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Is Your Pet On The Other Side?
Pets on The Other Side Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures

by Sylvia Browne


Truly I know that the loss of a pet can be as devastating as the loss of any friend or family member in your life. People always ask me how to find their pet on The Other Side. Please knowwithout a doubtthat your pet will be waiting for you on The Other Side.


I can still remember when I lost my pet dog Jolie. The vet told me that Jolie had congestive heart failure and was not going to live. I held Jolie in my arms as she lay dying. At the very moment she passed, I saw a tremendous swirl of radiant white light. I closed my eyes and then I could see Jolie runningnot walkingthrough the tunnel that leads to The Other Side. In that instant, Jolie was gone and I had witnessed my beloved dog going Home to The Other Side. 


Animals are a little different when it comes to facing the tunnel that leads to The Other Side. People sometimes hesitate, but animals never do. This is why there are no animal ghosts. Animals, including pets, go Home to The Other Side when their bodies are resting during life here on earth.


Your pets have loved you, not just during this lifetimebut for an eternity. They unselfishly chose to come here to be specifically with you. Realize that animals do not need to come to earth to learn and experience life as people do.


Our pets from The Other Side often come back to visit with us. They watch over and protect us, just as they did when they were in our homes. You can talk to a pet that is on The Other Side just as you would talk to any loved one who is there.


Pets can understand what we say when we talk to them here on earth and on The Other Side. But here on earth they cannot “speak” to us. They do communicate by wagging a tail or purring. On The Other Side, pets can communicate telepathically. They can communicate thoughts without saying a word.


Your pet is one of the first souls to greet you when you go Home (to heaven). Pets are very eager to reconnect with you once again. Your pets look and act the same as they did on earth. Won’t it be fun to scratch your cat’s ears or rub your dog’s tummy again when you go Home?


Pets are very special souls indeed. This bond is not broken when their time on earth is over. You are always connected to your pet by your love. Your pet will be waiting on The Other Side.

Love always,

Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.


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By Annette, Thursday, September 17, 2009 11:20:31 AM
Dear Sylvia You say when an animal passes they go right away to the other side but what if this animal has been with you for so long and so connected to you, Like an old married couple that had been together for there whole lives. The reason I'm asking isn't because I doubting what you say, but after Callie passed she has remained right by my side as if waiting for me to go with her. To me she wasn't a cat she was my best friend for almost two decades. She took care of me in alot of ways. When I was going through a time of my life I was drinking to much she would come to the bar and take me home. When I had gotten very ill and nearly died I was in the hospital about ten days but I was bed ride for more than a month after I was released. She never left my side. Her and I traveled across country and back with my son also never had to keep her on a leash or in a cage. Well when we went to the grand canyon I did insist on her waring a leash for that occassion, of course my son was on one two. She didn't mind that time when we went to the edge and she knew it was for her own good. Her and I would go for long walks out in the country and on bussy city streets. like a trained dog she stayed by my side. she'd stand beside me at a bussy interscetion and wait for the light to change. Then cross the street in the cross walk along side of me. She'd walk to the bank with me and when I went in she sat by the door and waited for me to come out. People would get a real kick out of her seeing her waiting paitently at the door for me. Once she was mistaken for a small dog because of her behavior and almost got us evicted from our apartment. We came home one day to find the notice posted on the door for having a small dog, and trying to pass it off as a cat. Cats were allowed dogs weren't. she gladly went to the office with me and cleared up the misunderstanding. The stories I could tell you about her would blow your mind this is not the behavior of a cat. Now your probably thinking that I'm probably a dog person and trained her to be this way but I'm not, I've always been a cat person. I love dags as well as cat's or any other animal but I've always had cats. When my man passed away she worried terribly about me, and if she hear me start crying she'd come running jump up on my lap then up to my chest and lick the tears from my face. One afternoon I was sitting on the couch watching a comedy show I began to laugh load, here she came lickedy split down the stairs across the room up on my lap then to my chest with tounge in position ready to dry my tears she stoped and studdied my face intensly wondering where the water was that usually comes out when I make that noise. When she got old and had her first stoke she crawled under the blankets with me and with both front paws wraped around me held me the entire night. Her next stroke she layed at the foot of the stairs so every one could see her and feel sorry for her for a couple days. I swear she behaved just like my great grandma did when she wanted simpathy. So I went and got a box put her pillow and blanket in it and set it in the cornner out of the way. Well that just ticked her off, Oh, no, your not going to stuff me in cornner to die. She jumped back up into life and lived still another four years. she was fourteen then and I really though she was dieing I had a friend build a little coffin for her and found an animal friendly home that was willing to lay her in there beautiful back yard. She wouldn't have it she wanted to stay right here with me. Four years later at the age of 18 she was feeling alittle tired and her old bones were aching so I put her up in my bed put the magnet braclet losely around her neck (magnets are good for aching joints) and she slept there with me that night. In the morning when she woke up she was feeling much better, before I could stop her from jumping off the bed over the edge she went landing wrong and breaking her hip. It was horrible Sylvia she was just like grandma when she fell and broke hers. My friends said you have to take her to the vet and have her put down. "Are you crazy, If your mom or grandmother fell and broke there hip would you have them killed?" of course not you make them as comfortable as posibbile give them something for the pain and let them go grace fully in their sleep. For three days I stayed right by her side helping her to the cat box and spoon feeding her water and food. At one point she wet her little bed I know she was feeling old and worth less when it happened because she dragged herself to the box, and laid down in it, like "Oh just let me lie in this shit and die". "No momma" I told her. I cleaned up her bed brushed her off and snuggled her back down into the clean bedding. The look she gave me said "thank-you mom.I didn't really want to lay in there." On the evening of Febuary 12th the boys (I had twin Pursan Hemilayins) came in and layed with her awhile they looked as though they were about to cry. They looked at me I knew exactly thier thoughts."this is the real thing this time isn't it ma." I told them "yes I think it is." The boys got up after awhile and one by one went to her and licked her forhead. When they left the room, I sat down next to her and was humming 'you are my sunshine' to her. Then this look she gave me I knew what she was saying to me. She said: " Mom when I first met you I was real small, and Josh(myson) was real small. But you looked like this. I grew up and became a big girl, and Josh grew very tall, but you still look like this. Then I got old and Josh moved out but Mom, you still look like this." confused and fearing I would never grow old and join her. A little tear rolled down both of our faces. I layed my check close to hers and told her "don't be afraid mamma. all will be fine." "I'll ask Daddy Rich to come and be with you when the time comes Ok. momma". I said to her I pated her head until she fell asleep. I stayed by her side all that night and into the next day. Daddy Rich was my man that passed, he never liked cats until he met her. In the end they to had become close they were both very likeable so it couldn't be helped. The next evening the boys came back in the room to visit with her. And my new boyfriend came in and Said "Annette You have to step away for few minutes this is killing you." I'm like no I made a promise to her and I'm keeping it. I got up off the floor away from her bed so Rocky could have a few minutes. I sat down on the bed with his twin brother Bee. I petted Bee's head as he lied there on the edge of the bed looking at Callie and Rocky rubbing noses. rocky licked her head as if strocking her hair. He terned around and nosed up at Bee Like Your turn. Bee jumped off the bed to go over to her, that's when Her little paw slowly began to rise into the air. Not like a covolsion and not staight up It looked as if some one had taken her little paw into there hand and said: come on callie it's time to go. her little paw slowly floated up and out as if she was holding hands with daddy Rich and began floating up away. when her paw and arm was at full extention, and her body was all that remained holding her to the ground her little arm droped back down to the floor, and she was gone. The boys turned and looked at me like: is she mom. I knodded yes, "she's with daddy Rich now." they both went to her side one by one bumped there forhead to hers and walked out of the room. My boyfriend got the little casket that our friend had made years ago for her to put her in, but we decided to bury her right here in the back yard instead of the other place. Rocky and Bee are now resting on either side of her. At night if you go out back and look over were they are resting You can see the three of them sitting on their burial spots looking back at you. If I call to them they'll come visit me for a while. Sure I can see Rocky and Bee Running off to the other side they had no fear, they understood being with Callie when she went. But Callie I know Rich did help her up and out of her body but I have never felt her leave my side for a minute. Even now nearly 8 years later I feel her pacing around me, from one side around behind me to the other side. I can almost hear her little voice, and it sounds as if she's growing impaitent with me. I can feel her saying: "come on mom, You still look like this. Are you sure your going to come with me?"
By tina, Thursday, March 05, 2009 11:45:24 AM
I had a german pincher named rain. I loved her so unconditionally. She was killed by a red nose pit bull while protecting her litter. She had over 50 bites on her. I was devistated. Her litter was only 3 weeks old. I took them in and bottle fed them untill they were able to eat on her own. I had many feelings of guilt over her death, due to not properly housing her. She kept moving her pups from a safe cage to underneath a shead.I gave up on her and let her keep them where she felt more comfortable instead of what was best for them all. This one pup stood out at me, she has a 1/4 moon shape on the back of her neck. I kept her and gave the rest away to what I believed was good homes. I named her Nikki and she is almost like a heaven sent animal. She walks my son to the bus stop and comes right home when he gets on the bus. She is unbelievable. She is loving and protective of us all and i thank god for her every day.
By KERRI, Wednesday, February 25, 2009 08:16:03 PM
POSTED FEBRUARY 25TH, 2009 SIGNS FROM ABOVE TO LET ME KNOW ? *I have bird feeders in my yard, a starling flew into my house and perched itself where my dog was sleeping. We got it out safely. February 10th, my dad's birthday ( who passed away years ago ) *My lab Abby got sick on February 11th, she was 11 years old, 11 days. 11:11 *She perked up the next day, my birthday, Feb 12th. Must have been for me ;( *February 13th, Friday...the 13th...Abby was feeling horrible, stomach swollen, wouldnt eat or drink, could hardly walk...rushed her to the hospital, the vet said CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE, nothing I could do, a million dollars worth of surgery could not help your old girl, old age. She was in pain, was suffering, that I had to put her to sleep......... Abby was my best friend, the daughter I never had,( I have no children ) I never ever left her, not for one night, in 12 years. No trips, nothing unless she could come with me. Me and my husband held her in our arms, she wagged her tail and licked us the entire time, as sick as she was, the vet gave her a sedation shot first, which she looked at us with her beautiful eyes knowing it would be the last time she would see us. She fell asleep and then the vet put her to rest. I'm lost, sad, wondering where she is, will she visit me, I know all about rainbow bridge, but she would want to be with me, she was my shadow. Reading everything Sylvia has given us, reading all of your posts, has really helped me. I feel at peace. I bought Sylvia's new book, All pets go to heavan, just finished it today. I feel so much better knowing my Abby is at peace, is happy, healthy, playing and WILL visit me, when I really need it most. I have learned to watch for signs from the other side, they are always there, telling us something, in my case, to prepare me for the hardest day of my life, the loss of Abby, my best friend.
By Livia, Friday, February 20, 2009 03:41:40 PM
We had a dog named Pug, my dad gave him away. I found him several years later eating out of trash by the highway, found out the people moved off and left him, I loaded him up and brought him home. Put him in the garage to surprise my daddy, well, it did and my folks vowed to never let him go again. He died of old age.
By Anida, Thursday, February 12, 2009 11:48:05 AM
Thank you this makes me feel so much better. I have had so many pets in my life. It makes me feel that my cat is the sameone I've had through all time. the only difference is that she looks different eveytime I get a knew cat.
By Theresa, Thursday, February 12, 2009 09:51:36 AM
Thank you Sylvia for everything that you do. We had to put our dog Bandit to sleep just 4 days ago. He was a lab/pitbull mix. He was 15yrs old and had terrible arthiritis and cognitive dysfunction. We miss him terribly Theres a whole in my heart and our home. I can't help but feel that maybe I shouldn't have let him go, but he was in such pain and then he fell down the steps. I couldn't keep putting him through that pain every day. Even pain meds didn't help. Anyway it is a comfort to read your articles and book and to know that he is healthy and happy on the other side. That I will see him again and that his spirit is still with me. Thank you.
By robin, Sunday, February 01, 2009 12:59:13 AM
Thank you for providing hope for people such as myself who love their pets just as they love their children (maybe more, pets don't talk back!) I can't wait to see my childhood dogs. I do, however, have a question. Will the pets that lived with me everyday (that my family "owned" so to speak) be greeting me when my time comes or will all the animals that I've ever had a connection with and loved in my lifetime be present even though I didn't "own" them? I hope so. I miss them all.
By Ashley, Tuesday, January 27, 2009 01:27:43 AM
My dachshund Jade passed away when she was 10 months old, I got her when she was 4 months old. But two months before she passed I had a dream that something was wrong with her and I either had to put her to sleep or let her pass on her own. Those 6 months I had with her were the best 6 months I ever had. Just about a month after she passed I remember having this dream the night before I went to pick out a new puppy...she was in my old backyard running and playing with a big rottweiler. She loved big dogs! And after I had that dream I knew she was happy and in some way she wanted me to be happy, and she was letting me know it was ok to move on. I honestly cant wait to hold her in my arms again. Ashley from DE
By nancy, Monday, January 12, 2009 02:37:50 PM
Dear Sylvia, Thank u so much for printing this. It meant so much to me. One of my pets, cocoa was a little short haired cha wha wha and he was killed on the road as i was calling for him and trying to find him. It killed me when i found him on the rd. hit by a car; needless to say he was dead. I had to move bk to Ind. from KY. due to bad circumstances. I was laying out one warm day and all of a sudden i felt cocoa laying beside me the way he always did. I even went to pet him and suddenly remembered that he had passed and i couldn't physically pet him. After that, I knew that he was ok and still with me. sincerely, nancy j. elliott knew
By Magdalena, Sunday, January 11, 2009 08:12:09 AM
jan.11.09. Deaer Sylvia, Thank you to lett as know that pets go over to the othe side to 2006. .agust our best frind foxy.little pomarinien died.2007.My husband and best frien for 47 years past a way.Its make me happy to know they are together on the other side because here thay was best friends. The little buger Foxy Have a attetude. Only his papa can control. In my mine i can see them walk to gether being happy. God bless them where ewer thay are.

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