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Who Is Your Guardian Angel?
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We all have a guardian angel that is with us at all times. Who is your guardian angel? How do you know your guardian angel?


Our guardian angel protects and guides us throughout our lives. When you find your guardian angel, you can ask your guardian angel for assistance at any time, their divine purpose is simply to help you. Some experts believe that we have more than one guardian angel and can even have as many as three guardian angels. So if you have always felt additional loving angelic beings around you, you may be one of the lucky ones who have more than one guardian angel!


Your guardian angel is more than simply your guide; they are also your friend and closest companion. You will be connected with your guardian angel throughout your entire life. You can count on your guardian angel for any type of help that you have a need for. They are there for you when things are dark, cold and lonely in times of crisis and need. Your guardian angel is also there for you to celebrate your life and experience times of great joy, such as your wedding day or the birth of your children. This very special angel will walk right beside you every day.

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Some may feel their guardian angel's presence with them, or simply know that they are there. When you feel a strong sense of peace, calm and love, you know this is your guardian angel. Others are simply inspired to do things, such as taking a different route to work and missing a traffic jam, or walking into a new place and running into an old friend. This is for sure your guardian angel hard at work, helping on your behalf.


Call upon this angel whenever you have any type of need. This angel can help you with matters of the heart, family, work, abundance and success. Your guardian angel knows you the very best, as they have been with you all along. There is something about simply talking to your guardian angel that can make everything feel better.

Many people like to say this popular Guardian Angel Prayer to call upon their guardian angel:


Angel of God, my guardian dear


to whom God's love commits me here.


Ever this day/night be at my side


to light and guard, to rule and guide.




Many believe in guardian angels, but have never asked their guardian angel for assistance. Try asking your guardian angel for help with something and you'll simply be amazed at how easily and quickly things seem to come together for you. Even asking for little things like a parking space or for finding the right item while shopping. That is your guardian angel at work for you! Find and get to know your guardian angel- you'll be glad you did!


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By Janice, Monday, June 09, 2008 08:50:14 AM
hi Sergio, wow i was amazed by your story. i really think the woman you have seen is an angel. before you closed your eyes, she was there and when you opened your eyes, you are already saved. i do believe that she was your guardian angel.
By Juiquita, Monday, June 09, 2008 01:00:46 AM
I feel my Guardian Angel is with me every minute of every day. I am very happy to have HIM. I talk to HIM through my thoughts every day and thank HIM for being with me. I pray that my son talks with HIM since he is in Heaven also He died 6 years ago and I believe that has brought me closer and closer to my Guardian Angel. Thank You.
By Michelle, Saturday, June 07, 2008 05:44:48 PM
Hi Sylvia I do believe in angels who is my guardian angel and how do I connect with he/she, what is the name.
By Sergio, Friday, June 06, 2008 05:08:08 PM
when i was maybe 16 i was in a car accident where i flew out the back of a truck going about 85mph i flew over 3 lanes and hit my head 1st on a cement guard rail the slid for a bit on the gravel when i opened my eyes i seen a woman standing over me she looked human i guess but she was crying and doing a circular motion around my head with her hand then i passed out again well when i woke again i was being bandaged up around my head by the ems but ive never seen this woman in my life before or after i wondered for a long time i am now 34 who she was. i have lots of supernatural things happen around me since i was little, i see things i see traces behind people ive got pictures of weird things and ghost too. i wish i knew how to use whatever i have to help people or ghost that need help. thank you
By maria, Friday, June 06, 2008 01:48:31 PM
Sylvia,I wis I knew who is my guardian angel,I know that angels do exist.I also wondering who is my spirit guide.Thanks sylvia*You're awesome.maria from austin,texas
By Patricia and Bill, Friday, June 06, 2008 01:23:52 PM
sylvia i would love to no my guardian name thank you bless you patricia
By debbie, Friday, June 06, 2008 10:42:19 AM
it was raining very hard i was on my way home for years i only went home one way but when i went to turn i seen a man standing on the road waving a lamp waving to go by the road my daughter said we were suppose to turn there mom and i said did you see the man blocking the road? she said no i didnt your silly mom.i made it home to hear frantic calls from family concerned because the bridge on the road washed out with 2 cars on i feel that was my guardian angel watching over me!
By mayra, Friday, June 06, 2008 01:29:02 AM
hi pretty woman i would like to know who my guardian angel i would like to know the name
By Janice, Thursday, June 05, 2008 04:57:09 AM
I really do not know who my Guardian Angel is. But i wish i could see my angel and we could talk. But in a human form, i think my Guardian angel is my family. they are always there to guide me through and helps me in everything i do.
By Janice, Wednesday, June 04, 2008 07:18:33 AM
I really do not know much about Angels. All i know is that Angels are created by God to guide us. I really do not know who my angel is. There were no certain point where a person did something for me that i would consider to be an Angel. I think my angel can not really be seen by my own eyes, but i know my Angel is just around.

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