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Your Relationship With Yourself
by Sylvia Browne

I'd like to talk about something that we don't really talk about very often: our relationship with ourselves.

Let me ask you a question: are you a friend to yourself? Do you love or like yourself? If you hesitate to answer for the second question, you are not alone. We are taught not to love ourselves because it is supposedly selfish to love yourself. But it is not so, we need to love ourselves in order to reach our true spiritual growth. Getting comfortable with your own company and feeling joy in this is an important thing to have in your lifetime!

Some people feel so uncomfortable about themselves that they won't let themselves be alone for even a moment. Do you know people like that? They run from activity to activity and always have people coming and going. Their phone is constantly ringing and everything just seems to happen in a total whirlwind. Please don't misunderstand: there is nothing wrong with being busy. I like busy, and I am a busy person by nature and know plenty of good folks that are busy. But running so fast that you don't get to know yourself is very troublesome.

Confronting your fear about exploring who you are is critical. Many of these folks are simply stuck in harmful patterns that they keep repeating that keep them unhappy. Changing the harmful patterns can change their life.

Take the time to get to know yourself and to treasure the unique, beautiful person that you are!

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Green, Sunday, July 13, 2008 02:58:30 PM
Tammy I understand what it is like trying to deal with a negative person. I am sometimes very quick tempered and do not know how to mince my words when someone pisses me off. Yesterday morning after praying I took the Quran and before opening it, asked God to give me some words of wisdom for the day. I then opened the Quran and placed my finger on a phrase without looking at the book. This was what the phrase read "A believer is some who when harsh words are spoken to them, replies with words of peace". That was a great inspiration for me and it made my day yesterday and I'm planning to make sure I remember and abide it every day.
By Wendy, Sunday, July 13, 2008 02:10:58 PM
Hi Sylvia. This is a topic that has been a problem for me all my life. I've always had issues with my self-esteem, and up to this point have always thought of myself as a victim of this world, a world that values physical beauty above anything else, and things like money and power and sex. I've always felt I was ugly and have often been jealous of other women who seem to get more attention from men. Why I'm not sure, because at the same time, I've always been pretty independent in nature, and have always been comfortable with my own company. I'm not anti-social, but I'm definitely a loner, and have never had a lot of friends in my life, but for the most part I've always been okay with that. It's kind of contradictory, I know, but now that I've become familiar with your works and such, all of which I think is wonderful stuff, I've been wondering now who I really am, and what are my themes in this life. If I were to guess they're probably contradictory to one another, rather than being complimentary. Maybe Loner and Healer, or Loner and Activator? I've just started becoming familiar with oracle cards, and have been using them to ask my angels and spirit guides questions, along with my animal spirit guides, and they tell me that my life purpose has something to do with helping others to achieve their goals, like the wind beneath the wings and that sort of thing, and that does seem to fit me too. And I've also started learning to love myself too, because I know that I am a beautiful and beloved child of God, no matter what anyone says or does to me here. I am now learning to reject all that negativity, and feel myself healing spiritually now. It's a wonderful feeling, and I want to thank you so much for your help in guiding me in the right direction. Everything you say just makes sense to me, and it feels so much better to love myself! God Bless You!!!
By Linda, Sunday, July 13, 2008 08:53:25 AM
I asked him to tell me why he was so negative all the time ,so maybe we could work something out.. He will not and is always so angry.. I even suggested he talk clergy or to a Counselor.. "no way" He always says.. Ty :) Linda(AZ)
By maylin, Sunday, July 13, 2008 03:55:06 AM
Hello Penny. I know i am not Sylvia but i just would like to share on how i have learned more about myself. it is really hard to know ourselves but i think i did try to know myself more by attaching myself to the Lord and my loved ones. it think that you will get to know yourself when you share your life and experiences with other people.
By maylin, Sunday, July 13, 2008 03:49:02 AM
Hello Linda. I just want to know if you have already asked your ex husband regarding your concerns about his negative attitude? you know, i really think that there is something bothering him and that he has so many insecurities in his life and self. regarding your question if you need to move away from him, if you think that it would be for your daughter's good, then why not? i think it is time for you to have your freedom. maybe if you already moved away from him, that is the time you may get a new puppy and start a new life without him.
By Penny, Saturday, July 12, 2008 12:01:51 PM
Hi Sylvia, I am happy to say that I am learning to love myself. For the last few years, I have been getting to know myself, better. Would you have any suggestions that would help me to know myself in a deeper way? I appreciate and honour your comments. Sincerely, Penny
By Linda, Saturday, July 12, 2008 09:34:47 AM
Sylvia , after 14 years of marriage I finally divorced my husband, He has to be the most Negative person on this earth.. Anyway ,its like this Sylvia , he is like a "different person " around other people.. All smiles , loving and very nice. Then when its just "us " he would go back to being a really negative mean person. I took it as long as I could.. He is also mean to animals.. he "accidently" broke my little dogs leg once.. I didn't leave him then but I wish I had.. I gave the dog to a great family then a few years later I got another little dog ,watched over her constantly ..but ended up giving her to my daughter ,who gave her to a nice lady who loves her SO much. He was jealous of the dog.. I was protecting her..Will I ever get another dog and will it turn out good? You see I am disabled and need help getting my errands done.. Guess who ,,yes the x husband helps me.. Do I need to move away from hinm ? He lives 2 doors down from me.. I always wonder if I'm on the right track ? I feel like I divorced him for nothing.. How will things turn out and WHY is he SO negative all the time.. He brings me down Thanks and Much Love in Az. Linda :)
By maylin, Saturday, July 12, 2008 01:34:59 AM
bonnie, about your friend, i really did not get your story. are you saying that she is mentally ill? and is on her treatment process right now? i just want to understand it clearly because maybe i can give you a little advice and also the other people here.
By maylin, Saturday, July 12, 2008 01:32:04 AM
Hi Bonnie. you know, sometimes i am also a loner. that is not a bad attitude but you should know when you need to be alone. we all need and want someone to share our life with. why not try asking it to your angels and God? you know, i've met the love of my life because i asked God to give me the right person when the time comes. and now i am happy with my life and very contented.
By maylin, Saturday, July 12, 2008 01:27:57 AM
Hi Tammy. I think you should continue saying positive things even if the people around you are your opposite. don't get affected by the negative things that your neighbor is doing. you know, you are optimistic and that is very important. it is true that what you say about people is also what you say about yourself. so keeping your positive attitude is still the best way for you to help your husband and not get affected by your neighbor.

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