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Sylvia Browne Question and Answer
Sylvia Browne answers your questions Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures by Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne answers some of the popular questions from readers.


I wonder sometimes about God. What is he really like?

God is simply perfect love and an ever-present force. God always loves us. God created us from good and He gave us free will. Some religions have attempted to create God to have a vengeful, angry or even a vindictive personality. But these religions have not done this out of cruelty; they have done it as part of their ancient teaching philosophy. Uneducated people can be managed by fear. But thoughtful, educated people will want more information. God does not have these negative human-like personality characteristics. God is 100% love at all times.


Is our astrology sign important?

Yes it is! We choose our sun sign, our rising sign and our moon sign and they are all important. We choose everything just as we would like it to be. My Spirit Guide Francine says that everything is charted out for us ahead of time, that we select what we would like to experience. Don't you know of people who were born a month "early or "late?" These people simply chose a different astrology sign for their charts.


How can I find love?

Some people have fallen in love and have loved the wrong person. I have done this myself, so I speak from experience. Do not say that you won't love again; simply stop loving the wrong people. Don't give your love to people that don't love you back or don't deserve it. There is an old-fashioned saying that is very true, "Don't cast your pearls before swine."


Why do I feel that my relationship with my cat is so special?

This is because you are experiencing a relationship with unconditional love. Having unconditional love in your life is very special. You will know unconditional love because you don't have to "do" anything; you simply have to "be." A relationship with a pet is one where you have that unconditional love. It is the same with a relationship with a child. Other people in your life can give this unconditional love, but know that this type of relationship can be very rare to have and should be treasured.


First I lose my car and now my job. Why is God picking on me so much?

Please understand that God does not select people to play Russian roulette with for any reason. He also does not choose people to be ever-suffering and become constant martyrs. Very often when something happens in our lives, it is our chart at work, the chart we created when we chose to incarnate. You selected this specific chart to have life lessons and to learn from them. Often when we have a tragedy, we can grow spiritually and emotionally from that experience. Many times we can choose to help others who will face that same type of experience in their lives. God is always good and never "picks on" people for any reason.


How can I make my life better?

Even though we have a life chart that describes our major events, visualization and positive thinking are very helpful for your life. Visualization and positive thinking help guide you how to get to where you are going. They are both useful tools that you can use on a regular basis.


I think of bears all the time. Does this mean something? 

You are most likely attracting to yourself your totem. A totem (or anima) is an animal spirit that will be with us throughout our lifetime. This animal spirit is one that connects in some way with our life theme. The grizzly bear is the totem for those who have the life theme of the "warrior." Your bears are reminding you of your own warrior energy. Totems protect us and give us positive energy whenever we need it.


My beloved dog died, is he okay? Will I meet him again on The Other Side?

Absolutely you will. Animals are very spiritual beings and are actually born perfect. Pets actually come to earth simply to live their lives with us; they have no need to learn life lessons as we do. Your pet is already very accustomed to The Other Side, and astral traveled there at least four times a week while they slept. They have known The Other Side very well and you will certainly see them on The Other Side once more.


What can I do to help my child's spiritual life?

Helping your child develop spiritually is just as important as any other part of their life. Teach them to pray every night and pray with them at night as they are young. Surround them with the white light of the Holy Spirit every night. This is a wonderful practice and they will feel God's love for them.


I think something bad happened to me in a past life,and that it is affecting me now. Does this happen sometimes to people? 

Every lifetime you have had will affect the lifetime you have right now. Both the positive and the negative experiences you have had will affect your life. You have had strong positive experiences that you remember on a very deep level, and you also have had strong negative experiences that you remember. Becoming conscious of them and understanding what happened is a very healing way to release them if they are affecting your life in a negative way.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.




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By Susan, Wednesday, November 19, 2008 01:18:01 PM
By megan, Tuesday, November 18, 2008 07:58:17 PM
Hi Sylvia, I've been admiring you for awhile, I'm 39 years old woman who can't figure out where my life's suppose to be. I have several issue to deal with. My main thing is I'm in love with my partner for about 6 years and he had a job two years ago that meant traveling every week. I get to spend with him maybe about 4X month. We used to live together and now we're not because the situation of his job. I would love to be with him again. And also, I found out that my lf tube is blocked and my rt tube is semi blocked. I've been trying to conceive for awhile. Two years ago I had miscarriage. I'm 39 years old. I have 2 teenager and he has none. I would love to conceive a child again.
By David, Tuesday, November 18, 2008 12:43:42 PM
Shortly after John pual died I was laying on my bed and felt like I was about to levatate. I asked God am I going to levatate and nothing happend later in my sleep I had a dream I was in this huge cathedro and John pual came in and said lay down so I did and then he put this beautiful green and gold and diffrent beautiful colored carpit over me and I levatated to the most beautiful sealing and out side I went and saw the star's and woke up as I was awakening I herd twelve trillune. About one month later I also had a dream that three men came to me and took me to a cave it had stone wall's and sealing and they left me looking forward I saw an opening with berlape type material haging down from an opening to the heavens then an orbe of light came down through the window and I asked is this you jesus and he appered. he didn't look like the jesus we see in most of these picture's but I was not a fraid I felt comfertable I ask him if he would give me the ability to heal people he said I was not ready yet and That I would meet three angeles and that I would know who they are as I was waking up.Later that day I told my freind about the dream he got very touchy about it and asked me if I ask if jesus was in the flesh of God how am I suppose to ask something like that while in a dream and I felt I was in the presence of the lord and it was a beautiful feeling I am 51 years old today and I never had a dream like these before Sylvia can you tell me what they mean and who these angeles are I have a business a collision warning system for emergency vehicels is this making me seance my own demise to have these dreams. I haven't had any kind of dreams like this latly But like I say they made me feel comfertable. Thank you. Love you. David M Cullett Emergency Flashback System LLC.
By David, Tuesday, November 18, 2008 12:06:11 PM
By Kathy, Tuesday, November 18, 2008 11:24:36 AM
Hi Sylvia, YOU ARE SO AWSOME & SO REAL! My question is: Will my sister ever get better or am I having false hopes? Thank you & I love you so much, Sincerely, Kathy Anspach
By carol, Sunday, November 16, 2008 08:42:55 PM
By Meryet, Sunday, November 16, 2008 05:30:55 PM
Hi Sylvia - I just wanted to let you knw that you have been a light in my life. I used to watch you on Montel a long time ago & at that time, brushed you off. My parents were very spiritual & taught me not to believe in "those" things. I happened across one of your books at my grandmothers. After reading it, I felt a peace in my life. It was very strange & I have no idea what it was exactly. I've always been VERY affraid of ghosts & entities. I've always believed with all my heart that life does not end at the funeral. I have many silly questions about trivial things that I would love to ask you one day. I guess one day I'll just call & make an appnt ;). Since I have "deja vu" all the time, I guess I must be on the right path :) All my trivial problems will work themselves out like they are supposed to. The only question I would like to ask you now is what you personally think about the book "The Secret". Is this real?
By Shannon, Sunday, November 16, 2008 09:00:02 AM
Hi Sylvia, will I ever be financially independant? will my exhusband ever move on and finally get out of my life?
By chauncey, Saturday, November 15, 2008 11:13:18 AM
Hello Sylvia How does one find success or victory while taking on a dark enity who has financial assets to his advantage? I have been battling my ex for over a year now for custody and adoption of my foster sons,which i have physically cared for since their birth who are now 3.5 and 2.5.I was approved and supported by DSS during this time.But things flipped for some reason.Now DSS supports my ex and my sons were placed in his care.Ive always been open,honest and followed the directions of DSS for the interest of my sons future.Since they have been taken away i have moved out of state and trying to move on while still battling for the adoption of my sons.Did i make the right choice and will i be successful of my desire to adopt both by sons and shelter them beneath my roof?
By Tina, Friday, November 14, 2008 10:20:01 PM
Dear Sylvia, I am 46 and my life is not so good right now. I have been dealing with an injury for three year and I was wandering if I will ever be fixed so I may go back to the work I love, and was quite good at. I am in school to help my future rather I am fixed or not. Also I was wandering if I made the right decision to break up with the man I had been dating for four and a half years. Will I ever get in a good relationship with a man and have a good job to support me and my children. I only wish to live in comfort I do not releash the thought of being rich. I am rich with my daughters and grandchildren.

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