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Sagittarius is the zodiac's gambler, ruled by lucky Jupiter. You may see large amounts of cash come and go in your lifetime. While you can hit the jackpot, your thirst for adventure tempts you to spend your windfall just as quickly as you earned it. After all, you know you'll make it back. You're a naturally optimistic sign, and you love to work (as long as it's for yourself). For you, life is meant to be lived now!

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As you mature, Sagittarius, you may start thinking about the "S-word" (savings). At first reaction, you probably feel suffocated by the idea. To you, saving for a rainy day's gonna rain. You'd rather not deal with that idea, right, Miss Sunshine?

How do you stash some cash without depriving yourself of that abundant lifestyle you love? For starters, don't think of saving as having to choose between freedom and security. Plan a fun budget. Create an exciting dream for your savings. Think: rewards, rewards, and more rewards. Make a collage of your dream vacation, and start a fund for that. Match every dollar you put into savings, and before you know it, you'll have enough for, say, a home AND a trip around the world.

Sagittarius also rules higher education and distance learning. Take an investing course, either at a local college or online. Before you know it, you'll demystify the stock market or real estate, and you could be hooked on a new entrepreneurial passion.

The number-one tip? Slow down, Sagittarius. Don't blow your earnings in one place, even if you easily could. Invest equally in freedom and security, and you'll be able to both live AND retire in style.

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