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Who is Mother God?

by Sylvia Browne

Many have heard me talk about Father God and Mother God. But they are unsure about exactly who this Mother God is and what she does! I am happy to offer a bit of an explanation to you.


There has always been a Mother God and a Father God. Mother God has been around just as long as the belief in angels and long before our belief in reincarnation. Some religions and cultures have given Mother God a different name—but that does not mean that Mother God is someone else. She has been called Sophia, the goddess of wisdom, by Gnostic tradition. She has also been called Theodora, the fertility goddess—who is mentioned in ancient holy texts. Mother God has also been called Isis by the ancient Egyptians.


You can call on Mother God for healing and also for protection. She is always ready to come to your comfort and aid. 


Have you ever called on Mother God? Now that we have talked about Mother God….please let us know if you do call upon her!

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Tara, Tuesday, August 25, 2009 05:39:57 AM
Thank you Sylvia for helping me to better understand the Mother Goddess. I like saying Father God and Mother Goddess. I am excited learning about all the different Goddesses. It brought to me a renewed sense of balance and comfort when I began to openly embrace the divine feminine aspect of my being. Tara
By Jennifer, Wednesday, February 25, 2009 02:23:56 PM
Sylvia, I recently aquired the 4-cd set of Tools for Life and as I was listening to the cd for the phycic reading, I was laying there and I don't know if you realized this but when you were giving one of your examples of things and details that you might say to the person that you are reading, and you described a man that very closely resembled my Grandfather, at that moment I didn't know just when you had made that cd, in the morning when I got up I looked at the copyright date. You made that cd in 2003, my Grandpa passed away in March of 2003, and 2 months before he died, I had a dream telling me that he was sick. Of course at that time I didn't know how to tell my family that, but, 2 weeks later we found out that he had liver cancer and that the only thing that would save him was a transplant. So even if I had been able to tell them it wouldn't have saved him. It was his time to Go home. But, you always say that there are no coincidences, there is a reason that you gave that example and that I just now happened to be able to get that particular cd. I just haven't figured out why other than to say or validate that I wasn't the only one who knew he was going. Or that it's his hilarious way of saying Hi! I just think it is quite funny! Love you, Jenn
By Jennifer, Friday, January 30, 2009 12:40:38 PM
Sylvia,I had an idea that there was a Mother God before I knew who you were, and yes I have called on Her, many times.Hearing about Her from you makes it even more special to me because I have always seemed to dream about your when I was going through a rough patch, in my dreams I would either be trying to run away from a bad relationship or some tradgedy would happen, and some how you would always show up and I would feel safe. I now know that it was Mom sending me the face of someone that I could count on thank you for being that vehicle of comfort to me! I talk to her many times a day and I always feel her close by me. I call Her "Mom" I own both of your books Mother and Father God. I read both of them within two weeks. I love you and everything you stand for. I have even gotten a few of my friends reading your books, and some of my co-workers ask questions abour you. I love that about your books. I show up at work or somewhere with one and I get a flock of "sheep" around me.
By Jennifer, Friday, January 30, 2009 12:34:32 PM
Sylvia,I had an idea that there was a Mother God, and yes I have called on Her, many times. I talk to her many times a day and I always feel her close by me. I call Her "Mom" I own both of your books Mother and Father God. I read both of them within two weeks. I love you and everything you stand for. I have even gotten a few of my friends reading your books, and some of my co-workers ask questions abour you. I love that about your books. I show up at work or somewhere with one and I get a flock of "sheep" around me.
By Doris, Friday, January 16, 2009 03:33:06 PM
Sylvia, I did'nt know there was a mother God until you had talked about her.I also read about her in one of your books.Yes i do pray to our Mother God.When my daughter told me she was pregnant for the second time, said she did'nt want to have the baby.She was considering not having the baby because she is now a single parent.I told her not to worry and have the baby that i would help her anyway that i could.That night i prayed to Mother God and ask her to please touch her heart and change her mind.MOTHER GOD HEARD MY PRAYER, the baby will be born in september.
By Sharon, Sunday, November 16, 2008 06:01:30 PM
Blessed Sylvia, Yes, I have called on Mother God, Azna most recently. I have been in a wonderful friendship/relationship with a special man, but due to some misunderstandings has caused us some difficulty. I have been praying to Mother God for assistance in helping the differences to clear and we find our way back to each other. He has been in my life for 21 years and I do not want to lose his friendship. I have your book on Mother God and this gave me such comfort more than a year ago, but since my difficulty was more recent, I have decided to re-read your book to find out what I can do, through your advice Sylvia to get through this difficult time spiritually. I really love this man and believe we are soul mates. I believe we have loved in past lives. I feel we still have a special strong spiritual connection and will find our way back. I hope and pray with God's help and Mother God, this will come true. Thank You Sylvia for all you do for everyone of us out here. I love you dearly, and thank God that you are hear to guide us, and educate us. May God Bless you and yours, especially with our holidays coming up, I pray that you will all be together and happy and healthy. I will see you on November 19th for your webcast, the day of my 62nd birthday, which I chose to spend with you. Love, Sharon Anderson from Peoria, Arizona
By Lynne, Sunday, October 26, 2008 08:08:19 AM
A few years ago a kitten just showed up in my yard. It's leg was mangled, I mean bones showing, real nasty. I didn't know if it got caught in a trap, attacked by an animal or hit by a car but I took it to the vet. The vet said that the leg had to be amputated or the cat had to be put down. I didn't like those choices so I took the cat to another vet who said the exact same thing. After the third vet that day with the same choices I decided to take the cat home, make it as comfortable as possible and think about what to do. That night as I put the cat in bed in the spare room I asked God "Please can't you just fix the cat? I don't want to have her leg cut off and I don't want to put her down. The cat hasn't hurt anyone and I'm not asking for me. I just want the cat to be better" My husband and I almost dropped the next morning because the cat was perfect! Her leg was healed, there wasn't one hair out of place. Before we could see her leg bone and fur missing and she couldn't walk on it. Now the wound was sealed, we couldn't see the bone or a cut or a scar or blood or anything. That morning she was running around and purring and couldn't wait to get outside! That little cat ran down our stairs into the yard and I never saw her again. My husband wasn't a huge believer but he is now! I had told a lot of our friends about the cat and asked for their advice so when they asked me about it the next day I had to tell them my story. I always started it with "well, you're not going to believe this but..." or "you're going to think I'm nuts but..." Do you know that not one person looked at me like I was nuts! Alot of them said, "I have no problem believing that!" and I was the one going "really?" So thank you again Azna!
By Melissa, Friday, October 24, 2008 05:18:18 PM
Hi Sylvia: I was listening one day to your SpiritNow web-cast. I have read in your books about Father God (which I pray to regularly), and Mother God. I had never prayed to Mother God before listening to your web-cast. I had been going back and forth about what I should be doing.....being psychic, contacting my spirit guide, and such. I was just, unsure? So, one day I took your advice that you had said, "Ask Mother God, to have someone send you flowers within the week". You said, "She will send someone if you just ask". Well, I did. I said, "Mother God, if this is TRULY what I am to be doing, PLEASE.....have someone, anyone to give me flowers in this next week". This was on a Monday. So, my family and I were having a get together at my house on that Saturday. My sister-in-law, (who I love dearly), was bring her food that she brought to the table. She said, I have "something" for you. I said, "Great". I went on doing what I was doing, and as I turned around, she was standing there with a potted Mum for me. Shocked, I told her of my prayer. She (who is also like-minded) was happy that Mother God, chose her to deliever my flowers. There is not a day that goes by that I don't pray to Mother, and Father God! Peace, Melissa
By Darlene, Friday, October 24, 2008 01:15:45 PM
By Darlene,Friday, Oct 24/08 In July of this year, while my hubby was driving me to the Cancer Hospital to have a biopsy on my right breast, I prayed to "Mother God" to please help me get through this, as I needed her help!" All of a sudden the most warmest feeling went through me from head downward .... and I felt all would be ok. I was terrifed of having the biopsy but it proved nonething to be scared about. The biopsy showed I had cancer tumor that had to be taken out ..... I was calm and knew all would be okay, as felt like I had someone powerful in my corner ... Mother God! The surgery was a sucess and the lymph glands were taken out for biopsy & proved cancer free!! :) Thanks to Sylvia Browne with her books have really helped me - and seen that alot of my feelings were similiar to hers, except I am no Psychic. She is a wonderful loving person and we all are so happy that she has shared her knowledge with us around the world! What a Women and God Bless her and her family.
By KaraokeChris, Thursday, October 23, 2008 11:10:25 PM
Mary: In the 2nd century, Emperor Constatine gathered a group of Catholic church leaders and decided which books would comprise the New Testament. The books chosen needed not only to reflect a fluid transition from the Old Testament, they also had tovalidate the teachings of the Catholic church. Once decided, all other books were declared, by Roman law to be herasies. If you truly want to expand your spritual knowledge,, as Sylvia always encourages. The translation of 'gospel' is 'good news'. And, back in the day, there were many prophetic writers ushering the world into the joyous period of Jesus the man, and Christ our Lord. May God bless you.

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