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Scorpio rules large chunks of money or property, often belonging to other people — the kind that comes from investments, royalties, inheritances and such. Although you're a hard worker, a weekly paycheck is not where you'll make your millions. Scorpios should focus on anything that generates "residual income"; in other words, money that you earn from an investment, rather than a daily job.

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Your sign rules birth and death, and you could fall into an inheritance at some point. If you're not so lucky, consider investing in art or antiques — or buying the publishing rights to someone's music. Anything that could become a legacy is worth exploring. Trust your razor-sharp Scorpio instincts and take a chance.

Risk is a great muscle to develop, as security-minded Scorpios tend to play it safe. Your sign needs to feel in control, but you may hold on too tightly to money, or swing between extremes of extravagance and utter cheapness. Learn when to let go and when to hold on. Push outside of your safety zone, and make investments, even if it means starting small.

Scorpios have the power to become moguls — Microsoft owner Bill Gates is a Scorpio, as is Julia Roberts, who was once the highest-paid actress in Hollywood. Play your cards right, and you could join their ranks!

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