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How Psychic Are You?
Are You Psychic? Take our quiz. From dreams of dear Aunt Fran to knowing who is on the phone, we all have psychic experiences. 


Do you possess natural psychic ability or just a basic intuition? Answer these simple questions to find out!



1)  How often do you spend time alone in reflection, meditation, or focusing on Spirit?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4—Never



2)  How often do you have dreams that feature a deceased family member or friend?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4--Never



3)  How often do you hear voices, inside or outside your head, and no one is in the room with you?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4—Never



4)  When you close your eyes in meditation, reflection or connection with Spirit, how often do you see images or flashes of pictures and colors in your mind’s eye?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4--Never



5)  When talking to your friends or family, how often do you say things that end up happening?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4—Never



6)  When the phone rings, how often do you just know who is calling?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4--Never



7)  When you call your spouse, best friend, or parent, how often do they say something like “How did you know I was just thinking about you?”


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4—Never



8)  When friends, family, or coworkers come to you for advice, how often do you just know what will happen and can help them find the right course of action?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4—Never



9)  When you are speaking to someone close to you, how often do either of you say, “I was just thinking that?”


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4—Never

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10)  When you go into a job interview or important meeting, how often do you feel that something outside yourself is supporting and guiding you?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4--Never




Add up the numbers of your answers:


If you have 10-19:  You are a gifted psychic with well rounded abilities. Your intuition is integrated into your daily life, so much so that you may not be aware that you are using it on a regular basis.


If you have 20-29:  You have natural intuition. While you may have to work on developing your psychic ability to read for yourself and others, you are able to use this intuition to help navigate the world around you.

If you have 30-40:  You may be relying too much on logic or on the advice of other people at the expense of your own intuition. You must learn to shut off your outer senses if you are to develop your psychic ability in a meaningful way.


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By Becky, Tuesday, May 20, 2008 10:56:58 PM
Thanks so much. Kind of confirmed what I already thought. Have a nice day.
By Karen, Tuesday, May 20, 2008 10:50:37 AM
Very interesting.Thank you,I love you.
By Maureen, Monday, May 19, 2008 08:10:55 AM
My Husband and son knew I had some physic ability and I guess I alway have known. At times it seems stronger then others. I would like to know how I can tune in more to my abilities? Thankyou,Maureen
By carla, Sunday, May 18, 2008 10:51:42 AM
slyvia, thankyou for giving a "TEST" to see what are phychic abilities are. that was very thoughtful of you. your friend, carla - rochester,ny 35 years old - feb.14. my bday
By carla, Sunday, May 18, 2008 10:39:35 AM
By Wendy, Friday, May 16, 2008 03:58:11 PM
how can you become more in tune with your psychic abilities???
By Susan, Thursday, May 15, 2008 01:23:42 AM
This was an amazing test... I always new I could predict things... but according to this test here... I scored 15! I sure would LOVE to learn how I could use my ability more & help people. Thanks Sylvia.
By kim, Tuesday, May 13, 2008 02:51:05 PM
I have been told by other physic's that i possess the ability to be physic, however I am too scared to accept it. I guess this test proves even further that I have the ability because I scored a 13. I guess now it is up to me to accept I have the ability and try to learn how to embrace it and not be such a chicken. Any suggestions would be useful.
By Roxann, Monday, May 12, 2008 07:29:19 PM
If this is right and I'm a 12, then why do I have a hard time with my relationship with my husband that whats nothing to do with me, after 12 years? Do I need someone else?

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