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Do All Pets Go To Heaven?

by Sylvia Browne

Anyone that knows me truly knows just how important my pets have been over the years. The loss of a beloved pet can hit you just as deeply as the loss of just about anyone else in your life. Our pets are our beloved companions and friends—they are always by our side, ready to listen.


Many people have asked me if their pets really do go to heaven. If animals are on The Other Side. They are always relieved to discover that the answer is "yes." You will be reunited with your pet on The Other Side when you go Home. They will meet you and they will be as lively and as full of personality as they ever were when you step out of the Tunnel.


My new book All Pets Go To Heaven: The Spiritual Lives of the Animals We Love is coming out January 2009. In this book I discuss just how spiritual animals truly are. Some may not realize this, but animals need to learn no spiritual lessons: they actually come to Earth just to live their lives with us. When you think about it, it is so meaningful to know that your pet is here only to live their life with you. Animals are pure and their hearts are full of love. 

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Aleina, Wednesday, May 07, 2008 10:52:54 AM
my poor pet cat Kiki... i cry... I feel for her... I just am so so sorry she died...I had lost a very dear pet friend Oreo the cat who got hit by a vehical on Mothers day 2 yrs ago. Well, my sweet husband decided after we all moved to bring home a lil gift for me in a duffle bag. He set the duffle bag down behind me and I had picked up on my husbands reactions of how he was trying to surprise me. I just cried and just got so mad and angry at him with fear and emotions. I said you didnt! did you? no.. no.. noo... please no... take it back.. god no! And then my husband looked at me and said its for you... and you need this. I cried and said why?! and then I turned my chair and looked and saw this little small baby kitten all black and the cutest little eyes starring right at me with a meow of momma...hi! I just cried. And said you made me look at you.. Myhusband said its a girl and i told her to be with you and watch you. I cry sittinghere texting this...well, this kitten did stick to me like glue. e\Every room I went into she followed me and sat near my feet or on my lap etc. She would check on me if I was not in the same room by meowing for me. Well, heres the hard part. Some how she started to gag and puke. I figured she ate soething and maybe fur ball. But it continued untill I saw foam. It was making her skinnier so I too her in and she had swollowed floss. It had been in her system for some time. Yes, i feel it was my floss fromthe bathroom trash can. Omg! this hurts to type out on here!... My pet vet told me he could do surgery but no garentee. I looked at the cost and cried. No money.. nothing.. So, I asked for medicine and mooshy food to hand feed her evry day no matter what to see if it would come out... she got to looking better. She would just suffer when the food started to build up.. she wouldnt pooh untill it was fully full inside. wich was very small amount of food fed to her. tea spoon 3 times a day and water. Finally .. one day i saw this green thing hanging out and it was really showing... I didnt pull it because pulling on something like that floss would be like a cheese slicer on her intestines..So I snipped it hope ing the rest would come out. The amount was unknown. I so hoped it was no more than a foot long as per half of foot came out. BUT month went on.. and signs showed hard problems.. SO I took her to another vet because she was showing me signs of her hiding and her being very cold. The new vet said awwww.. and he would work payment arrange ments.. I said thank you! yes.. please.. So,, he operated on her after he too forced liquides with iv in her. She then was opened up. She had the other half inside and it had scrunched her intedtine up like an acordian.. I cry... I feer floss to this day! for ever. BUT she was in no shape of form to be a cat that could poo and function ever again. Doctor told me he was sorry and that time is soo short.. I said I am on my way to see her again.. and as the doctor brought her to me.. I saw her swollen body.. and held her head crying as she took all her strenght to just look at me and meow so soft at me.. and i said.. ohhhh... kiki.. you can go now.. its ok.. you go..ok.. and i just petted her crying and saying how good she is. The doctor just starred at me and felt my pain for this pet. The doctor said he so tried. I said I know.. thank you.. So i burried her in my yard a few days before my birthday and now she sits in the yard as a memory for all people who floss to dispose of it in a better way than the trash. All pets have a thing on string and it will kill them. Please cut your string up to one inches before disposing. My pet Kiki was less than a year old. Sorry Kiki. Aleina B. p.s. you really do love your pet like you would a child at any age.
By kathryn, Wednesday, May 07, 2008 01:49:41 AM
oh one more thing. i dont know if you answer questions here but my cat pudding in the mix was limping so i took her to the vet. the vet said she had a chip fracture of her right elbow and said there is nothing really he could do. He didnt splint it or anything just sent her home with an antiinflamatory medication. Its been at about 4 weeks and she is still limping. Will she get better, is there anything i can do for her? Kathryn Wysong
By kathryn, Wednesday, May 07, 2008 01:41:29 AM
there is something that makes me very sad. did you hear about the man who tied a dog up for his art exhibit and let him die (his suffering was the art i guess). No one was allowed to give him food or water. The artist name was i believe guillermo habacuc vargas. He actually won first place for the supposed art. The worst thing is he was invited back in '08 for another art show. I do not think killing a dog is art. This just broke my heart when i saw the pictures of the dog tied to the wall for his art exhibit wasting away to skin and bones and looking into the eyes of this dog. Apparently he wrote something on the wall about his exhibit and it was written in dog food. I hope this evil man will never be able to do this to another animal. I wish there was some way to protect all the animals in the world from suffering. So many animals in the world suffer, it really breaks my heart. Kathryn Wysong
By Rochelle, Wednesday, May 07, 2008 12:58:22 AM
Hi Sylvia, I will miss seeing you on Montel, I really looked forward to that show when you were on. In 2002 we were told we had to move. Our landlord was selling the house. We were very concerned, we would not have enough money to buy a condo, that would allow us to keep our dog Mocha. I told my husband, ok, but I would have to live in the car with her, I was not going to give her up. I prayed to God, to help us find a house we could afford, and I wrote a list of things I would like our first home to have.(I got more than I put on the list.) When we found our little house, we had Mocha with us, and I knew it would be the one. I told Mocha, we were going to buy this house, so she could always live with us forever. On February 7th 2005, we had to put beloved pet down, just about ripped the heart right out of the both of us. We came home to the coldest emptiest house you can imagine. One night I went to bed, I wear ear plugs (husband is a noisy sleeper) I was awakened in the middle of the night by a single bark,it sounded like it came from down a very long tunnel. A couple of nights later same thing, but right in my ear so loud, I nearly fell out of bed. Then nothing for awhile. About a couple of months later my husband came home from work. He makes deliveries in his Van, well on this day, he had to go by the Veternary Clinic that we had her put down in, he said to me I had the strongest urge to roll down the window, and call to Mocha to get in the Van, so he did. We had a Mother Maine Coon and her baby kitten. Mocha never got along with the mother cat we couldn't even have them in the same room, no problem with the kitten and Mocha though. So the Mother cat only is tormented by something she violently fights with, she is chased though the house by this. My husband and I think its Mocha because if we call her to come up on the couch with us the cat lies down and stops fighting. This goes on all the time. If I call to Mocha its like she lets us know she is there by tormenting the cat. She does not bother the other cat ever. As a matter of fact the other cat gets really scared when this happens. I would like to know if we are correct in thinking its our Mocha come home to live with us forever. Or is it just wishful thinking.
By Kimberley, Tuesday, May 06, 2008 10:58:38 PM
Hi Sylvia! This new book sounds very interesting and I can't wait for it to come out. But I must ask you, if our pets live their life with us, does this mean that we "picked" each other on the other side? And do our pets get to live several lives with us here on earth if this is so?
By Cathy, Tuesday, May 06, 2008 10:12:29 PM
Hi Sylvia-we had to put our German Shepard down the end of Feburary 08 because he had bad arthritis. We tried everything the vet suggested and stayed with him till he fell asleep. We miss him so much but he was in so much pain he couldnt walk at times. I didnt want to do it but my husband said he had no more quality in his life, he was fine and healthy except for this and he was going to be 9 this coming July. We love you Stony and miss you so much. You will never be forgotten. You were our protector (only did we know what a baby you were)nobody else did. lol
By SHARON, Tuesday, May 06, 2008 06:27:12 PM
i have had anusual experience. my dog (Runt) a yellow lab passed away. i was devastated. I can feel curly up by me feet at night when i go to bed.i dreamt of him a few times .(i know this was just because i was grieving)but i was angry that i could not hug him or touch him i had a amazing dream of him. i belive my guide was with me and she said oh theres runt dont you want to pet him i was angry and said no he is not real i can,t feel him.she took my hand and touched him. i felt an electrical currint go through me.I woke up and could still feel this. i now have dreams where i can feel him like he is solid and alive his fur is so soft i can even smell him. Thank you for being you. you have touched many lives by sharing what you know.
By Leanne, Tuesday, May 06, 2008 04:15:56 PM
I know all my beloved animals are near me, because I always gave them ultimate love and friendship. Do all animals stay close and help us through our daily struggles??? I have one Golden Retriever I will always miss...he's in an urn in my kitchen.....his na,e was Barley and he was the most wonderful, kind dog ever. I hope to hear from you Sylvia, I sent a letter months ago...can't wait to have some questions answered! I love how your books have helped change my spirit and outlook on life. Thank you always for your gift!
By LINDA, Tuesday, May 06, 2008 01:42:35 PM
why cant i see Branch i talk to him all the time i miss him so bad i see things in my dreams before they happen so i do have something there but i cant see him.and i have tried to find my spirits guides name but they dont answer me..and i really believe everything you explain in your books.I dreamed i was there at Katrina 3days before it happened i was in the murky brown water splashing on my face and the debrie floating thru the water and the houses flooded tring to make my way out.
By gratitude loyalty commitment, Tuesday, May 06, 2008 01:16:08 PM
We are all 30 years old on the Other Side? How old are our pets on the Other Side? ;-)

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