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Sylvia Browne 2013 Predictions
Sylvia Browne predictions for 2010, 2011, and beyond. by Sylvia Browne

The question I am asked the most on a daily basis is, "Sylvia, what are your predictions for 2010, 2011, 2012 and beyond?"

I predict so many new and interesting things are coming for us within the next two years. Some are positive changes that will affect the world at large. Others are changes that may affect only a certain group of people and will improve their lives. Here are my Sylvia Browne predictions!

Around 2009 to 2012, I predict Americans will start working on what I like to call our "buts." There are problems that we are aware of that make the global community smaller. We have liked to say, "Our system works"..but...


...Children are not properly fed, clothed, educated, protected or given adequate medical care.


...Many in our population do not have a place to call home.


...Some of our youth get more attention from gangs and drug dealers than they do positive role models.


...People who are ready, willing and able to work cannot find decent jobs.


...Our elderly are not cared for properly either financially or medically.


...Some death row inmates are innocent.


...Some elected officials and large corporations do not think of the welfare of the people as a high priority - they'd rather just increase their bank accounts.


I predict we'll develop strong resolve and resources to address these problems and come up with some good solutions.

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More of my Sylvia Browne predictions...


I predict a great rise in skin cancer in children until 2010. There is a lot of media coverage about the UV rays and many products to protect people against them. But people are still often careless when it comes to the sun. Then again, people could pay attention - and reverse this prediction right out from under me. I would certainly be all for that!


I predict the President elected sometime between 2008 and 2020 will die in office from a heart attack. The Vice President who will finish their term will have an unpopular and mistaken intention to declare war on North Korea. By that time, North Korea will have weapons of mass destruction. In the middle of efforts to declare war, I predict the Vice President will be assassinated.


There will be a worldwide investigation into the Vice President's death with both pleasant and unpleasant surprises. A lot of attention will be paid to one of the investigative congressional committees and serious accusations will be made regarding missing funds. Finally, it will be revealed that their accusations are part of a conspiracy to damage the American people's faith in their government, with the media manipulated to "fan the flames," and the committee will be vindicated in the end.

I predict we can truly say "goodbye" to the common cold in 2009 or 2010. The solution to the common cold involves heat. Keep in mind that the body's first response when we develop a cold is to come down with a fever. Many doctors today no longer rush to push patients to take temperature reducing medications when they come down with a fever, unless the fever is dangerous. They feel the immune system is the patient's best medicine and should be given a chance to fight back. So as the immune system fights a cold with heat, the cure for the common cold certainly may lie in this first signal to heal.


I predict that a small cubicle will become available in doctor's offices sometime in 2009 and it will be heated to a very precise temperature. There may be a special vapor placed into the cubicle. Patients will stand in the cubicle for approximately five minutes and the rhinitis germ will be destroyed.


Another wonderful bit of good news on the health front with this discovery - since this cubicle can easily take on the rhinitis germ, many people that have breathing problems with allergies and asthma complications will find some breakthroughs as well. We will see this cubicle discovery used for healing for those with breathing disorders. The cubicle will become available in 2009 or 2010.


I predict hypnotic past-life regression will become available through a group of trained psychologists on both the east and west coasts of the U.S.A. in 2009. It will prove to be quite a success and will be widely practiced by 2011.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Steve, Tuesday, November 03, 2009 08:02:48 AM
Oh Sylvia, Sylvia, Sylvia..... Tsk, tsk. Another palette of predictions that never came true. Why does Sylvia bother with predictions anyway? I have a list compiled from the last ten years of Sylvia's predictions. None, and I mean none of those predictions ever held water. Is Sylvia just toying with her followers? Pulling the strings on her puppets? I must admit, years ago, I had somewhat of an interest in Sylvia's work, until I began doing some research on her did I realize that Sylvia isn't on the up and up. According to skeptic and former pro magician James Randi, Sylvia is a monetary villain. Preying on the minds of grieving people. I believe Mr. Randi's remarks unfortunately have merit. I'm not going to condemn all psychics like the skeptics do. But when it comes to these high profile celebrity "psychics," I believe it's hard cold cash that's the real "spirit" behind these people.
By Sharon, Friday, September 25, 2009 06:27:06 PM
Is Sylvia coming back on Spirit now or not
By Katrina, Friday, September 11, 2009 11:13:59 PM
Sylvia, I have purchased many of your books and I have to say they are very enlightening.I'm very spiritual person and have many amazing experiences throughout my life, none in which anyone could give me an answer for but you.I find many nights holding my head in wonder and thinking "oh thats what that is" after reading a few passages of your books, and I want to say thanks.I wish people will open their eyes more and stop discounting these things, many unexplained things happen every day sometimes people are"grabbing at straws" so to speak to find a rational explanation and there is none.
By Solana, Wednesday, September 09, 2009 09:32:09 AM
Sylvia, The demon that took you had your father as well, did it not? The signs are unmistakable to an adept. You blend horror with greed and have embraced abomination. Your demon, Bakor, is a minor imp who delights in gold and mischief. He speaks through your mouth with spite. He wrenches your flesh into uncouthness. I am sorry but you accepted him of your own free will. We cannot help you. The seven windowed room of sacredness will never house you.
By jeannie, Saturday, September 05, 2009 03:12:17 PM
you stupied people go jump off a cliff sylvia browne and chris is the the greatest people God sent us and you stupied people are dark enities read a book stupieds and leave her alone
By Ray, Saturday, September 05, 2009 12:20:55 PM
I just read the postings by "noneof" and his or her pain that this person is experiencing. Sylvia does charge a hefty sum of money for a reading and it's unfortunate that her reading to "noneof" and his/her family didn't mesh. I'm very sorry that this person's loved one died one day later, I really am. All psychics, even the best of psychics do make errors. We are only human and are far from perfect beings. Regarding Randi's "$1,000,000 challenge" I understand that Sylvia accepted, I think this was on Larry Kings show, but as it turns out Sylvia's office made several attempts to make an appointment with Randi to have Sylvia tested. Apparently Randi's office wouldn't return phone calls and the whole matter ended up in limbo. Evidentially, this happened to other psychics that accepted Randi's claim as well. Like I said in my last post I believe the whole thing is merely a publicity stunt. I don't believe that old James Randi, a former magician actually has a million dollars of "negotiable" bonds at his disposal. Randi isn't the most honest guy in the world. Randi's skeptic web site probably still has his immature "Sylvia Browne clock" ticking away the days, months and years that Sylvia "didn't" show up. I read a very interesting story from an Australian attorney who did some investigating on Randi and found him to be a rather naughty boy in terms of fraud involved by Randi, defamation of charter he's written about others, slander, the whole ball of wax. Randi is an extremist. Randi and the late Johnny Carson were very good friends and Carson was know to have a very dark and diabolical side to him. Carson was an atheist who poked fun at psychics and spirituality. Carson even left $500,000 to Randi's foundation in his will. Too bad Carson loved to throw money down the toilet even in death.
By Ray, Saturday, September 05, 2009 11:47:29 AM
I can appreciate Sylvia's doctrine of her Novus Society Church it makes significantly more sense that all of this fire and brim stone tripe dispensed by most other faiths. I realize Sylvia has worked on many police cases for missing people and even for the FBI where her aiding to the police agencies was successful in solving missing persons cases. I've heard law enforcement officials on television news programs giving accolades to Sylvia in her help. Now, I've read a lot of hard biting criticism about Sylvia from the scientific and skeptical community. Mainly James Randi and Dr. Michael Shermer have written was is presented as fact, and maybe only bits and pieces of it are fact, pretty much saying that Sylvia is a fraud and that she refuses to accept Randi's "$1,000,000 challenged to prove her psychic abilities. I don't believe Randi has a million dollars worth of negotiable bonds to give away. I think it's merely a publicity stunt to entertain his small readership. I personally don't believe all of the negative reviews Sylvia has received over the years, I believe Sylvia has a greater than average psychic ability. What soils Sylvia's credibility are her predictions that never, ever come true. Also Sylvia's explanation in great detail of what the other side is like doesn't hit home with me. I've read where a really good psychic never makes predictions and never claims to know "exactly" what the other side is like. I believe Sylvia is just tarting things up some; in other words, sensationalizing her craft. But all in all I think Sylvia has a finer tuned psychic ability than the average civilian. Since she has aided the police and federal government in missing persons cases, and at least I can give her some area of credit there.
By Stacy, Monday, August 24, 2009 09:53:10 PM
Where are you? Still advertising you still have the web class but can not access the web page to sign up as this is only way I can afford to see and hear you. Sure do miss you. Will I be good in this new web business I have joined? thank you Stacy Jo
By Lakeisha, Monday, August 17, 2009 02:52:17 AM
I had to comment on the negative comments people are leaving about sylvia. if u can not handle the fire she brings, get out of the kitchen. obviously there is more going on within all of you,to make you disrespect her in this manner.You are not hurtin her with your negative energy, you are hurtin yourself. so as i leave this message, i surround everyone with the whitelight of the holy spirit with angels at your side. nw
By Lakeisha, Monday, August 17, 2009 02:45:30 AM
hi sylvia, Blessings to u and your family. i need advise on my mother hazel. She has a parasital disease.I think it is called megellons disease. She is infested with 3 to 4 differents types of parasites. Please tell me how i can help her. I believe in your word.My email is Congrats on your marriage and your prince charming.

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