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Sylvia Browne Question and Answer
Sylvia Browne answers your questions Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures by Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne answers some of the popular questions from readers.


I wonder sometimes about God. What is he really like?

God is simply perfect love and an ever-present force. God always loves us. God created us from good and He gave us free will. Some religions have attempted to create God to have a vengeful, angry or even a vindictive personality. But these religions have not done this out of cruelty; they have done it as part of their ancient teaching philosophy. Uneducated people can be managed by fear. But thoughtful, educated people will want more information. God does not have these negative human-like personality characteristics. God is 100% love at all times.


Is our astrology sign important?

Yes it is! We choose our sun sign, our rising sign and our moon sign and they are all important. We choose everything just as we would like it to be. My Spirit Guide Francine says that everything is charted out for us ahead of time, that we select what we would like to experience. Don't you know of people who were born a month "early or "late?" These people simply chose a different astrology sign for their charts.


How can I find love?

Some people have fallen in love and have loved the wrong person. I have done this myself, so I speak from experience. Do not say that you won't love again; simply stop loving the wrong people. Don't give your love to people that don't love you back or don't deserve it. There is an old-fashioned saying that is very true, "Don't cast your pearls before swine."


Why do I feel that my relationship with my cat is so special?

This is because you are experiencing a relationship with unconditional love. Having unconditional love in your life is very special. You will know unconditional love because you don't have to "do" anything; you simply have to "be." A relationship with a pet is one where you have that unconditional love. It is the same with a relationship with a child. Other people in your life can give this unconditional love, but know that this type of relationship can be very rare to have and should be treasured.


First I lose my car and now my job. Why is God picking on me so much?

Please understand that God does not select people to play Russian roulette with for any reason. He also does not choose people to be ever-suffering and become constant martyrs. Very often when something happens in our lives, it is our chart at work, the chart we created when we chose to incarnate. You selected this specific chart to have life lessons and to learn from them. Often when we have a tragedy, we can grow spiritually and emotionally from that experience. Many times we can choose to help others who will face that same type of experience in their lives. God is always good and never "picks on" people for any reason.


How can I make my life better?

Even though we have a life chart that describes our major events, visualization and positive thinking are very helpful for your life. Visualization and positive thinking help guide you how to get to where you are going. They are both useful tools that you can use on a regular basis.


I think of bears all the time. Does this mean something? 

You are most likely attracting to yourself your totem. A totem (or anima) is an animal spirit that will be with us throughout our lifetime. This animal spirit is one that connects in some way with our life theme. The grizzly bear is the totem for those who have the life theme of the "warrior." Your bears are reminding you of your own warrior energy. Totems protect us and give us positive energy whenever we need it.


My beloved dog died, is he okay? Will I meet him again on The Other Side?

Absolutely you will. Animals are very spiritual beings and are actually born perfect. Pets actually come to earth simply to live their lives with us; they have no need to learn life lessons as we do. Your pet is already very accustomed to The Other Side, and astral traveled there at least four times a week while they slept. They have known The Other Side very well and you will certainly see them on The Other Side once more.


What can I do to help my child's spiritual life?

Helping your child develop spiritually is just as important as any other part of their life. Teach them to pray every night and pray with them at night as they are young. Surround them with the white light of the Holy Spirit every night. This is a wonderful practice and they will feel God's love for them.


I think something bad happened to me in a past life,and that it is affecting me now. Does this happen sometimes to people? 

Every lifetime you have had will affect the lifetime you have right now. Both the positive and the negative experiences you have had will affect your life. You have had strong positive experiences that you remember on a very deep level, and you also have had strong negative experiences that you remember. Becoming conscious of them and understanding what happened is a very healing way to release them if they are affecting your life in a negative way.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.




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By ruth, Wednesday, December 29, 2010 01:01:11 AM
Hello Sylvia I was wondering I have a camera outside of my house because of the theives around and from time to time I can turn my tv on and I see people just standing outside in front of the camera.Do you know why this is happening to me some people think im crazy but I know im not I have taken pictures from the tv screen and still see it.My sister was mudered by two guys and i swear to this day i saw my sisters and the two guys that killed her on my tv screen..Can you please help me.........
By stacey, Friday, December 03, 2010 12:59:10 PM
hi i was just wondering if u could help me understand where i should go and if i should leave my children's dad? sincerly Stacey
By Lisa, Friday, October 01, 2010 10:35:34 PM
Come on and dust of those old brain cells and learn the truth. Skeptic-atheist James Randi will open your eyes wide!
By Kathy, Wednesday, September 22, 2010 10:14:17 AM
about 2 months ago, I was asleep in bed at night & I woke up to turn over & when I did, i looked at the wall & there was this bright circular shape, very large & it was white, well, I never really took much thought in it at the time, cuz I was sleepy & groggy, well, whats so special & strange is that I looked at this website "TODAY" about life after death and i clicked on this drawing someone drew showin what the tunnel to Heaven looked like in there eyes & it was the exact same thing I saw 2 months ago.....Anyway I hope that was a sign from my sister Vic helping me to let her go...... I got a very peaceful feelin when I saw this "TODAY". Tell me what you think, love ya.
By Jayne, Thursday, August 19, 2010 02:49:26 PM
By Patrice, Thursday, July 08, 2010 03:49:58 PM
Dear Sylvia, It's been a long/short 10 years since my baby passed. I've been worrying my self sick. Please, please can you tell me where he is ? Just recently I was told by a psychic that just moved here; "your son is being tortured 24/7 by evil and he can't pass on to the other side unless I can give her 5,200. to build a holy structure for him to release all the anger he still has. Right after his death, my nana told me "He wasn't in his right mind; God knows this and doesn't hold it aganst him." Please tell me anything you can. I DO trust you and God ; but it still hurts so bad. Thank you Sylvia Pam in Va.
By Bonnie, Sunday, June 20, 2010 12:47:00 PM
Hello Sylvia! I know almost everyone who sends you questions, asks about their finances and relationships, and I too am one of them... will we( my adopted children and I )recover from my credit mess, and do you see us in a loving, long relationship with someone who will adore my little guys as much as I do?
By Eddie, Wednesday, May 26, 2010 09:04:01 AM
Dear Sylvia, I recently made 200 copies of a $100.00 bill on my scanner/printer. Do you think that I'd get in big trouble if I tried to use any of those counterfeit notes to purchase a house? I really want the house real bad because there's a ghost that lives in the attic! I've already met the ghost. He's an old fisherman with a peg leg that strums a zither. When I first looked at the house, I immediately was drawn to the walk in attic. The ghost confronted me right away and said that his name is Carl. I told Carl that I like his old home and want to buy it, but I didn't have enough money. Carl told be to make some of my own money! Wow! I'm excited! So Sylvia, please let me know right away if my homemade money is doable in purchasing Carl's home. Also Sylvia, when will I find a nice girl to marry who's got loads of cash and loves ghosts?
By The Tourettes Guy, Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:07:49 AM
The last time I saw Sylvia Browne on TV I called her a bitch right in front of her tits! One time I saw Sylvia in the grocery store and I told her that her ass looked like a kettle drum turned upside down. Then I called her a bitch! Shut up! Last night a ghost woke me up in the middle of the night and I was really pissed! So I got out of bed and kicked the ghost in the balls! And the night before that, my wife kept winding up her goddamn music box so I couldn't sleep. I got out of bed and smashed the music box against the TV screen putting a big crack on that faggot Jay Leno's face! Oh! Bob Saget! Then my wife wouldn't stop calling me a dick!
By Laura, Thursday, April 01, 2010 09:31:44 PM
Dear Sylvia: I heard a "GHOST BABY" crying several time in my home in the country. Although there was no children/infants/babies in my home, one afternoon, my husband, myself and my now deceased brother-in-law who died approximately 2 months after hearing the "GHOST BABY" cry at the exact same time as myself and my husband with no prior knowledge of any sort of these events, that day, I heard the "GHOST BABY" cry again, and my maternal/paternal insticts compelled me to rise and go across the house to check on and see about the non-existent, or rather absent baby who was crying at the time, when my husband said "Laura, sit down, there are no children in the house", as my eyes widened in disbelief, my then 27 year old brother-in-law said aloud with great amazement; "Oh my God!; both of you heard it to?" and I replied "Heard What?"; and he replied, "A baby crying in the 2nd bedroom across the house!; so why are you getting up to check?; and Why is Jason telling you to sid down, don't worry, because there is no children in the house?". I then said, "So both of you heard the exact same thing;, the sound of an infant baby crying in the 2nd room across from the living room"?; and so I'm not losing my mind, or going crazy?; you actually, really heard it too? He replied yes and , no, you are not crazy or hearing things, my husband heard it as well. Although I have heard it several times before, along with my husband hearing it too, but now my brother-in-law heard it too! We all heard it at the exact same time, The exact same thing! My Question is: "What is the purpose of hearing a "GHOST BABY" infant crying?, "Who, What is it?; and What does it want? What is it's purpose?, What do I make of it all?; Is it actually a "GHOST BABY", and ANGEL, deceased SPIRIT of an INFANT BABY crying as a lifelong IMPRINT; or is there a message related to the event, or hint of one I should be looking for? PLEASE HELP ME FIQURE THIS OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!, This has NEVER, EVER happened to me before in my entire lifetime and so it must have meaning, need something, or be trying to tell me something? I NEED HELP ON THIS ONE AND ADVISE ABOUT IT ALL! Your support, replies, suggestions, comments would be greatly appreciated., Sincerely Yours, Laura Denise Thomas-Haley from Houston, Texas

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