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The Most Popular Questions About The Other Side
The Other Side with Sylvia Browne by Sylvia Browne


Many people ask me about what is on The Other Side. They especially have questions about The Other Side when a loved one, friend or a beloved pet goes to The Other Side.


Here are some of my most popular questions about life on The Other Side. Most likely, you will find some of your questions about The Other Side on this list.



Where is The Other Side?


The Other Side exists right along with us; it is not way up there in the clouds. It is simply three feet above the ground. The Other Side is a higher dimension than what we have here on earth.



What is the silver cord?


The silver cord connects us to our spiritual life force that comes from God. This is very much like the umbilical cord that a baby has when it is first born, except your silver cord is never to be cut. The silver cord is located just below the breastbone.



What is the tunnel that people travel through to get to The Other Side like?


I had a near-death experience at 42. The tunnel that I saw appeared instantly and came up from my body. It did not lead straight up, but instead led across at a twenty-degree angle. I felt very energized as I moved through the tunnel. I was weightless and felt very peaceful. I knew in my heart that soon I would be greeted by my loved ones.



What happens when your life is over?


My Spirit Guide Francine says that when life on earth ends, our eternal spirits leave our bodies and go Home to God. Home is a beautiful place that is almost indescribable. You can feel pure love all the time while living in Home.



What is the importance of our charts with The Other Side?


On The Other Side, before we are born, we create a chart of our life. This chart includes all that we will experience. This includes our happiness and our challenges. It includes the beginning of our life and the parents we will have. It also includes our time of death.



Do we remember our other lives?


Yes, we remember them on a spiritual level. Our spirit retains memories from each lifetime we have had. Our current life is affected by these memories, even if we are unaware of this.



Why are we here on earth?


We are here on earth to overcome negativity and to also perfect our spirits for God.



The Other Side, as you can see, is not some grand mystery. Your loved ones are always with you, as they live on The Other Side.



Love always,


Sylvia Browne



P.S. The Other Side is a place that many people have questions about. Everyday people, religious leaders and scholars have asked thoughtful questions about The Other Side for centuries. In my book Life on The Other Side, learn just what life is like.


Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.


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By Sitha Gail, Thursday, June 12, 2008 07:11:17 AM
Sylvia Last November I went in for a simple laser hysterectomy but came out with major bladder problems caused by the doc, I almost died I remember my deceased sister came and saved me I do not know how she did it. I was talking to her outside of my body and I was crying telling her I could not leave this earth yet because there was not anyone in my immediate family to raise my son he is only 5 years old so he needs alot of guidance and that I did not think anyone I knew would raise him correctly. When I came home from the hospital I had a vague dream that I was on the other side and was gathered by family and told them see what I can do and I floated a little bit off of the ground. Can you do this on the other side? Before my sister died of cancer I told her that I always believed that it was peaceful and loving on the other side and if she was hurting and suffering that bad to let herself go I she would not suffer anymore. Is she my guardian angel? Before she died she got Babtised 50 or so times. She wanted to make sure she was going to heaven and I quess every sin she had made in her life she wanted to make sure she was forgiven. Thanks for listening.
By petra, Monday, June 09, 2008 10:56:23 AM
sylvia, you say we are here for god to perfect our soul and get rid of negativity, but when god created our soul's we were perfect, we become imperfect being sent to earth! why sent us here and not keep us w/ god? also, why would we need car's on the other side, our soul's were created before certain times/centuries, back then we didn't have car's, so why would we need them in heaven? and if everything was so 'clear' why did god make such a mysterie out of everything? you are pretty amazing, but some things don't add up? like you said shawn (a local kid that was kidnapped a few year's ago) was killed and you were a hundred percent sure and said it on national television, but shawn has been found alive one year ago?
By Janice, Monday, June 09, 2008 09:24:06 AM
hi Aries. i agree with Leigh. and you know, you do not need to be religious to go to the other side. they say that what's important is that you have accepted God in your heart. and you will be saved. remember, there are many religious people who are not really good people.
By Leigh, Sunday, June 08, 2008 12:38:07 PM
Aries, I think everyone goes to other side whether religious or not. We all have the free will to choose to be religious or not while we are here, but in the end we all end up back home in the same place, whether people want to call it "Heaven", " The Universe", " The After Lifer" etc. We all come from there and our energy eventually WILL go back there. If people refuse the other side, then you have a ghost on your hands, or a lost soul who wants to stay earth bound.
By Aries, Thursday, May 29, 2008 12:00:24 PM
One thing I've been wondering, not everyone is the religious type, would they go to the other side? Also, do spirits have a choice to stay on earth, and it going to the other side a one-way thing?
By patsy, Friday, May 23, 2008 11:52:27 PM
hi sylvia. my name is patsy if you could help me i would be eternally graetful. My mother was put in the hospital for two weeks she had two blood transfusions they did test's on her and they still don't know what's wrong with her. She is not the same person she was two week's ago her name is lois creighton. Me and my sister's don't no what to do. Will she be ok or will she be going to the otherside to be with my dad. thank's patsy (405)603-8862
By linda, Friday, May 23, 2008 07:01:32 PM
I am confused about grey entities. In the "beginning" (if we can call it that, even though creation is in the "now" of God) entities chose between being white entities or being dark entities. Those dark ones deciding to rule earth with the downside of being denied the Other Side. Dark entities were sent to Noir and white entities lived on the Other Side. Here's where i get confused. How come there are grey entities? Where did they go? Did grey entities go directly to the Holding Place? Do guides from the Other Side go to the Holding Place to be the guides of the grey entities there? Do grey entities listen to guides? What makes a grey person decide to turn one way or the other? Does a grey soul wait for a guide to incarnate on earth? Does a grey soul have to wait for a light to appear, leading that grey person to the Other Side? How many white entities does it take to make this light appear in the Holding Place? Can a grey entity live many many lives on earth and not decide to go through the Left Door or saying they love God? Can a white entity on earth say something or do something to make a grey soul instantly turn white? I understand some people in the Holding Place are also white: some that were so defeated or abused in life so much that they overtaken by anger or other negative emotions, but where are these white souled people's guides? Didn't these guides help them? Guides seem powerless in some cases? How can God let a white entity incarnate to learn for Him, yet do nothing if this person gets caught by anger or whatever, to be stuck in a wold of despair like the Holding place... like it wasn't enough to live a life of extreme pain on earth??? Martin
By Rita, Tuesday, May 20, 2008 02:53:02 PM
Dear Sylvia if you can help me find a way to get my life back. i would be eternally grateful. The pain i have to live with brings me to thoughts of suicide! i need help! Love to you and to all who read this comment. A warning to those who just might come down with a dreaded case of "Shingles". Which in itself is extremely painful. You must get your shots to prevent this from happening. Even worse if you don't get the vacine is the horrendous aftermath called post-herpetic neuralia. At the tender age of 67, it happened to me. Three years later i'm still unable to function in any normal way. i live on pain pills that just manage to make my life bearable. Any guidance would be most appreciated. All my love, Rita
By Katherine, Monday, May 19, 2008 01:53:11 PM
Sylvia, I lost my son 05 at 37, my brother 06 at 57, and my best friend 07 at 65, I know where they are and at first I got communication from my son, I know he was letting me know he was alright and the same with my brother. I don't know about my friend, but its OK. I get it. I am excited about when I go home, but know I ahve to finish my lifes chart here and thats OK. I just read your book about the temples on the other side and God knows My heart was so filled with knowing about being at home again. I know now why I don't hear from my loved ones as often, I would be busy too. : I will miss you on Tv, I feel like you and Montel have been a part of my life for years, I wish you both well and you have all the love I can muster. Love Kathie
By Irene, Monday, May 19, 2008 12:07:45 PM
Sylvia, you have given me the greatest gift of all, a better understanding of what is to come. I am on a spiritual journey that I never thought would be possible. Every day I thank God for you and Christopher and the rest of your family. I look forward to the gifts that your granddaughter will share with the world. I see my parents more often now in my dreams. I have had my maternal grandmother stand beside me and smile while I was preparing Christmas dinner 07 and New Year dinner 08, what a wonderful feeling. I couldn't see my grandmother I just felt her presence. The other presence I feel more and more is my spirit animal I call "Pasha", a large black panther, I can feel/sense Pasha's purring. I look forward to seeing you in Seattle in October. May the White Light always shine on you and yours. Love, Irene.

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