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How Psychic Are You?
Are You Psychic? Take our quiz. From dreams of dear Aunt Fran to knowing who is on the phone, we all have psychic experiences. 


Do you possess natural psychic ability or just a basic intuition? Answer these simple questions to find out!



1)  How often do you spend time alone in reflection, meditation, or focusing on Spirit?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4—Never



2)  How often do you have dreams that feature a deceased family member or friend?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4--Never



3)  How often do you hear voices, inside or outside your head, and no one is in the room with you?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4—Never



4)  When you close your eyes in meditation, reflection or connection with Spirit, how often do you see images or flashes of pictures and colors in your mind’s eye?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4--Never



5)  When talking to your friends or family, how often do you say things that end up happening?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4—Never



6)  When the phone rings, how often do you just know who is calling?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4--Never



7)  When you call your spouse, best friend, or parent, how often do they say something like “How did you know I was just thinking about you?”


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4—Never



8)  When friends, family, or coworkers come to you for advice, how often do you just know what will happen and can help them find the right course of action?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4—Never



9)  When you are speaking to someone close to you, how often do either of you say, “I was just thinking that?”


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4—Never

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10)  When you go into a job interview or important meeting, how often do you feel that something outside yourself is supporting and guiding you?


            1—Often          2—Sometimes   3—Rarely        4--Never




Add up the numbers of your answers:


If you have 10-19:  You are a gifted psychic with well rounded abilities. Your intuition is integrated into your daily life, so much so that you may not be aware that you are using it on a regular basis.


If you have 20-29:  You have natural intuition. While you may have to work on developing your psychic ability to read for yourself and others, you are able to use this intuition to help navigate the world around you.

If you have 30-40:  You may be relying too much on logic or on the advice of other people at the expense of your own intuition. You must learn to shut off your outer senses if you are to develop your psychic ability in a meaningful way.


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By shirley, Friday, December 12, 2008 07:17:19 PM
i scored a 10 ive allways even as achild; i would see people who had passed; or see angels setting on my bed; when someone in my family dies they come to me in the night to tell me; i here voices and i know to thank god and pay attention they have saved my life many times;mydered it was as if i watched every cruel detal;it was so real i went the next day befor he was found and made arrangments so my parents woulnt' have to deal with it'i have to sleep with a light or there is no sleep.i would like to develop this farther; i dont' know how' i can tell when a call is one of my kids or inportant.i can read peoples thoughts.i know this is a gift from god; i not sure what this means they say i was born with a veil.i had surgery and i went thru this light they were angels allaround me as i aproached these steps a male voice made me return. i begged not to be sent back. i was told ;i am needed here that my work is not complete; as a child my parents wouldspank me because i could look into anykind of glass ball and actually see what was going to happen;i saw my father have a serious accident and boy when it happend i really got in trouble so im' not sure how this works' i was once a very sucessful bussiness woman then i got sick and fat for no reason; so you see i am very sane this is the first time i have ever posted or let anyone on the outside know these things shirley
By michelle, Friday, December 12, 2008 08:29:51 AM
I scored a 13, I have always known that I had abilities but had no idea how to develop or use them. I am an empath and the feelings of others around me are confusing at times. My deceaced relatives come to me in dreams with strange messages, and I always seem to know what is gonna happen before it does. Does this run in families? My Grandmother,Aunt and 2 cousins are the same way. and how do I develop these skills? Thanks Missy
By michelle, Thursday, December 11, 2008 11:56:00 PM
i just scored a 16 . i did not know that i was a physic all my life untill about 5 years agao my grandfather die and , we were very , very close . one night i was with my best friened and , i was not doing good at the time sooooo ! i had a dream about my grandfather and , my best friend . my grandfather in my dream showed me that my best friend went too go see him the night she droped me off . i saw her again the same exacked day i tolded her my best friend that i had a dream about you and , my grandfather he tolded me that you went too go see him and , i had no ! clue that she did i tolded her about the dream and , she said how in the heack did i know she went too go see him that night . i tolded her that he showed you [her] that you went to see him . so , i went too a physic right away and , she tolded me that yes ! i am a physic and , i can see the dead .
By michelle, Thursday, December 11, 2008 11:39:51 PM
i have i was hanging out with my friend that nobody likes in my family and , some of my other friends i was kind of living with her for a while . i was sleeping in the room that i was living in and , i was sleeping and , somebody was trying too wake me up sooooo ! i woke up and , there i saw my very own grandmother she woke me up . i know it was her because i saw her eyes and her hair and , she looked dead at me but , i was sooooo ! speechless i could not even speek i regret this from this day because i would not be scarded the next time i see her and , now ! i am still wating too see her again .
By Lisa, Wednesday, December 10, 2008 06:42:02 PM
I scored a 12. I have been told all my life that I was different and gifted. I would like to develop these talents more if possible. I have no control over them. It just happens. According to my grandmother who has now passed on, every oldest female of each child in my family for generations has had these abilities. But, one of my sons and both of my daughters have these abilities. The last 4 generations, including me have not developed them. The skills were not passed through the family only the knowledge that this occurs. Any assistance anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.
By Michaelle, Monday, December 08, 2008 06:38:52 PM
Hey whats going on I scored a 9 and no explanation whats UP Miss Sylvia???? A response would be wonderful because I normally would not do any kind of TEST.. I KNOW who and what I am I just adore you and BELIEVE in you that I did.. A response from you would be wonderful Thank You God Bless NUM 9 Michaelle
By Glenda, Sunday, December 07, 2008 04:48:44 PM
I scored 12 and I have never known anything else other than Spiritual Energies I've related with my deceased Son and others on the Other Side, I have done nothing but tried daily to help others unconditionally..I see spirits running around my home occationally dark like ash or whitish..I hear the chimes in my home often ring thru-out the day and evening..also the passing of my Dog hearing his tags on his collar ..I get intuitive feeling and thoughts on a daily basis..Miracles come to me for the spirit guides and angels gather around and we hug with tears and laughfter. I am seeking to find more than just teaching others. My cup runneth over!
By Gena, Monday, December 01, 2008 09:55:02 PM
i scored a 21, but everytime i say something is going to happen it usually does. when i tell my husband and my kids something will happen and it does they are like after it happens is how did u know it was going to happen, i said i dont know i just did,lol. it is weird sometimes. i wish i knew more about being Psychic or knew how to become that way so i could help oter people all the time. :) it would be so nice to help other people. Gena in Ohio
By nancy, Tuesday, November 25, 2008 02:26:51 PM
By: Nancy J. nov.24th I scored a 14 How ever i do not know how to control or train myself to enhance this abilities, so i can use them. any advice would be great!! Thankyou, p.s. I look soooo forward to Sylvia's web class on the 17th, bless you, Nancy
By Christine, Sunday, November 23, 2008 01:22:03 PM
I scored a 22. I have had 1 dream that stands out so much more than others. Starts in a dungeon,I'm wearing a dress of that era, with a tall hat with a veil hanging from the tip. Then all of a sudden I'm in my home walking up stairs, and there lays a man, long white hair, the most beautiful blue eyes, dressed in buckskin clothing(like a shaman). I can't move, and he reaches up and draws 2 symbols on my forehead. A circle, triangle inside the circle and a dot in the center of both. I later found out that my daughter and myself are on the same path(or religion) together. And a horse with ice blue eyes placed her nose on that same spot. It was great. Christine

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