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Horoscope Articles
Full Moon in Your Zodiac Sign

How Does The Full Moon Affect Your Sign?

Find out how today's Full Moon in Libra will affect your Zodiac sign.
Pluto Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac Sign

How The Pluto Retrograde Affects Your Zodiac Sign

Today is the start of Pluto Retrograde. How will Pluto's backwards journey over the next six months affect your zodiac sign?
How Venus Retrograde Affects Your Sign

How The Venus Retrograde Will Affect Your Sign

This morning, Venus, the planet of love, begins its retrograde movement. Read how to the Venus Retrograde will affect your zodiac sign.
Jennifer Hudson Astrology Chart

Pop Astrology: The Jennifer Hudson Family Tragedy

Read the astrology chart of recent Grammy Award winner and Oscar Award winner Jennifer Hudson, as she returns to the spotlight following her family tragedy.
Employment Forecasts For Your Zodiac Sign

Employment Forecasts For Your Zodiac Sign

The good news is that many of the signs in the zodiac will stay employed throughout this recession. However, there are other subtle factors that will be affecting each signís ability to hold down a job this year.
2009 Zodiac Fashion Trends

Zodiac Fashion Trends For 2009

They say that when a recession hits, the hemlines go up as the stock market goes down. That may actually be true this year. See what the stars forecast as the fashion trends for 2009.
Chinese New Year Affects Your Zodiac Sign

How Chinese New Year Affects Your Zodiac Sign

Happy New Year! Chinese Lunar New Year begins today. 2009 is the Year of the Ox. Find out what that means for your Western zodiac sign.
January Solar Eclipse Affect your Zodiac Sign

How Will The January Eclipse Affect You?

Are you ready for today's solar eclipse? Like all eclipses, this one will herald many beginnings and endings. Here is a look at how Januaryís eclipse will affect your zodiac sign.
Safest Times To Risk Money in 2009

The Safest Times To Risk Money During 2009

Looking to risk some money or make an investment? Find out the best time to invest money during 2009 based on your zodiac sign.
Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama's Horoscope and Astrology Chart

Barack Obama: Astrology of a Presidential Candidate

As Barack Obama formally takes office as the 44th President of the United States today, take one more look at the new President's astrology chart from the campaign trail.
Senator Joseph Biden's Astrology Chart

Joseph Biden: Vice Presidential Astrology

On the eve of the Presidential Inauguration, take another look back at Vice President Elect Joseph Biden's astrology chart from the campaign trail.
Will Your Zodiac Sign Be Hit Hardest By Recession?

Will The Recession Hit Your Zodiac Sign Hardest?

This year has financial surprises in store for all of the signs, but some members of the zodiac will be hit harder than others thanks to the fact that certain eclipses and retrogrades occur in those signs.
Best Time To Deal With Banks In 2009

The Best Time To Deal With Banks In 2009

There are five Mercury retrogrades and six eclipses in 2009, so this is not the greatest year for financial matters. But there are some opportunities. Find out the best time to deal with banks in 2009.
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's Twins' Astrology Chart

Destined To Be Famous? The Jolie-Pitt Twins' Astrology Chart

Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt were born July 12, 2008 to uber-famous movie stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It would be an understatement to say that these two children were already born famous.
Prince Harry and Prince William Astrology Chart

Royal Astrology: Prince Harry and Prince William

Prince Harry and Prince William are two very special people, both being in line to assume the English throne. What does their astrology chart say about their future reigns?

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