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Helping Your Children With Their Dream Lives

by Sylvia Browne


How many times has your child told you about an amazing and unusual dream they had last night? Or perhaps they have mentioned that they visited with Grandma who is now living on The Other Side. Children are just like adults in that they have rich and vivid dreamlives. Being open to helping your child understand their dreams is a real gift.


We all travel to The Other Side occasionally during our dreams. This is after all, where we used to live. We chose to come to Earth to live for awhile before returning to The Other Side. So it makes perfect sense that we would become sentimental for our true home during our stay on Earth. If your child tells stories of visiting a place with magnificent buildings and large libraries and many people that all seem familiar—they very well may have traveled to The Other Side during their dreams.


Simply listening to your child’s dreams is so helpful to them. Asking them questions to help them get more information from their dream is very useful. It is best not to make definite statements about their dreams—let the child explain what they think they were dreaming about. This relationship can be so helpful for your child’s spiritual life!


What type of dreams have your children had? Do you think your children remember their dreams?

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By J, Saturday, May 10, 2008 02:03:25 AM
My daughter, who is no stranger to spiritual experiences, had a dream in which she said that she and I were "out of our bodies" and we saw my body on a bed w/ a bloody hole in my head. At first, I assumed this was just a bad dream, but later I learned that she and I had shared another life together in which she witnessed me being killed. She was my daughter in that life, too. She wasn't traumatized by the dream, so I think she's more aware than I had realized. She does claim to have a fox that guides her and she claims I have 4 to 6 spirit kids that follow me I've heard that's true also. I believe what she says because I know her character, plus much of it ends up being confirmed at some point. And they doubted me when I saw things as a child, so I knew how it felt not to be believed. I actually think my daughter is here more for me to learn from her than vice versa. If I remembered more dreams I'd probably be asking her advice about them. Janette
By hopeful, Friday, May 09, 2008 01:46:36 PM
My daughter who is 9 years old has woken up many times from "dreams". She would rush into my bedroom , telling me that she saw her great-grandmother in a dream. She is scared but happy at the same time. She has had this happen to her many times where she dreams of certain dead relatives . I believe her to be an "Indigo" child.
By karen, Friday, May 09, 2008 01:41:26 PM
I have a 22 year old son Michael who will be finished his honors economics in aug of this year Would you please tell me if He will be okay and if he will find a good job Thank you Karen in Canada
By Brenda, Friday, May 09, 2008 09:33:26 AM
My 7 year old son refuses to sleep and play in his room, he is convinced that there are ghosts in his room. When he was 2 he would talk to angels in his room for hours at a time. He played music for the angels and would ask me if I could here them too. I encouraged him to talk to his angels and assured him it was a wonderful thing. We moved from that house when he was 4. Our house is 98 years old and he has never spent much time in his room, he is also afraid to go into any room in our house if it is dark, once I turn a light on he will enter a room, but he goes in quickly and out quickly. I feel right at home in our house and I love the place, but my son seems to be picking up on things that I am unaware of. Is he really seeing or sensing things or is it just a "phase" he is going through? How can I help him feel safe in our home and especially in his bedroom?
By Tammy, Friday, May 09, 2008 12:08:25 AM
My son is having trouble sleeping at night, I know he sees my brother who is deceased in his dreams, but he says he isn't talking to him !!! He is afraid to sleep in his room and I often find him in with his sister...why is this happening, how can I help him????
By Amanda, Thursday, May 08, 2008 10:50:07 PM
Please, i feel like you are really the only person who can help me. If you read any of would really be saving my life.
By drizzle, Thursday, May 08, 2008 06:29:29 PM
I remember my son telling me about dreaming he was with his grandpa, who had passed suddenly not long before. They were sitting in a field filled with yellow poppies, talking casually about how it was just his time to go and not to worry. I wanted to know more but didn't want to scare him so didn't ask much for details. I think children do remember their dreams and probably with more clarity than us adults do, since their minds are more uncluttered.
By Sophie, Thursday, May 08, 2008 10:44:37 AM
I do not have any human children yet, but I do have three pet children, my three cats which I treat as my children. I see they have dreams because they move around and whimper while they are asleep. What could they possible be dreaming about?
By letha, Wednesday, May 07, 2008 11:43:53 PM
my 3.5 year old granddaughter told me she use to be my mother along time ago,and she was very nice to me like I am to her
By rhonda, Wednesday, May 07, 2008 08:25:38 PM
17 years ago i had a very dear friend who had passed away, and i had just got married weeks before. not knowing i was pregant, when i got the call i was totally upset and hurt. i cryed and cryed cause i never got to say i was sorry for a childhood problem i had with him. well i prayed so much and cryed all night just to see him to tell him i was sorry. well late that night i was the only one up sitting in my bed next to my late husband still crying when a light apeared threw the door. i was scared not knowing what this was, and was trying to wake everyone up but noone could hear me. the light got closer to me and i was pushing myself into the cournner of my bed next to the wall. i was still hollering and pushing my late husband, no answer form anyone nothing. i never could see the face just a figure of something, and it sat on the end of my bed. this object reached out it's hand to me, i was scared, and crying even more. i didn't know who or what it was and i wouldn't reach out. { now i was so upset when i heard that i was praying that god would take me and let my best friend live, cause he was to good to go}. so when it reached at me i didn't know what to do. i screamed no , what and who are you. it continued to reach for me as if it was trying to grab me. so i closed my eyes and cryed more, and when i peaked up it was going back out the door. well i jumped across my husband and ran to the bath room, then i was screaming in fear and was hurting really bad. well everyone gets up then, they could hear me now. they ran to me and there i was losing a baby, { my first} and it fell in the tolet. to this day, i dont know who or what it was. was this my best friend? and what and why was it reaching for me? and why when it left did i lose my baby that i never knew i had until then? is this who is watching over me and has saved me from death so many times? who is this? and who is watching over me and protecting me, { besides god}. and now i have 2 teen daughters and a KATRINA baby, and everysince i was pregant with this last one someone tall and skinny would come stand over me, even after i had him. now my youngest daughter is seeing him, please help me who is this person? because he really scares me he doesn't seem too be nice to me!! help me figure this out, i'm lost and scared here. LOVE ALWAYS, RHONDA { LOST, CONFUSED, AND SCARED}.

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