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Sylvia Browne Question and Answer
Sylvia Browne answers your questions Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures by Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne answers some of the popular questions from readers.


I wonder sometimes about God. What is he really like?

God is simply perfect love and an ever-present force. God always loves us. God created us from good and He gave us free will. Some religions have attempted to create God to have a vengeful, angry or even a vindictive personality. But these religions have not done this out of cruelty; they have done it as part of their ancient teaching philosophy. Uneducated people can be managed by fear. But thoughtful, educated people will want more information. God does not have these negative human-like personality characteristics. God is 100% love at all times.


Is our astrology sign important?

Yes it is! We choose our sun sign, our rising sign and our moon sign and they are all important. We choose everything just as we would like it to be. My Spirit Guide Francine says that everything is charted out for us ahead of time, that we select what we would like to experience. Don't you know of people who were born a month "early or "late?" These people simply chose a different astrology sign for their charts.


How can I find love?

Some people have fallen in love and have loved the wrong person. I have done this myself, so I speak from experience. Do not say that you won't love again; simply stop loving the wrong people. Don't give your love to people that don't love you back or don't deserve it. There is an old-fashioned saying that is very true, "Don't cast your pearls before swine."


Why do I feel that my relationship with my cat is so special?

This is because you are experiencing a relationship with unconditional love. Having unconditional love in your life is very special. You will know unconditional love because you don't have to "do" anything; you simply have to "be." A relationship with a pet is one where you have that unconditional love. It is the same with a relationship with a child. Other people in your life can give this unconditional love, but know that this type of relationship can be very rare to have and should be treasured.


First I lose my car and now my job. Why is God picking on me so much?

Please understand that God does not select people to play Russian roulette with for any reason. He also does not choose people to be ever-suffering and become constant martyrs. Very often when something happens in our lives, it is our chart at work, the chart we created when we chose to incarnate. You selected this specific chart to have life lessons and to learn from them. Often when we have a tragedy, we can grow spiritually and emotionally from that experience. Many times we can choose to help others who will face that same type of experience in their lives. God is always good and never "picks on" people for any reason.


How can I make my life better?

Even though we have a life chart that describes our major events, visualization and positive thinking are very helpful for your life. Visualization and positive thinking help guide you how to get to where you are going. They are both useful tools that you can use on a regular basis.


I think of bears all the time. Does this mean something? 

You are most likely attracting to yourself your totem. A totem (or anima) is an animal spirit that will be with us throughout our lifetime. This animal spirit is one that connects in some way with our life theme. The grizzly bear is the totem for those who have the life theme of the "warrior." Your bears are reminding you of your own warrior energy. Totems protect us and give us positive energy whenever we need it.


My beloved dog died, is he okay? Will I meet him again on The Other Side?

Absolutely you will. Animals are very spiritual beings and are actually born perfect. Pets actually come to earth simply to live their lives with us; they have no need to learn life lessons as we do. Your pet is already very accustomed to The Other Side, and astral traveled there at least four times a week while they slept. They have known The Other Side very well and you will certainly see them on The Other Side once more.


What can I do to help my child's spiritual life?

Helping your child develop spiritually is just as important as any other part of their life. Teach them to pray every night and pray with them at night as they are young. Surround them with the white light of the Holy Spirit every night. This is a wonderful practice and they will feel God's love for them.


I think something bad happened to me in a past life,and that it is affecting me now. Does this happen sometimes to people? 

Every lifetime you have had will affect the lifetime you have right now. Both the positive and the negative experiences you have had will affect your life. You have had strong positive experiences that you remember on a very deep level, and you also have had strong negative experiences that you remember. Becoming conscious of them and understanding what happened is a very healing way to release them if they are affecting your life in a negative way.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.




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By naomi, Saturday, December 27, 2008 03:52:29 PM
Heres an old expression. "Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater." Just because the baby is dirty. The ridiculous joke of this old saying, gets us thinking in relation to what we shouldn't throw away in life, just because it has a little dirt on it, or it isn't quite perfect.
By naomi, Saturday, December 27, 2008 03:36:33 PM
I have to correct myself. I said that no psychic can make things happen not even ourselves. That is not true. Anyone CAN make things happen it is up to us as individuals to think for ourselves after gathering the information from many different resources. Especially if you are not happy with the answer. Looking for more answers is always a good thing. Look for information in more than one place. Read many books from many authors, and study from history as well as theologists, and regular people like you and me. Study church history, or piggyback onto someone who has done the footwork and already studied church history, or history is general. Sylvia Browne has many diverse book's and different author's reccommendations on her website look under books and boutique then look under sylvia reccommends. These are very learned people that have written books about their research. It is facsinating! Also, hayhouse publishers have many different authors and books to offer. So much information to reflect upon. It feeds the mind, and gives us room to grow!
By naomi, Saturday, December 27, 2008 03:11:40 PM
One person can not do it alone. That is ridiculous. Sylvia is not the sole person working to gather information. There are 3 organizations, study groups around the world, and at home Churchs for Novus Spiritus. Which can be accessed on her website I know a ton of people who read her books, freinds, co-workers, and family. And our charts have many facets, and option lines. We can pick one or the other. That is why Chris and Sylvia have different opinions. They are picking up on our different options. Everyone knows that you have choices in life. It is up to us to change or make our future what it can be. We all have different personalities, and what might be the best option for one person, may not be the right option for the other. You and I Evelyn are perfect examples of two different opinions. Two different options, chosen by two different people. We are all multifaceted. That is what keeps life interesting. We learn from each other. I learn from you, and you learn from me. And opinions are mulifacted, and optional. That is why we incarnate to earth, otherwise we would have no point to actually living out our lives. That is choose your own adventure. Kind of exciting, and interesting! So better judgement is definitely a personal thing. We can't all be the same, or we would all be Clones. Thats too much like a robot for my liking. So nobody, not even a psychic, can make things happen. Nobody can. But you can see what your options are, and make the best decision. Whether you take advice or reject it and look for other options is up to you. Why not? And we can even think up our own options. That is creative thinking. That is called evolving. And the world is evolving, thank goodness. Isn't that logical?
By naomi, Saturday, December 27, 2008 02:23:20 PM
Do not worry, nobody is being taken advantage of, we all want her to help us. Then we learn to help ourselves, and help others. And Jesus was stopping the gambling in his church. I've read the bible too. That is not really comparable to making a living. Jesus did not say, we can not make a living to help support ourselves and help support others. I'm sure he would approve of making a living, Jesus was a carpenter, and Jesus spread the word of God.
By naomi, Saturday, December 27, 2008 01:39:36 PM
People think that it is all about themselves. That is human nature. Do you think something tramatic happened in Chris's life that has nothing to do with you? It is possible. And it can happen to anyone. He has 2 kids. Maybe he's got something more important to do. Like someone close to him died? and he is emotionally drained. Or who knows what. Your life is complex, so is everyone elses. So is his. He is human, and we put so much pressure for perfection on Sylvia and Chris. When are they allowed to be human? When are they allowed down time? When are they allowed to make a mistake? Are we mistake free? Is anyone? Of course not. Its a hard job. Being a Psychic. But somebody has to do it. and the demand is high. And the life issues are so diverse. And everyone is pawing at the psychic and demanding answers. Talk about pressure. Thats like parenting a whole world of needy worried souls, and if you trip up, you would feel so guilty. But there are so many other people that need you. So you get back up and keep trying to make a positive difference in the world. So we should be more forgiving when they slip up. They put their neck out for us, hoping that they are correct, and when they slip up, we jump all over them, and rub their face in it over and over and over again. When we ourselves are not infallible. And we ourselves are very insecure and sensitive. Why can't they not be sensitive and have insecure days? Jesus did. They try their best, get back up again, and have nothing but good intentions. We want them to be superhuman. Are we superhuman? No. And we can expect them to have sad days, and bad days too. Be fair. Be compassionate. I get frustrated, and grumpy, and sometimes I have ugly days, and I'm sorry when I am. And when I'm out of sorts, just leave me alone until I feel better. Isn't that normal? Yes. Also, I might add: When you have kids, you have all the issues that entail life, and all sorts of life probelms and ways to solve it come your way. I would not take a someone elses bad day personally. Its not all about us. Chris is haveing a bad day. Haven't you ever had a Crisis on your hands, and you just can't deal with anything else? Have some compassion, look at it from his perspective instead of your own for a second. He is a parent, and being a parent is the more important of a job than anything else. Anyone who has kids or grandkids would agree. Kids come first. So Don't worry about it. I Send loving prayers to both of you. Chris is human just like you and me.
By Claudia, Saturday, December 27, 2008 04:56:22 AM
I admire Sylvia and find her honesty direct and said with no doubt in her tone. I've tried calling for a reading but was told Chris, her son would be faster and Sylvia states...he is the only psycic she would recommend(aside from herself) I called, booked a session with Chris...Chris had to cancel 3 times. One emergency at home, and one busy with home life on 10/31 and one time he was sick. I was getting nervous, but an emergency and feeling ill happens...Then the phone rang one WAS Chris, I was so excited...remember, I just woke up and was so happy...then things rapidly went down hill. Chris was angry with me...wouldn't tell me why. Told me I wasn't a psycic, and can't be one "for your own family" (?) and then said "I'm the psycic" He then said, this session is over...I was panic'd...why...why? no answer, he said he didn't even want my money...said again..."this session is over" and hung up. I have no idea what happened. I don't know if he's seen something so horrible in my future he didn't want to tell me...or maybe he couldn't read me...I'm a hard subject...but in no means a hard person. I'm confused by this and would really like to know why he refused to provide me with a reading. I was so happy hearing from him...but in no way was he happy hearing my voice? Sylvia...what happened? My money was even refunded. I asked if I could speak with you...and was told you were booked way into the months to come. Did Chris see something really horrible in my future...or did he just feel I was a "repulsive" person. That's the way I felt from his tone. I am honestly shocked...I've never expected anything from anyone to be out and out rejected by someone. And no explanation. Please answer...I was in no way rude. I'm petrified he saw horror in my future and couldn't tell me. He was so rude and I'm still shocked in his reaction to me. I just wanted to know about my daughter...and he sounded like he was going to slam the phone down on me...infact...he just hung slamming. Poof, gone. Now left with fear. Bless you Sylvia...and Chris...G-d bless you. I've no idea what happened. Claudia
By Susanne, Saturday, December 27, 2008 04:13:15 AM
Thank you Evelyn, god bless you. I ment my brother, he is getting dark visions and he is blaiming that he has got "crazy fantasy". I spent Christmas Eve (in Sweden the Santa Claus comes to visit the children on Christmas Eve not Christmas Day) trying to reach out to him. But he will not listen to me, he donīt belive in mediums. I am very sorry for that because I love my little brother deeply of the bottom of my heart. He only belives in sience. Then I must correct myself again...reading Sylvia Brownes book "The other side and back" again. She writes that a 70% "rightness" is over avarage for the most professional mediums. Sylvia is much better than that. With love Susanne
By evelyn, Saturday, December 27, 2008 12:08:38 AM
Naomi, I have given my statement about being bored some thought and I would like to apologize. I am far from being bored when I feel that others are being taken advantage of. When Jesus entered the temple and the money changers were using this holy temple for their own personal greed, His fury was mighty. It is wrong to take advantage of those who are suffering and in great need. We are all human and make mistakes. Our greatness shines when we are able to admit to our mistakes and ask for forgiveness. This is my point and where I have been coming from all along.
By evelyn, Friday, December 26, 2008 07:22:19 PM
Susanne, I respect your thoughts and opinions and you sound like a lovely person. Thank you for your thoughts. You seem to misunderstand, I am not a skeptic. Nor do I have dark visions. I have had visions and unexplained experiences all my life. I have had wonderful, totally correct readings from mediums and admire them for their insight. I just simply don't like to see innocent people taken advantage of. And I also feel that if you have been given this wonderful gift, you should use it very wisely and not cause harm to anyone. And please don't apologize for your spelling. You're doing great. I couldn't even attempt to spell one word correctly in Swedish. Embrace the gift God has given you and use it with care. Have a wonderful New Year.
By evelyn, Friday, December 26, 2008 07:00:37 PM
Naomi,I extend to you the same courtesy. I hope the next year holds great things for you. Happy New Year.

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