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How Psychic Are You?
Are You Psychic? Take our quiz. From dreams of dear Aunt Fran to knowing who is on the phone, we all have psychic experiences. 


Do you possess natural psychic ability or just a basic intuition? Answer these simple questions to find out!



1)  How often do you spend time alone in reflection, meditation, or focusing on Spirit?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4—Never



2)  How often do you have dreams that feature a deceased family member or friend?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4--Never



3)  How often do you hear voices, inside or outside your head, and no one is in the room with you?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4—Never



4)  When you close your eyes in meditation, reflection or connection with Spirit, how often do you see images or flashes of pictures and colors in your mind’s eye?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4--Never



5)  When talking to your friends or family, how often do you say things that end up happening?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4—Never



6)  When the phone rings, how often do you just know who is calling?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4--Never



7)  When you call your spouse, best friend, or parent, how often do they say something like “How did you know I was just thinking about you?”


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4—Never



8)  When friends, family, or coworkers come to you for advice, how often do you just know what will happen and can help them find the right course of action?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4—Never



9)  When you are speaking to someone close to you, how often do either of you say, “I was just thinking that?”


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4—Never

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10)  When you go into a job interview or important meeting, how often do you feel that something outside yourself is supporting and guiding you?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4--Never




Add up the numbers of your answers:


If you have 10-19:  You are a gifted psychic with well rounded abilities. Your intuition is integrated into your daily life, so much so that you may not be aware that you are using it on a regular basis.


If you have 20-29:  You have natural intuition. While you may have to work on developing your psychic ability to read for yourself and others, you are able to use this intuition to help navigate the world around you.

If you have 30-40:  You may be relying too much on logic or on the advice of other people at the expense of your own intuition. You must learn to shut off your outer senses if you are to develop your psychic ability in a meaningful way.


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By KELLY, Tuesday, February 17, 2009 09:35:54 PM
What can I say the numbers tell me im psychic but I call it intuition. What can I say that will make you answer my e mails when you have so many people trying to get through to you? Im not special but I know that there is something I am supposed to be doing and Im not. It's there always nagging me like a voice butI cant hear it...
By Rev. Wil, Tuesday, February 17, 2009 04:21:47 PM
Hi Sylvia, I scored 16. I've been doing readings for about 10 years. I love your books and agree with most of your statements except for the dark intites. I believe that God Still loves them and at there crossing they are treated the same or maybe even given a little more time to decompress before moving on. Love Your work Rev. Wil
By Claudia, Sunday, February 15, 2009 08:55:47 PM
I don't hear voices in my head, it's more like my knowing what to to and what Is happening. other that that one I'm am #1's all the way and more. Since my Pineal gland (non cancerous) is intuition is very accurate...Extremely. Plus my paranormal experiences I've had since the age of 2...have increased to the point, I thought everyone should beable to be like me
By Kimberly, Wednesday, February 11, 2009 09:28:38 PM
I would love to learn how to develope this intuition. It runs in my family
By bonnie, Wednesday, February 11, 2009 08:10:19 AM
I scored a ten, your book on the other side is great at helping me, since I am never on the earth side. I like traveling through other demisisions,and exploring the unknown to make it known. I learned to handle, the gift I was given its hard, but but others sould keep trying. I hang out with people from the other side all the time. I can see spirits, and sence when something is going to happen. and I am always correct.thanks sylvia!
By Sandy, Monday, February 09, 2009 12:43:38 PM
I scored a 13. I always knew I had a gift, but I don't know how to use it. I started drinking to try and stop it. I don't know how to control it and I get scared, especially when I see things or get a thought that something bad is going to happen and I am afraid to tell anyone. Then when it happens, I feel guilty knowing I could have helped. My daughter and I are able to work it together, but she is the only one that knows what I can do. I am still drinking and I want to stop, I am hoping by joining this site, I will find support from people who understand what I am going through. Then I would be able to talk freely about it and not have to be afraid anymore, and no longer NEED to drink.
By martha, Sunday, February 08, 2009 09:01:34 PM
My score is a 12...ever since I got sober my entire world has opened up to indescribable dimensions that I could never have anticipated. My childhood was one of a very different kind, that I was always the 'one who saw and felt at a greater capacity'. This difference led me to mask-out the queer feelings...started drinking when I was 9/10 years old. Just always knew I was different, like, I have already done all this. I tolerated my parents and relished in my abandon with my Grandparents...they were 'special', too. Thank you for listening, as always very grateful...Martha Jane PS Luv you Grammy!
By Leah, Friday, February 06, 2009 02:54:02 PM
I scored 15 and let me tell ya that is one of those things that make you go "uhm". My ex husband used to say I freaked him when ever I could sense things like one night when he was at work as a truck driver he nearly had a terrible accident falling asleep and goint off the side of the road. At the same moment that happened I sat right up in bed and I could feel me heart just pounding and felt like something was wrong. Many times I could sense how people were feeling before I ever got there. My other thing is I can feel what type of person someone is, I cant tell you how many times how many times I have avoided situations by trusting my gut. Some how I sense when some people just arent right, or when someone is really sad, or just someone who is a really good person.
By gabriele, Thursday, February 05, 2009 05:29:47 PM
hey :) I scored a 14. I know that most of the people liked their score (the one i didn't score well on was the deceased people dreams...and thank god...I get way too scared of ghosts. I have been bothered by them in my life and tell them to leave straight away.) Although I suppose this is a gift and an honor, it sure doesn't feel like it all the time. Have you ever been bothered by your gifts? I am certainly not a pro all the time with it. It is purely a natural gift. It makes me wonder, what is it all for? Thanks for the vent :P gabi
By Carrie, Tuesday, February 03, 2009 06:33:46 PM
Hi Sylvia, I scored a 14. I have always had dreams of my the supernatural since I was born. I always dream of deceased family members or friends especially within a year of them passing. Usually messages are sent. I also have MANY dreams of jesus, I am not sure why but I have also had a vision of jesus during a very rough time in my life. I have also had dreams of my ex husbands new wife and new baby well before they even came into his life. I told my best friend he was going to marry a blond woman and have a little girl. That happened within 1.5 yrs. I love having a spiritual connection and I hope one day I am blessed with the gift of helping others in a big way. Thank you for all your inspiration. You are a wonderful soul. Carrie - Temecula, Ca.

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