched so many lives and truly transformed them with her predictions and spiritual teachings. Sylvia Browne gives lectures to sold-out audiences over and over.


Sylvia Browne is a popular media guest across the country, appearing often on television and radio programs. She is a frequent guest on Larry King Live and Coast to Coast AM.

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By naomi, Friday, March 06, 2009 11:24:45 AM
Also don't forget that you can talk to your loved ones on the Other Side (Heaven). They hear you. Its like a prayer to them. Telling somone about your day in prayer, or telling them you love them in prayer is allowing yourself to stay connected with them. And you already know that people that pass over to Heaven are Very Much Alive and Thriving, and having a very full life existence on the other side. Read "Temples on the Other Side", by Sylvia Browne. These temples are only one idea of what exists for us to do in Heaven. So we life forever. We are here to learn and live in this lifetime on earth for right now, until we return Home in Heaven (another dimention) only a few feet above the ground here on earth. Heaven is right here, only about 3 feet above the ground in another dimention. Our decesceced loved ones are actually not that far away. You can talk to anyone in a prayer at any time, alive of dead. And it is amazing that the results are that they hear you. Even if its subconciously, they hear you. Look up telepathy. It is a way we communicate, and some people hear it, and some people are unaware that they hear it, but they feel better when love is sent their way and they don't know why. Someone will catch the love, no love that is sent is ever wasted.
By fred, Thursday, March 05, 2009 03:55:06 PM
Dear Sylvia My name is fred burke sr.and I always wanted to have a chance to thank you for giving me the knowlege I now have after reading your books.All during my school years I could not be bothered to pick up a book to read,but after watching you on Larry King LIVE WHILE VISITING MY SON IN Texes in 2003 I have now become one of your ardent fans.Your books are now very much a part of me.Thank you sylvia FRED BURKE SR.
By naomi, Thursday, March 05, 2009 12:23:54 PM
Dear Jeanie, I am so sorry for your loss. I want to help you as best I can. Here is my best advice on how to get some answers, and some sort of knowing that your hubby is happy and at peace in Heaven, and may visit you when he has finished his orientation, (what you go through immediately when you reach Heaven). And the orientation takes time. He may even be in a cocoon: which is a love vessel that you are put in for a time, after a very upsetting life, and/or if that person that just died is sad with grief because they don't understand why they had to come to heaven and not stay on earth. But they soon realize after being explained to and cocooned and loved, that they can visit you, and the reality of Heaven is that it is only a few minutes before earth people will be there too. And our time is years to a day to them. Their time and our time are different. And also, our atmosphere is thicker with negativity, and Heaven's atmosphere is lighter. So we are not so easy to get though to, to say messages to, and for the unpracticed spirit to know how to get through a message through our foggy atmosphere sometimes. And Sylvia said she had to wait 4 years (I think it was 4?) before she could talk to her father. Because time is different over there, and quite honestly, obstacles. (think about it this funny way: if you were on on the toilet, would you be able to be at the hockey game and also play tennis? Or would you wait until you were done, then get off the toilet and work on whatever projects you may have.)(probably same as the cocoon. In the cocoon you are in a spiritual healing all encompassing loving state, and then when you are done, you can try to contact your loved ones) I think I remember Sylvia saying that her father might have been in a cocoon all that time to get over his grief from his life on earth. There are so many of Sylvia's books, I don't know which book I read it in. So I'm going by my best remembering. But here are a list of some of my best reccommendations. You can probably get all of these books at the Library: A Journal of Love and Healing Transcending Grief by Sylvia Browne and Nancy Dufresne, Sylvia Browne the Other Side and Back, Blessings from the Other Side by Sylvia Browne, Life on the Other Side a psychics tour of the afterlife by Sylvia Browne, Sylvia Browne's Book of Dreams, and Life after Life by Raymonda Moody Jr. M.D.(Actual case histories that reveal there is life after death. This is a bunch of books you can start with. All of Sylvias books bring healing and peace, so I emplore you to read all of her books. If it was me, (and one day it will be because we are all mortal :) I would set my alarm clock for 1 am or 2 am or 3 am (3 am is my favorite time and most common time for spirits to contact you) and I would wait and see if that person is ready to give you a sign. And the air has more humidity in the early morning hours, so its easier for spirits to get through and leave a message. Messages can be shaking or bumping the bed, and clicking noises, and knocking, and moving a paper picture, stuff like that. I actually have something shake my bed at night and wake me up all the time. It might be my grandparents, it might be an old friend from a past life, it might be my spirit guide, but something is shakeing my bed. And its nice they want to say, "Hey, we are here for you, and its ok, we are alive and thriving." God Bless, and Gods Light to you All.
By leyinska, Tuesday, March 03, 2009 07:48:05 PM
my nephew died he was only 18 i will like to know how this happen there is to many storys involve please help me i've seen you'r show and it amaze me alot of things you have told people i'm one of you'r biggest fans, also im in love with this men but he haves a wife i will like to know if he loves me like he said iw ill like to know were this is going to end up cause i do love him..
By Jeanie, Tuesday, March 03, 2009 09:47:59 AM
My husband passed away suddenly in November 2008. I never had a chance to say goodbye to him. It has been almost 4 months and I am so lonely. I have tried numerous things to try to bring him to me one more time so that I may say goodbye. I talk to him all the time but am not sure he hears me. I do not even feel his presence. I have left the house exactly as he left it in hopes that he will be around me. Sylvia, can you help me?
By Andrea, Sunday, March 01, 2009 02:18:03 PM
Sylvia, I have recently read 3 of your books, walking on my treadmill, I really can't get enough of your writings, they are brillant. I lost my job in Nov and still cannot find one, and on top of all of that my youngest son, who has not yet graduated moved out on bad terms, and has called my father and step-mom (my only family) and has told them all these lies, so they have now turned on us. I am so frustrated, angry and hurt, feel stressed because of the situation and trying to find a job. Will I find one soon, and what is going to happen between me and my father, I so miss him and love him, but am hurt. I do feel the son will be back around when he needs something, but the relationship between me and my dad is now ruined. Any suggestions???? Andrea
By naomi, Friday, February 27, 2009 12:28:31 PM
Regarding previous post, on THIS Saturday Feb 28th at Chris Dufresne Sylvias Son is Hosting..... I need to clairify: I said that I had a full reading from Chris, and I said it was 8 months later for MY prediction to come true. YOUR prediction timeline will be personal for you. :)
By naomi, Friday, February 27, 2009 11:48:02 AM
I personally have had a full reading from Chris Dufresne, (through their website not throught the one question one answer )and I have to say he is right on! So far his predictions for my life have all happened as he said they would. Its uncanny, and its a nice way to confirm that We Really Are In Contact With Heaven. It can't be denyed after your reading comes true 8 months later. Just write up all your questions beforehand, because he needs to know what you want. He can't tell you what you want to know. You have to ask the question. It is your life, and it is your questions being answered. Thats all the advice I have today. So Good Luck! And God Bless! There is a lot of solace and healing when you get confirmation from the other side. They are helping us. Our Spirit Guides, Our Angels, Mother and Father God, and our Totems, and our Friends. Just ask the questions to God, to get the ball rolling. Write it up, even if you don't get the reading from Chris, because somewhere the answer will come to you from someone along the line of our lifetime.
By naomi, Friday, February 27, 2009 11:34:57 AM
I just went to hayhouse radio just now, and guess what! Chris her son is going to answer FREE questions! this Saturday! Here is the writeup on hayhouse radio: Saturday, February 28, 2009 Ask Chris Your Question Today! A renowned psychic in his own right, Sylvia's son Chris Dufresne guest hosts today's program. Join him as he shares his psychic gifts and takes your calls! ( To find this write up: Just goto then click on the 'Show Hosts' then click on 'Sylvia Browne'. )
By naomi, Friday, February 27, 2009 11:27:46 AM
Sylvia Browne and other like minded people can be heard on Sylvias show is on every Thursday. :) Have a nice Day!

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